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Figure Fantasy – Starter Guide & FAQ (F2P Perspective) | Tier List

This Figure Fantasy Starter Guide aims to provide primarily F2P players a a brief guide on how to proceed in the game in the beginning and some of the common FAQs. Many of the information provided in this guide are logics and concepts rather than specifics, it’s based on our experience from the other versions of the game, so take it with a grain of salt.

We’ll edit and update the guide once the Global version launches with the correct terms, figure names and information.

Reroll / Unit Recommendation

This is probably one of the questions that most newbie want to know, unfortunately, it’s an extremely long process to reroll in Figure Fantasy, and you’ll need multiples of the same units to upgrade it anyway, so based on our experience, we would recommend just go with what you roll, and regardless of whatever characters you draw, use the ones with the highest rarity.


The base stats are extremely important in the beginning when you don’t have equipments in the beginning, and the stats difference between the different rarity increases dramatically as you level up, and they determine the toughness of your tank, the output of your DPS, whether your healers survive.

Except for support units, use whatever higher rarity units you have for the rest.

Lineup Composition

We recommend the following compostion

2 Frontline
1 Support

Frontline means 1 Defender & 1 Vanguard or 2 Defenders, Support means Helper, and DPS means ranged DPS (Militarist or Specialist)

For specific Lineup recommendations, please see this article: Figure Fantasy – Lineup Recommendation Guide (Ignition/Frost/Summon)

TL;DR Figure Recommendation

Defender: Yuki,
Vanguard: Zhao Yuan
Militarist: Kris,
Helper: Helen

P.S. Will update with correct names when Global Version launches.

Trainers Choices

Since you can sync your units levels to the trainers, the question is which units should be your trainers, and the obvious answer is the units with the highest star levels, cuz the character max level are dependent on the star levels.


Max Levels:

Purple: 100
Purple/Yellow: 100
Yellow: 120
Pink 1: 130
Pink 2: 140
Pink 3: 160
Pink 4: 180

So we recommend that you upgrade all the easily obtainable purple units to Pink 3, and let the Pink 3 units with the highest levels be he trainers, that way the harder to obtained Yellow cards can be synced to level 160, once the Yellow cards have been upgraded to Pink 3, you can then upgrade the Purple Pink 3s to Pink 4 if possible.

Promote Priority

F2P players won’t have resources, so it’s extremely important with regards whom to promote, besides the Purple cards mentioned earlier, Tanks & DPS should be your priority when it comes to promotes. And you can just leave the Helpers as it is and sync them.

Unit Upgrade Priority

Tank > DPS > Support

Tank is the most important unit in the squad, if the tank falls, your whole squad will almost certainly fall as well. Then is your DPS which determines how fast you complete the battle, and lastly the helpers.

This is not to say Helpers aren’t important, but their ability is mainly dependent on the letter level instead.

Equipment Choices

You’ll most likely be stuck once you are 140-160 levels, besides from buying packs, the other solution is your equipment.

Tank: Health/Defense Gear
DPS: Attack Gear
Support: High addition Gear

Equipment can increase your combat power dramatically even if your star and level doesn’t chance.

Tier List

These Tier Lists are based on the current Japanese meta, from KAMIGAME


Figure Fantasy Defender Tier List


Figure Fantasy Vanguard Tier List



Figure Fantasy Vanguard Tier List


Figure Fantasy Militarist Tier List


Figure Fantasy Specialist Tier List

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