Friday, October 22, 2021

[Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE] JP Server Prologue Scene & Gameplay & First 10 Rolls

[], a [Code Geass] mobile game that has been eagerly anticipated by fans has just been released in Japan on the 4th of October, and we’ve immediately downloaded the game to try it out for everyone.

In this video, you’ll find the prologue scenes & the initial battle, up to the first 10 rolls for the characters & the Geass cards, we’ll also provide a TL;DR text and image version below.

TL;DR Text & Image Version

After you enter your name, you’re introduced to the following 3 characters: 蓮夜(Renya), 日向アキト(Akito Hyuga) & オルドリン・ジヴォン(Oldrin Zevon) as you progress with the dialogue.

Left to Right: Renya, Akito Hyuga, Oldrin Zevon


Next comes what everyone’s been waiting for, Lelouch

After some dialogue, Lelouch leads the 4 kids into battle, the battle is basically automatic.


After the battle, we’re transported this ‘other dimension’ where we meet the “The Manager of Space & Time”

After some conversation, we seem to be sent back to World War 2 (1944), and meet the following characters.

Including “The Mysterious Girl” Gigi


As you progress with the plot, you witness Hitler being killed off.

Then you’re transported to another dimension and meet Curate, “The Curator of the Relic Museum”


After some more conversation, we finally arrive at the main screen, and instructed to start our first 10 rolls for the characters.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get C.C. (like most people seem to be rerolling for)

I managed to get a 4 star character ゼオ (Zeo) and a 3 star character 佐山リョウ (Ryo Sayama), you should at least get a 3 star from the first 10 rolls according to the in game hint.


Then we’re instructed to draw the “Code” cards, 10 draws as well (at least one 3 star )

I managed to get 2 3 star cards

Gaming Equipment
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
NVDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

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