Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Newbie Guides

[Revived Witch] Newbie Guide | Reroll & Tier List

[Revived Witch]'s Chinese server has been operating for a while now, and the global server is just about to launch, we've complied the following guide for newbies, including & Tier lists from the current Chinese meta & from the global server closed beta.

[Punishing: Gray Raven] Newbie Guide, what’s worth investing in?

This [] guide will provide an overview on what you should focus on investing your resources towards in the game.

[My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero] Important notes for Newbies

Using "enhance" on gear levels up the slot - not the gear piece. You should enhance your slots together in groups (get all to level 10, then all to level 20, etc)

[Kalpa of Universe] Must know Starter Tips

Hi everyone, I figured I would give some beginner tips for new players after playing up to lvl 47 in [].

[Alchemy Stars] Reroll Guide | Tier List | FAQ

The first step to this game is actually selecting which client and which server you want to play on. We have two clients, one solely for the US server and a Global Client that will include the Global, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia server. The game's language is based on the language of your device, not the server, and will include English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

[World Flipper] Comprehensive Progression Guide For Newbies & Returning Players

As this [] guide is focused on guiding beginners / returning players on how to progress through the game, not all game mechanics / points will be covered in depth. For further questions like team compositions, please ask them in the #questions of the EN Discord.

[Honkai Impact 3rd] 2021 Guide for New Players

It's time for the new player guide for new players that are new to [], first thing's first, I'm going to be linking a bunch of helpful documents at end of the post down below. Those links will mostly cover things that won't be in this guide, like abbreviations, valkyries you want to farm up, gear you want to farm up, etc, as well as another beginner guide from the bois at the official discord.

[DISGAEA RPG] Comprehensive Guide for Newbies | Tier List

Welcome to the most Evil mobile game ! Evil is a good tag line as the cast is def evil but so can the learning curve to a certain degree as you progress to higher levels/difficulty but that can be said for most games so don't be discouraged to play the game if you can't immediately play things like the Character Gate event.

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