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[My Hero Academia Ultra Impact] Reroll/Tier List & UR Character Analysis


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s latest mobile game [My Hero Academia Ultra Impact] has just been released in Japan on May 19th, many enthusiastic players have already started downloaded the game and started the playing and upgrade their favorite characters.

I’m sure many people have questions which characters is the best and which one should they reroll for, we’ll try to answer some of those questions below.

Reroll Guide

Since there aren’t that many UR characters yet, and all the characters have their own distinctive attributes and abilities, it’s pretty easy to decide which character(s) you want.

■ Pick UR characters with different attributes
The different attributes in [My Hero Academia Ultra Impact] counter each other, so it is important to have a versatile team of characters with different attributes so you don’t get stuck at certain instances in the game.

■ Select Characters that are compatible
Each character belongs to a camp as per the anime, e.g. “Villains”, “Pro Heroes”, “UA Class 1-A”…etc. Some characters have passive abilities as per their character traits & relations, and will provide more advantages if you play them in the same team.

■ Do not take the same UR Character
You’ll only be given STAR coins if you get the character, the same UR character gives 80 STAR coins, which can be used to redeem character fragments to upgrade the character, however, you’ll only be able to upgrade the characters 2 or 3 levels with 80 coins, so it’s not really worth it.

■ Reroll until you get 3 UR characters in ideal situation
You can put 3 Regular members & 2 Substitutes in a team, however, in order to obtain the 3 Star ratings, it’s best not to use the substitutes, therefore it’s ideal to have 3 UR characters as the Regulars that are compatible.


■ UR Characters>UR Memory Cards
Memory Cards are used to upgrade character skills, rare cards even provide useful skills, e.g. increase power by 25%, increase Plus Ultra energy levels…etc, so Memory Cards can be a good choice too, since it may be hard to roll 3 UR characters, therefore aiming for 2 UR characters and a UR memory card may be the more realistic goal.

■ Memory Card Choices
Many Combo Moves require Plus Ultra Skills to activate, and it’s definitely good to increase DPS via Plus Ultra Skills, therefore we recommend choose Memory Cards that increase Plus Ultra Skill energies. Many Memory Cards are also tied to the different camps and are quite powerful, therefore it’s worthwhile to to choose cards that match your characters.

■ No need to reinstall the game
Since there are no limit on the number of UR characters you can obtain in the first free 10 rolls in the tutorial, and it’s infinite reroll, there is really no need to uninstall the game to reroll, unless you’re trying to reroll for the 20 rolls after the tutorial which is much more time consuming and troublesome.

Reroll Walkthrough

▲ Left: Account transfer, Right: Begin New Game

▲ Video Quality Settings

▲ Enter Player Name

▲ Tutorial


▲ Opening Sequence, you’ll be able to skip it once the remaining game data has been downloaded.

▲ Free 10 infinite rolls, roll until you get your desired result

Kacchan & Deku’s outfit will change based on the outcome of the Gacha roll, Combat uniforms means at least 1 UR

▲ However, it’s possible to also get UR when they wear other outfits, the main factor is whether All Might appears in sequence.

▲ The only available Gacha Pool is the Kacchan & Deku pool for increased chances for these 2 characters.

▲ Enter the Rewards screen after completing the roll.

▲ Continue with the tutorial as instructed.

▲ You’ll be able to move freely after completing 1-1, click on the icon at the bottom-right of the screen to collect the gifts.


▲ Click on the 3rd option at the bottom menu to enter the Gacha Screen.

▲ Proceed with the 1 free roll, and 22 crystal rolls to complete the Reroll Walkthrough.

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