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[My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero] Ultimate Guide & Tips

Please find below the Guide for [], and PVP Tips for the different characters.

An Ultimate Guide to PVP

Why you should give importance to ranked PVP – now I have seen many people in the server saying that rewards are miserable, not worth the grind, etc, etc but the thing is as the game progresses let us say after like 4-5 months most of the content will be completed and any new content coming up would be easy to clear cuz it would be the only content you need to do, at that point PVP rewards will be one of the more consistent ways to earn coins and tickets.

Now you might be like Shanez if its gonna take a long time before we run out of content then why should we do this now, the thing is if you don’t start now you will miss 3-4 seasons worth of rewards if you git gud and start playing now that could be an easy 1000-1200 coins and 15-20 (if you get plat or gold rank which won’t be that hard or that easy ) gems worth of season rewards (a season is a month ) now that might not seem a lot but it stacks and as I said won’t be that many ways to get consistent coins.

How PVP works

So in PVP all the stats are equalized so that means level class skill path and stuff won’t be considered which makes it a f2p system the only Difference between characters would be move set.

In PVP you take any three heroes of your choice in a team to battle. you can switch between heroes by just clicking on them combat is the same as pve but the counter atk and force punch arent usable. there is a set timer after which the match ends in a draw which gives or deducts no points the first player to knock out all 3 opposing heroes before the time ends wins and the other loses losing will deduct 20 rank points winning will increase 20 rank points.


Combos are one of the most important aspects of pvp sure just punching buttons can do stuff but it lasts shorter and does very less dmg over a linked combo in the same time . a combo is basically atks quirks abilities and ults linking together giving the opponent a low chance to escape . so at first would recommend you to check out all the combos that are preset they will be great when you are just starting before you learn to on spot combo.

Now what if you are stuck in a combo well in this game unlike other fighting games you actually cant do much other than spaming the sprint hoping to escape some combos can straight up kill you full to 0 with no chance to escape I will provide on how to avoid combos in a later segment.

When should you switch??

Well this is a very important topic which will help you you need to switch characters not to your liking but to the opponents character . basically you wanna switch to a character with better match up in the start you can also switch mid combo when it prompts while you finish a combo , one common mistake here is to always switch to any character first you shouldn’t switch to just any character randomly pick the one with the better match-up with the opponent second if you can already lead it with a combo you might not wanna switch cuz switching might give chance to sprint away if you do it a bit late . switches can also be used to counter combo so if you are in a combo and you can sprint at the moment you might also be able to switch and with spawn protection you can counter combo now this is only viable if you know the timing cuz if you miss it you get rekt.

How to Avoid Combos

Now this will be a short but a very important factor and the best way to do it is by 2 things knowing how every characters range and effect work so you can just avoid it if you know frames range and stuff and another thing is prediction now this comes with experience so cant say much just play and try to predict .

Team Comps

Team comps are not the biggest factor but are pretty impact-full try to make when les say 1 character is countered by another one try to pick a character who counters your first characters counters and so on.

Few things before I end off – 1.you cant do much with high ping other than get better internet lol 2. pc or mobile none of them is clearly better , just play what you are more comfortable with 3. I know it will be frustrating to lose in the beginning but try to practice unranked and try to play ranked when you can the time would be there it occurs 4 times a day 4. I will be making character guides and how to counter them I will also go into advance stuff like frame data break value and meteor gauge so stay tuned for those.

The above PVP Guide is by Shanez from the Discord server

Author: Shanez
Source: Discord

Deku PVP Tips

-If you face a Uraraka and she flies, just run away, it doesn’t matter if it hits you, once she touches the floor, you can teleport and do the combo, if she uses the E to protect herself when she drops to the floor, don’t worry, just use the Finger Gun, this also works if Uraraka attacks you from the air with the W.

-If the enemy is in the floor and is untouchable, punch to the air until Deku does the Super Speed Attack, if you are lucky, that attack will hit the opponent, stun him and you can use the teleport to do another combo.

-Use E attack against Momo, she can’t protect herself of that unless she has a shield, plus, when she has the spear, don’t use the teleport neither attack her, change the character or use the E, Momo can touch you before the teleport works

-Once you do the air combo, if you have the Ultimate ready, don’t use the Finger Gun, use the Ultimate, can be activated even if the enemy is in the Floor, and will probally kill him

-If Kirishima starts doing normal attacks, punch him, most of the times you will touch him and start a combo, but is better not face Kirishima with Deku

-Deku attack when he is running is one of the best, and can be used against characters like Kirishima, Momo or Uraraka to start the combo

-Active One for All when you hit the enemy with the teleport

Momo PVP Tips

-Use the Spear against Kirishima, is your best weapon

-The Shield is the best Defenses, can counter Projectiles like Uraraka Rocks or Deku Finger Gun and Melee attacks

-If you hit with the Shield, just do the first two Attacks (Until Momo hits the floor with the Shield) After that, changes to Spear and do a full combo and finally change to Scythe using the E attack

-Throwing the Scythe as a Shuriken is not a good idea, unless you somehow locked the enemy he can easily dodge, so not do it

-When you change the weapon to Shield, if the enemy is close, it will stun him, take advantage of that

-While the E attack doesn’t do too much damage, is perfect to stun the enemy and start a combo, you just need to use it wisely, since if the enemy dodges the attack, he will have a free combo

-After you finish a combo, create a Torret, again, and again, you can have even 4 Torrets at the same time, and the enemy will have a super hard time

That’s how i reached Number 1 with her, hope this helps you in PVP :3

Author: trelleresito
Source: reddit

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