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Path to Nowhere – 2023.09 Reroll & Best Characters & Tier List

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Path to Nowhere” is about to launch globally, we’ve compiled the Best Characters & Tier Lists in this article, and we hope it can help you to decide on which Sinners (characters) you want to choose and use.

Please note the Tier List is based on the current CN meta, some of the characters may not be available for Global yet.

Reroll Recommendations


Hamel is the best healer in “Path to Nowhere“, her heals are considerably higher than other healers, early game is infinitely easier if you have her. She can also be used as a DMG buffer and AOE DPS with her dedicated Seal.


Zoya has an extremely powerful DPS, and can often also be used as an off-tank.

Bai Yi

Bai Yi is an extremely powerful Core Breaker, Labyrinth can be used as a replacement.


Demon can be considered the best tank in the game, he can also provide shielding for his teammates.

Tier List

Early Game

SS+ Tier

  • Nox – Sustained AOE, DEF reduction aura
  • Langley – Sustained DMG, Passive DMG increase, Burst DMG
  • Hamel – AOE Heal, Team Protection

S+ Tier

  • Demon – Self Shielding, Team Protection
  • Zoya – Real DMG, Group Fear
  • Bai Yi – Multiple Core Break, High Crit, Burst DMG
  • Crache – Single AOE Core Break, Sustained DMG, Passive DMG increase, Burst DMG
  • Labyrinth – AOE Core Break, Multiple Core Break
  • Ariel – AOE Heal, Burst Heal

S Tier

  • Eirene – Double AOE Core Break, Control, Burst DMG
  • Hecate – Double AOE Core Break, Summon
  • Wendy – Burst AOE
  • Pagasy – Single AOE Core Break, SPD decrease, Sustained DPS
  • Ignis – Sustained AOE
  • De Molly – Self-Heal, Block x3
  • Hella – Self-Heal, Sustained DPS
  • Che – Large Area Double Core Break
  • Amy Pan – Multiple Core Break, Burst DMG
  • Kelvin – AOE Control, AOE Speed Decrease, Team Protection
  • Paige – Self-Shielding, Self-Heal

A Tier

  • Xia Yin – Sustained DPS
  • Tetra – Single AOE Core Break, Stun, Party DMG increase
  • Pricilla – Sustained DPS, End game character
  • Roulecca – Sustained DPS
  • Oliver – Single AOE Core Break, Sustained DMG
  • Ann – Single Heal, Team Protection
  • Coco – Extreme Physical DEF, Party DEF increase
  • Flora – Sustained DPS, Stun
  • June – Magic DEF reduction
  • Macchiato – Single Heal, Team Protection

B Tier

  • Countess Chelsea – Summon, Control
  • Dolly – Sustained AOE
  • Ian – Single AOE Core Break, Team ATK increase
  • Don – Double AOE Core Break, Sustained AOE, HP Drain
  • Wolverine – Sustained DPS, Set Trap
  • Victoria – Sustained DPS, Self-harm DMG
  • Luvia Ray – Sustained DPS, High ATK Speed
  • Mr. Fox – Core Break Extension, Team Protection
  • Chameleon – ATK Speed Increase, Buff Team
  • Tan – AOE Core Break
  • Hemeng – Self-Heal
  • Ninty-Nine – Self-harm DMG, Leech

C Tier

  • Cinnabar – Self-Shielding, Team Protection
  • Pepper – Sustained DPS, HP Drain
  • Lisa – AOE Speed deduction


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