Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Soul Land:Advent of the Gods – Reroll & SSR Character analysis Guide

Soul Land:Advent of the Gods Global launched this morning in the following 4 languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Tradtional Chinese & Thai), I'm sure many fans & gamers have already downloaded and started playing. We've compiled and translated a brief guide on rerolling & the SSR characters in the game to hopefully help everyone to get choose and roll the characters they want.

[Revived Witch] Newbie Guide | Reroll & Tier List

[]'s Chinese server has been operating for a while now, and the global server is just about to launch, we've complied the following guide for newbies, including Reroll & Tier lists from the current Chinese meta & from the global server closed beta.

[Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE] JP Server Prologue Scene & Gameplay & First 10 Rolls

[], a [Code Geass] mobile game that has been eagerly anticipated by fans has just been released in Japan on the 4th of October, and we've immediately downloaded the game to try it out for everyone.

[Arknights] “A Walk In The Dust” event all level tutorial

Please find in this article tutorials on how to complete the "A Walk In The Dust" event levels (WD-1 to WD-8), thanks to "游戲攻防區 YouTube channel" for providing these tutorials.

[FF VII: The First Soldier] TGS trailer released | 5 Classes battle display

SQUARE ENIX has released the latest [FF VII: The First Soldier] trailer in the recently held "TGS 2021 Online" event. The trailer showed many classic scenes from [Final Fantasy VII Remake], it also showed 5 of the playable classes (, Sorcerer, Monk, Ranger and Ninja)'s skill sets in battle.

[Doula Continent: Soul Master Duel] All SSR/SR Units TL;DR Guide (Squad/Soul Ring/Stat Points)

We’ve compiled a quick TL;DR guide below for the recommended squad composition, and talent point allocation for the SSR& SR Soul Masters in [].

[Counter:Side] Employee Ratings, Skill & Gear Recommendations Guide

This [] Employee Ratings, Skill & Recommendations Guide is translated from 特西 (a8933261)'s personal opinion from the [Counter:Side] TW server and based on TW's current game version & progression, please judge and use it accordingly.

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