[Doula Continent: Soul Master Duel] Reroll Guide | Tier List | Startling Lineup

[] has just recently launched, we've translated and compiled reroll recommendations and tier lists from the Chinese server below.

[Alchemy Stars] Reroll Guide | Tier List | FAQ

The first step to this game is actually selecting which client and which server you want to play on. We have two clients, one solely for the US server and a Global Client that will include the Global, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia server. The game's language is based on the language of your device, not the server, and will include English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

[Punishing: Gray Raven] S-Rank Selector/ReRoll Guide, which 2 to pick?

This [Punishing: Gray Raven] guide is gonna be about who to pick from the & who to reroll for from the first 40 pulls to optimize your starting game play, for those of you who don't know, the S-Rank Selector is an item you get when you start the game which lets you choose one of the S-Ranks from the starting roster.

[My Hero Academia Ultra Impact] Reroll/Tier List & UR Character Analysis

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment's latest mobile game has just been released in Japan on May 19th, many enthusiastic players have already started downloaded the game and started the playing and upgrade their...

[My Hero Academia Ultra Impact] Reroll Guide & Tier List

[] a new mobile game, based on the popular Anime [] has just been released in Japan. Many netizens have already downloaded the game to try it out, we've collected some character tier lists that are available from some Japanese sites to help you with rerolling.

[Arcana Tactics] Major Arcana birthdate guide, how to get the one you want?

This [] 5 Star Major Arcana Cards Guide is gathered from various sources, and contributed by many from Discord, I will try to keep it updated.

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