[Counter:Side] Comprehensive Beginner Guide & FAQ (SEA)

Hello, this is a [] Comprehensive Beginner Guide & FAQ. The guide will provide vital information for new players who want to start playing SEA, which launched on May 18th.

[My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero] Frequently Asked Questions

These are what you want to do to maximize your XP gains. Complete your 6 daily missions. This should net you 1800 XP at 300 per completion. Complete your daily targets. Get enough hearts (activeness points) to open all 5 briefcases. This will net you 1250 XP.

[My Hero Academia Ultra Impact] Reroll/Tier List & UR Character Analysis

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment's latest mobile game has just been released in Japan on May 19th, many enthusiastic players have already started downloaded the game and started the playing and upgrade their...

[Arcana Tactics] General Tips & FAQ

1. Swordsman, , , etc hero required in challenges is not the basic unit but any of that class. (You can tell the class by looking at the 1★ version, moving horizontally from there.)

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