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Soul Land:Advent of the Gods – Reroll & SSR Character analysis Guide

Soul Land:Advent of the Gods Global launched this morning in the following 4 languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Tradtional Chinese & Thai), I’m sure many fans & gamers have already downloaded and started playing. We’ve compiled and translated a brief guide on rerolling & the SSR characters in the game to hopefully help everyone to get choose and roll the characters they want.

Control Type

Tang San

High damage single attacks, long periods of control

War Spirit form allows immunity to death and AOE control, normal attacks trigger extra damage. Single damage is extremely high, very useful in finishing off opponents, best paired with Xiao Wu to increase squad damage dramatically.

Single Attack Type

There are many choices when it comes to Single Attack type Spirit Masters, almost everyone is good, e.g. Xiao Wu, Chen Xin, Qian Daoliu, Bibi Dong, Qian Renxue


Xiao Wu

Top Single Attack Card, High Crit, Extreme Control

Even though Xiao Wu is just a bunny, she’s still quite formidable, her main attack & War spirit form both posses dizzy effect, even though it’s only 0.1 sec, but it also means interruption.

Qian Daoliu

Assist Abilities even outshine his damage output

Even though Qian Daoliu is a Single Attack type unit, his assist ability is not too shabby either, AOE attack decrease Debuff, and death immunity buff. He also provides crit and dodge increase effects, and provides 30% damage increase to the highest attack unit, besides not being able to heal, Qian Daoliu can act as an extremely useful Assist Type character.

Zhu Zhuqing

Single Burst Attack

Zhu Zhuqing’s main ability is to decrease opponent’s defenses, her main attack & War Spirit Form complements each other, the former provides defense reduction debuff while the later does high damage through debuff.

Zhu Zhuqing acts more like an assassin, not only can she provide damage increase to the whole party, she also provides extra damage to opponents that are low on HP.


Chen Xin

Extreme Burst Damage

Chen Xin’s main attack & War Spirit Form both provide extreme Single Attack damage, War Spirit Form also does up to 3 seconds of dizzying effect. Chen Xin also decreases opponent’s defenses, he also gains 50 War Spirit Form energy points after taking out an opponent, so he’s very useful in PVP, and provide extreme burst damage.

Bibi Dong

Single Poison Attack, Continuous Damage

Bibi Dong’s main attack can absorb her War Spirit Form energy and does continuous poison damage, recommend to use her with Dugu Bo. What makes her great is her Death Realm effect, she’s able to increase the whole party’s damage by up to 20% of Bibi Dong’s attack rating after releasing a certain number of “Spider blood needles” (needs to verify the official in-game translation)

Qian Renxue

Damage Goddess, Buff Dispersal

(Not Available yet in Global Version)

Qian Renxue inherited the position of the “God of the Angel” in the novel, she’s also the epitome of DPS in the game. Her main attack is immune to control, and her passive ability disperses the opponents’ buffs, and her Angel Realm effect provides Qian Renxue with control immunity, allowing her to attack freely, Angel Realm effect also increase her War Spirit Form damage by 100%, the highest damage increase in game so far.


Train Qian Renxue to the max if you get her, raise her crit. chance so she can trigger her Angel Realm ASAP. (Not Available yet in Global Version)

Group Attack Type

Ma Hongjun

Phoenix Nirvana, provides burning, shielding & reborn

Ma Hongjun’s main attack & War Spirit Form both does group attack, he’s quintessential group attack character. He also Phoenix’s Nirvana ability, which triggers reborn (once per battle), he can be put in the front line and act as a semi-tank in certain levels.


Goddess of the Sea, provides Healing

Sea God Posadie, one of the 3 legendary Douluos in the novel, even though her War Spirit Form doesn’t do AOE damage, it provides healing effect, so it dramatically increase her survivability. Posadie has extreme high crit. rate, along with her healing effect, she can do massive amounts of group damage, her skill set is very well balanced, has damage, healing and assist, definitely a unit to aim for.

Gui Mei

Gui Mei’s skills are abilities are a bit awkward, as both his main attack and War Spirit Form are Fan Shaped AOE attacks, not group attacks, which means Gui Mei will need to be closer to the front in order for his attacks to land, but Gui Mei doesn’t have death immunity, so his survival is questionable.

Gui Mei can group debuff the opponent, decreasing their attack & defense abilities.

Tang Chen

Another one of the legendary Doulous in the novel, Tang San’s ancestor, and inherited Shura’s lineage.

Tang Chen’s ability is quite unique in the game, his damage increases as his HP decreases, and his main attack reduces his HP. Even though it’s quite tough to DPS with him, he has death immunity (triggered once per battle), but his War Spirit Form can reset the trigger after awakening the required ability, extremely powerful in PVP.



Posadie & Ma Hongjun are our recommendations, we recommend training fully if you get them. Tang Chen is more like like a Single Attack unit, so not best suited to be used as a group attack unit.

Assist Type


Oscar has two continuous heal & 1 large single heal, he lacks a group heal, but he makes up for it with plenty of sausages aka BUFFs, which provides increases in dodge, defense, and War Spirit Form energy, he’s also able cleanse debuffs with his sausage and War Spirit Form.

Ning Rongrong

Ning Rongrong has both single & group heals, her group heal also provides a 10% damage increase buff. Her War Spirit Form provides an additional 10% increase, and also provides immunity to the whole party against all debuffs, and has a 50% chance of cleansing existing debuffs.

She also a 10% crit. chance increase buff, and also provides 5 seconds of invulnerability when she’s low on HP which greatly increases her survivability.


Nine Treasures Pagoda all the way !

Tank Type

Dai Mubai

Super Shields

Dai Mubai’s main attack & War Spirit Form both provide a shield (10%&15%), which increase his HP dramatically when stacked together. He can also decrease opponent’s defense, and can increase his own defense & attack when his HP is low. He can even absorb 10% of the opponent’s HP after unlocking the required ability.

Gu Rong

Extreme Dodge

Gu Rong has extremely high dodge, his main attack is heal, War Spirit Form is a high damage attack, not too extraordinary. If he can pair with someone with shield ability, along with his high dodge rate, he can stand massive amount of damage, therefore he becomes an extremely useful tank when paired with Da Mubai.

Tang Hao

Offense is the best defense

Many fans may be surprised the Clear Sky Duoluo is classified as a tank, upon closer examination of his skill set, we realized he’s an Single Attack character after all.


Tang Hao’s main attack does massive amount of single damage, and you’re able to unlock HP absorption effect. War Spirit Form increase his own attack & defense by 20%, he also debuffs the opponent with a 15% vulnerability debuff when his War Spirit Form ends.

He also provides 15% attack & defense buff through out the battle, and also debuffs the opponent with a 20% increase in crit chance if in ‘shock’.


Dai Mubai & Gu Rong are both decent tank, especially in situations where you need 2 tanks or if you pair them together. Tang Hao on the other hand, isn’t really suited to be the tank, he lacks defensive skills.

TL;DR Reroll Recommendation

  • Tang San
  • Qian Renxue (Not available in Global Version yet)
  • Posadie
  • Ma Hongjun
  • Dai Mubai
  • Gu Rong

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