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[Alchemy Stars] Reroll Guide | Tier List | FAQ

Reroll Guide

The following Reroll guide is thanks to 彼采艾兮●重生 (surela611) from Baha Gamers forum.

1.Click on “Register Now” after you enter the game

2.You will get to this screen

3. Enter an effective email address, you need it to receive the verification code

4. Go check the verification code from your email

5. Enter the code and click “Next”

6. Select a server

7. and then a region

8. And Click on Game Start

9. You’ll be prompted to Enter your Name

10. Click on Skip & Close to quickly to skip through the dialogue

11. We finally arrive at the first pull, which should be the same unit everytime

12. You’ll be directed to the map after the pull which you can “Skip” and return to the main screen

13. Collect your rewards from the mailbox, which should consists of 2,400 crystals & 3 Single pull vouchers. Some people have recommend that you progress to 1-10 to get 10 pulls, but you will need to spend about an extra 12 minutes playing.

14. Go for 10 pulls

15. Swipe right to get to this pool to use the 3 single vouchers

16. If you’re unhappy with the pull, go back to the main screen, click on System and Sign Out

17. You’ll back to Game Start Screen, click on the Logout button on top left corner, rinse and repeat from step 1.

Reroll Recommendations

The following Reroll Recommendations is thanks to Juliwen#7209 from The Alchemy Stars Unofficial Community Server, all credits to Juliwen, please check out the full Reroll and Progression Guide here.

Take with some salt. Order matters a bit.

Some characters didn’t have their proper stats in the CBT and may be subject to change on release, new characters might be revealed, etc.This was originally gonna be a tier list but then I realized I’m gonna get pitchforked so have some reroll recommendations instead. 


The most well rounded color with a solid foundation. Has the strongest healer orientated character Raphael followed by Philyshy which is helpful for Secret Territory. Raphael and Carleen especially standout as two units that are really stacked in abilities.


Fire is fairly strong although it is lacking a main healer. Charon and a bit less so Uriel stand out as two units with stacked ability. Victoria is the only consistent way to do healing in Fire (in the CBT) but requires a new unit that applies Bleed status to really shine. Uriel similarly requires Burn status synergy but this is far more common. 


Forest feels the weakest among the colors. Hiiro and Gabriel stands out a bit here. Hiiro is an interesting Converter/DPS and Gabriel has some interesting duo color potential though using her effectively can be hard. The main healer is Uriah a 4* (in the CBT). 


Thunder overall has some excellent units, though only Irridon and Sorla (who honestly should be a 6 star) have abilities that stand out here. Interestingly Thunder does not have a 2x Combo character, their top choice for healer is Nadine a 4* (in the CBT).

Tier Lists

We’ve also compiled the following Tier Lists from these different sources, all credits belong to the respective owners.

Appmedia Tier List


Waifu Tier List

Husbando Tier List

Gamerch Tier List



The following FAQ is provided by volunteers & compiled by Taz from the The Alchemy Stars Unofficial Community Server, all credits belong to them, join to discuss the game and for the complete FAQs & more guides!

How do I redeem promo codes?
A: Open the Events menu (speech bubble with exclamation point) from the left side of the homescreen, then scroll down to ‘Code Redeeming Center’. This menu is not accessible until you have cleared main stage 1-9.
This feature is currently not available on the US server.

How do I claim my Closed Beta Testing rewards?
A: Open the Events menu (speech bubble with exclamation point) from the left side of the homescreen, then scroll down to ‘Closed Beta Test Reward Event’.
You will be required to submit the email you were accepted into the Closed Beta Test with, regardless of what login method you used during testing.
This feature is not available on the US server.

How does the Beginner’s Recruitment work?
A: The first recruit on the Beginner’s Recruitment is done during the tutorial, and is scripted to give you Ms. Blanc.
The next 20 recruits on the Beginner’s Recruitment are discounted normal recruits, guaranteeing at least one 5-Star Aurorian.
The 21st recruit on Beginner’s Recruitment will always be a 6-Star Aurorian from the banner image, even if you have already recruited a 6-Star.
The banner is removed after completing the 21st recruit.

What is the difference between Star Flare and Special Star Flare?
A: Star Flares are only used for Mainstay Recruitment, which does not have any rate-up.
Special Star Flares are used for Time-Limited Recruitment, which have a 50% chance of recruiting the featured Aurorian when recruiting a 6 star.
Time-Limited Recruitment featured Aurorians will be added to the 6-Star pool after their banners end.

How do I acquire Star Flares and Special Star Flares?
A: Lumamber can be exchanged for Star Flares and Special Star Flares at a ratio of 300:1.
Star Flares and Special Star Flares are also available for purchase from various in-game shops, and as rewards for completing certain stages or achievements, among other things.

What are the gacha rates?
A: 2% chance for 6-Star Aurorians, 9.5% chance for 5-Star Aurorians, 33% chance for 4-Star Aurorians, and 55.5% chance for 3-Star Aurorians per recruit.
Time-Limited Recruitment banners have a 50% chance to recruit the featured Aurorian when recruiting a 6-Star.

Is there gacha pity? How does it work?
A: After 50 recruits without a 6-Star Aurorian, the chance of recruiting a 6-Star Aurorian will go up by 2.5% per failed attempt. This increased chance will reset to the base 2% once any 6-Star Aurorian is recruited.

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