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Seven Knights 2 – Newbie Guide, FAQ (F2P, ReRoll, Grind, Gear)

Seven Knights 2 has just launched globally, I’m sure many players have lots of questions, and we aim to answer some of those questions in this guide & FAQ, such as Reroll, Packs, Pets & Gear. It’s primarily based on & translated from the info provided by ex-Korean server player 叢林小霸王 (isidoreking) in this post.

F2P – Do you need to buy packs?

As a F2P player, you can participate in all of Seven Knight 2’s content except PVP ranked player. However, those that do buy packs may get to PVE contents before you, and get a higher score in PVP, so it’s up to you whether you want to buy any packs, however, isn’t it like that with all mobile games these days?

Legendary+ Pets

There isn’t that much difference with regards to true F2P and spending just a little except when it comes to Legendary+ Pets, it’s extremely difficult to get them without spending some cash, the Korean Meta really emphasized the usage of Legendary+ Pets a few months ago.


ReRoll – Do you need it?

It’s a very pragmatic question, if you really can’t get it, you should probably give up and start accumulating resources as soon as possible, however, if you’re pretty lucky, you may want to give it a try.

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Do you need Karin?


There’s an idiom amongst players, “Seven Knights 2 with or without Karin are 2 different games”, Karin can help you reduce the PVE difficulty by at least 90%.

You can still progress without Karin, however, you’ll need to have the following heroes instead: Rudy (Legendary), Selena (Rare) & Shay (Rare), and you can’t die, which means you have to dodge those AOE effects that can kill you instantly. Karin gives you that fault tolerance and allows you to slip up every now and then.

There are players that have been able to complete the Main Questline on “Very Difficult” level & Mission 60 of Celestial Tower without Karin, so you can definitely still play, it’s just harder.

Do you need to grind?

Again, the answer is very pragmatic to this question. First of all, you need “Maps” in order to grind, so if you aren’t planning to buy them with Rubies or cash, you’ll probably want to stock them and wait for events to grind.


Pack Recommendations

The Rubies Pack that is offered after completing each map is probably the most worthwhile, and the Map ones.

The rest are more for whales

To be Continued

Who is more useful? Legendary Rudy or Evan?

This question plagued the Korean players when the game first launched, but based on my personal experience, Rudy is better. I initially like Evan more too, a lot of it because of his animation when he was executing his moves, and he was the buffest tank in PVP for a while.

However, that still can’t wash over the fact that Rudy had been the consistent choice of many in both PVE & PVP, if Karin can reduce the game difficulty by 90%, Rudy & Shay can probably reduce it by up to 50%, and in many circumstances, Rudy & Shay may be the better option compared to Karin.

Rudy stopped being the only choice for Legendary Heroes after Lina was released.

Which Greater & Rare heroes to train?

Besides the resistance heroes which are all needed, you can base the priority on the BOSSes

Fire Resistance -> Paralysis Resistance – Poison Resistance -> Freeze Resistance -> Bleed Resistance, in that order for the resistance heroes.

You’ll probably have leveled up most of the heroes by the late game anyway, it’s just you may need to prioritize in the early game due to the lack of resources, so the order is

Shay, Selena, Lukey

These 3 are must-haves, you may still use them in the late game for certain situations, and they are quite useful for Dungeons.

Claire with her buff removal ability is also extremely useful for some bosses, and she can be used to counter the early game PVP king Neo.

Pets Recommendations

ReRoll for Legendary Pets is probably a good strategy, but it’s very difficult, here are some of our recommendations:

Legendary Pets

Legendary Yeonhee
Legendary Eileene
Legendary Rudy
Legendary Evan
Legendary Karin

These ones are still used by many in late game and provide special effects

Rare Pets

Rare Ming – the only pet that removes debuffs
Rare Valdur – immunity for 2 seconds and ignore DEF efficiency


Coming Soon

Main Questline

Coming Soon

Original Author: 叢林小霸王 (isidoreking)
Original Source: 【心得】已退坑韓版玩家對這款遊戲的各種心得
Translated & Edited by: Simvaio

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