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Doula Continent: Soul Master Duel – Reroll Guide | Tier List | Starting Lineup

Doula Continent: Soul Master Duel has just recently launched, we’ve translated and compiled reroll recommendations, tier lists, and recommended starting lineups from the Chinese server below.

Reroll Recommendations

The following Reroll tier list & recommendations are from Chinese Server player Hyks, listed in the order of priority in their respective tiers.

Oscar, Gui Mei, Huo Wu, Liu Erlong, Ning Rongrong, Hammer Tang San, Yu Tianxin, Feng Xiaotian

Dugu Bo+Dugu Yan, Tang Hao+Ah Yin, Meng Shenji, Yan, Ma Hongjun, Ning Fengzhi, Xie Lingling, Xie Yue, Shui Bing Er, Bai Chenxiang
(should at least get 2 of these or a pair as indicated)


Yue Guan, Chen Xin, Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, Young Tang San, Gu Rong, Jiang Zhu
(If you can’t get any of the characters from the higher tiers, you can use these Tier 1 characters, they’re pretty decent, just harder to form teams)

SSR Tier List

Power Attack System

T0: Hammer Tang San, Tang Hao

T1: Chen Xin, Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun, Yue Guan, Feng Xiaotian

T2: Zhao Wuji, Qin Ming, Yu Xiaogang

Agility Attack System

T0: Awakened Xiao Wu

T1: Xiao Wu, Zhu Zhuqing, Liu Erlong

T2: Huo Wushuang, Yang Wudi, Bai He, Flender


Control System

T0: Awakened Tang San (Blue Silver Emperor Tang San)

T1: Young Tang San, Hu Liena, Dugu Bo, Huo Wu, Meng Shenji

T2: Dugu Yan, Shui Bing Er

Auxiliary System

T0: Ning Rongrong

T1: Oscar, Ah Yin, Gui Mei

T2: Ning Fengzhi, Bai Chenxiang, Xie Lingling

Defense System

T0: Gu Rong

T1: Yan

Starting Lineup Recommendations

We’ll recommend a 6-person squad below that can be expanded into the 8-person squad

Starting 6-Person Squad

Tang San, Xiao Wu, Yu Xiaogang, Zhao Wuji, Yang Wudi, Jiang Zhu

You’ll be given these 3 characters for free when you first start playing: Tang San, Xiao Wu & Yu Xiaogang, and then you can use summoning scrolls to summon the rest. These 3 units are quite useful as transitional units, especially Xiao Wu who can is quite handy at finishing off opposition units.

Tang San is a Control System unit, he can effectively reduce the damage done by the opposition, and also do damage to them, we recommend that you train him with Xiao Wu.

Yu Xiaogang does AOE damage, he can take out mons quite easily, adequate in the beginning.

As for the rest of the squad, I’ve used 2 other SR units, they include Power Attack unit Zhao Wuji, Agility Attack unit Yang Wudi and Auxiliary unit Jiang Zhu.


Zhao Wuji provides AOE damage and is quite tanky, he can be used as a frontline unit, Yang Wudi can concentrate on taking out single units, especially enemy backlines, Jiang Zhu provides buff and healing, adequate in the beginning stages.

Expanded 8-Person Squad

Tang San, Xiao Wu, Yu Xiaogang, Zhao Wuji, Yang Wudi, Jiang Zhu, Yu Tianheng, Lei Tian

This 8-person squad is sufficient for the beginning, Lei Tian can effectively control the match as the Control unit.

The 2 starting squads we’ve recommended can be obtained quite easily and should be quite effective as a transitional lineup until you obtain better units.

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