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Dear, Ella – 2023.03 Best Characters & Tier List

We’ve compiled the Best Characters & Tier Lists for Dear, Ella in this article, we hope it can help you to decide on which characters you want to choose and use.

Tier Definitions

S Tier – Overpowered Characters that are useful in almost any situation
A Tier – Very Powerful Characters that usually excel in specific or multiple situations
B Tier – Good Characters that can add to other characters and contribute to overall team performance
C Tier – Adequate characters that can be used on an interim basis, should be replaced with better ones as soon as you get them
D Tier – Almost useless characters, do not use them unless you have to

S Tier

  • Erthel
  • Eriel
  • Jin Ryu
  • Lynn
  • Lupus

A Tier

  • Zafina
  • Jukha Ryu
  • Ella
  • Yi Nam
  • Wayne
  • Sith
  • Esteban
  • Violet

B Tier

  • Kairos
  • Hestia
  • Yeon Bi
  • Celine
  • Hyun Jin
  • Wallace
  • Zenon
  • Florene

C Tier

  • Luke
  • Cali
  • Simone
  • Catherine
  • Shao

D Tier

  • Deanna
  • Rodric
  • Charlotte
  • Gardin
  • Heroy
  • Lupio

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