Friday, May 31, 2024


War Legacy – Gameplay

War Legacy is an MMO real-time strategy game based on fantasy civilizations. You play as a rising Lord, leading legendary Heroes from around the world to build your City. You will form Guilds and conquer lands, take over amazing Ancient Cities with siege weapons, explore mazes and fight beasts, creating your very own legacy.

Diablo Immortal – Demon Hunter Gameplay

"Diablo Immortal" launched today, and we try out the "Demon Hunter" class in this video.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Global – Gameplay

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Global launched, we try it out in this video.

Noah’s Heart (ノアズハート) JP CBT Gameplay & Gacha Draw

Noah's Heart (ノアズハート) JP CBT is currently in progress, we try it out in this video.

Bluy Sky Arena (蒼空アリーナ) – Gameplay | Coupon Codes | 500 Gacha Draws

We try out "Bluy Sky Arena (蒼空アリーナ)" in this video We provide you with the currently known gift code in this video We also draw 500 Gacha draw in this video

Arknights: Endfield CG PV Trailer

"Industry Complex is ready for deployment." "Our frontline crew is heading towards the objective." "The Engineering Center awaits your next command, Endministrator."

Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy – Incense Sect Gameplay

Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy launched globally today, we try out the Incense Sect (Class) in this video

Valkyrie Rush – Gameplay

We try out the new mobile game "Valkyrie Rush" in this video

Tailed Demon Slayer – Idle mobile game gameplay

We trial this new idle mobile game "Tailed Demon Slayer" in this video

DEEMO II – mobile Rhythm Game Gameplay

DEEMO II launched globally today, and we were eager to try it out, check out the video for the prologue scenes and some of our clumsy attempts.

『ブレイブリーデフォルト ブリリアントライツ』 (BRAVELY DEFAULT BRILLIANT LIGHTS) Pre-registration Opens

『ブレイブリーデフォルト ブリリアントライツ』(BRAVELY DEFAULT BRILLIANT LIGHTS) by SQUARE ENIX has just opened for Pre-registration in Japan.

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Tingus Goose – Gift Codes | Redemption Codes | Coupons

Grow your very own goose tree in this strange and bizarre game. Once these special geese find human hosts, they will be ready to grow into wacky goose trees.

Zombie Boss – 2023.09 Gift Codes | Redemption Codes | Coupons

Zombie Boss is a fun and quirkily Chibi cute mobile game that combines casual gameplay with light strategy battles. Dive into a post-apocalyptic world where card battles and SLG gameplay take center stage.

DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE – Gift Codes | Redemption Codes | Coupons

An all-new action RPG for the popular anime series "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?"!

Highest Reward Order – 2023.08 Gift Codes | Redemption Codes | Coupons

Highest Reward Order is a mobile game, with hundreds of characters from different lineups, using different characters and equipment to form a team that only belongs to you. Pay attention to matching fetters and pass the level easily.

Defense Derby – 2023.08 Gift Codes | Redemption Codes | Coupons

Defense Derby the ultimate Betting Royale, is here to shake up the battlefield! Unleash your strategic prowess in an unprecedented PvP Tower Defense experience, unlike anything you've encountered before.
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