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[My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero] Frequently Asked Questions

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1Q. How do I download the game?

The best way is to go to you APP STORE and search for the game and downloading it from there. The game should be available if you are within the regions covered by the developers. If you plan on playing on a different version of the game (Taiwan, Japan, EU, etc…), you will need to use a VPN.

2Q. I am having an issue downloading the game.

If you are having issues with downloading the game, please try the following to see if it helps:

  • Check to make sure that you have a solid and consistent internet connection.
  • Make sure your device has the appropriate space.
  • Turn off your phone and leave it off for 30 seconds, turn back on and try again.
  • Log off your apple ID or google account and log back in. (Make sure you know your login information!)

Q3. I am logged into the game, but I am having issues linking my account to Google or Facebook for the first time.

Here is a couple of things to try.

  • Start by fully closing the app and relaunch the game. Try again.
  • Give your device a reboot. Turn it completely off and turn it back on. See if it works.
  • Check official social media to see if a known issue is at work.

Q4. I have been playing on a region and have an account, but I cannot seem to login.

Make note of the error message you get, if the server if busy/full, you may need to wait a bit before you can access. If the issue is persistent, please take a moment to visit the official twitter page of your version or this reddit and see if there is anything know. If all else fails, there is a support button on the top left hand side. Feel free to fill out and reach out to the support.

Q5. I have been playing for awhile and I have been kicked out of my game. Now when I log back in I have to start over. Is this true?

Your account should be fine. You need to make sure you are logging back in to the EXACT same region you have been playing in. Any other server will start you over or resume play from that account on that server.

Q6. How important is linking my account? Can I play on the account and sync later if I have a good start?

It is important that you link your account as soon as possible. The devs of the game have stated that if you play on a guest account and you decide then to link your account, you will need to start your account over. Also, you will not be able to make any purchases on a guest account, so if you plan on spending, get linked up.

Q7. I am playing on [X version from X country], can I move my account to [X version in X country]?

As far as we are aware, your game will not move regions. If you are playing on NA and you want to play until the game releases in your country, your game most likely won’t bet there. You will need to start a new game. However, you may still continue playing on the version you are playing now as long as you want, even if one does release in your country, it just won’t transfer. For the most obvious of reason: You will have access to characters, currencies, and content that may not be available at launch for the game in your country.

=== GAMEPLAY ===

Q1. I see a lot of servers to choose from. Does it matter which one I go to?

Your in-game account is bound to the region you play on. So if you start your game on Region 9, you will always need to select that region to continue your saved play. If you go to another region, you will automatically start a brand new game from that region. Fear not as you can always select your old region and continue play from that account. So you can have as many accounts as there are regions if you like. This is also a common “re-roll” strategy as if you start on a region and don’t get an early S Rank Character, players will exit and start a new game on another region and try their luck there. Once they get their S Rank Character, they stay on that region for the future. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE that regardless of the region you pick, all gameplay is cross played with other regions EXCEPT alliances and PVP. You can only add/join alliances in the same region. So if you have a buddy that you would like to start up an alliance together, make sure you both join the EXACT same region. Now, if you two end up on different servers, you can still be in-game friends with each other and invite each other to do missions, but you cannot be a part of the same alliance.

Q2. What are the best ways to get XP?

These are what you want to do to maximize your XP gains.

  • Complete your 6 daily missions. This should net you 1800 XP at 300 per completion.
  • Complete your daily targets. Get enough hearts (activeness points) to open all 5 briefcases. This will net you 1250 XP.
  • Purchasing Stamina with hero coins. If you use all 10 refills, you can reach 1600 XP from the usage.

Running most missions in the game will get you 125 XP at the cost of 25 stamina. The ratio is 1 stamina for 5 XP. If the mission does not cost stamina, it doesn’t give XP.

Q3. What are the best ways to get Stamina?

  • Purchasing them with hero coins. You can get up to 500 Stamina if you buy all 10.
  • Check in the Hero Supply. You can get 75 stamina if you check in and collect at the designated times. If you miss a time, you can buy the missed one(s) for hero coins.
  • Your Dorm room has a furniture piece that will give 25 XP (30 XP when upgraded) every 22 hours.

Please note that there are items that can grant stamina as well as purchasable items that will do the same.

Q4. What are my best uses for Hero Coins?

Buying stamina and recruiting. If you are chasing Aizawa you should definitely spend you coins on stamina refills to progress in the story and to gather supplies (food, money) to level up your heroes. If you have decided to pull for units, I recommend summoning with care. Unless you are lucky you will need 25,000 coins on a 100 summon pity banner to guarantee a unit. If you play for power and prestige your local youtuber will have all the info you need on the latest units to determine if they are worth pulling. If you want to go after a specific/favorite unit, consider joining the discord as there is a unit/event schedule there. While it is not confirmed/guaranteed that your playing server will follow the same release pattern, you can use this as a guide and gauge when a banner will drop and prepare accordingly.

Q5. I really want to summon! What are my best options for purchases if I want to summon.

The Battle Recruit Token – Elite Permit Peacekeeping is a solid bang for your buck, however, it will require you to level it up via story progress to reap the full benefits.

Q6. Will my limited pity carry over to the next limited banner?

Yes it will. So don’t fret, panic, or rage purchase if you come up short, all you hard earned and spent tickets will reflect on the next banner.

Q7. Can my Event Recruit Tickets I bought be used on another future banner?

Yes it will.

Q8. I bought the Uraraka Bundle that popped up on my screen. Its says I should have “X” amount of hero coins, but I don’t see it?

The wording may not have translated the best, but you will receive a bunch of goodies valued at a grand total of “X” amount of hero coins. It’s not straight up raw hero coins. 

Q9. Where can I see what events are happening right now in the game?

Click the giant U.A button in the bottom right corner. In the top left now, you should see a paper airplane. Click that. Not only can you see the events, you can head to them from here.

Q10. How can I increase my character/team BP?

  • Level Up your character with food. Advance them with equipment.
  • If you have extra shards of a character, progress them through resonance.
  • Upgrade as many skills as you can on that character.
  • Equip and level up support cards. 4-star and higher cards have combos if you equip them with their counterpart card. To see this, click a card and scroll down to see the card needed. You get a nice stat boost.
  • Equip and upgrade chips. There are also sets you can complete, that when completed you get a special effect. Select a chip and scroll down to see the effect. This will also show you the chips needed to make that set. They are usually identifiable by the image on the chip.
  • Level up talents. It is ideal to complete a single route all the way through to the end before doing a second one. Which one is best to do for a character? You may have to do a little research on that as each character is unique and you also need to consider your play style if you do more manual play than auto.
  • Try select assists that have higher damage and stats, the better it is the more BP you get. However, in this situation more BP isn’t always better. There may be a skill that simply sync better with your move that might be weaker overall, but performs better in combat.

Source: reddit


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