Friday, October 22, 2021

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Soul Land:Advent of the Gods – All SSR Spirit Master Spirit Ring/Bone Guide

:Advent of the Gods Global launched recently, many are eager to find out which Spirit Rings & Spirit Bones are best used with their units, we've compiled the following list below

Soul Land:Advent of the Gods – Gift Codes | Redemption Codes

Please find below a list of valid [Soul Land:Advent of the Gods] , we’ll keep the list updated, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly.

Soul Land:Advent of the Gods – Reroll & SSR Character analysis Guide

Soul Land:Advent of the Gods Global launched this morning in the following 4 languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Tradtional Chinese & Thai), I'm sure many fans & gamers have already downloaded and started playing. We've compiled and translated a brief guide on rerolling & the SSR characters in the game to hopefully help everyone to get choose and roll the characters they want.

Soul Land:Advent of the Gods – Global Version GamePlay & First Free Roll

Soul Land:Advent of the Gods Global launched this morning, as a Soul Land fan, we obviously had to try it immediately

Doula Continent: Soul Master Duel – “Qian Renxue” pool is here, is 88 draws enough?!

Traditional Chinese server has just released "Qian Renxue" pool, we prepared 88 vouchers and got up bright & early to try our luck, let's see if the early bird gets "Qian Renxue"?!

Honkai: Star Rail – Reveal Trailer – “Next Stop, the Stars!”

is an all-new strategy-RPG title in the Honkai series that takes players on a cosmic adventure across the stars. Hop aboard the Astral Express and experience the galaxy's infinite wonders on this journey filled with adventure and thrill.

[Revived Witch] Newbie Guide | Reroll & Tier List

[]'s Chinese server has been operating for a while now, and the global server is just about to launch, we've complied the following guide for newbies, including & Tier lists from the current Chinese meta & from the global server closed beta.

[Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE] JP Server Prologue Scene & Gameplay & First 10 Rolls

[], a [Code Geass] mobile game that has been eagerly anticipated by fans has just been released in Japan on the 4th of October, and we've immediately downloaded the game to try it out for everyone.

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