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[Honkai Impact 3rd] 2021 Guide for New Players

It’s time for the new player guide for new players that are new to [Honkai Impact 3rd], first thing’s first, I’m going to be linking a bunch of helpful documents at end of the post down below. Those links will mostly cover things that won’t be in this guide, like abbreviations, valkyries you want to farm up, gear you want to farm up, etc, as well as another beginner guide from the bois at the official discord.

And with all that said let’s begin.

Should you reroll in Honkai Impact 3rd?

Okay so the first thing that people always have on their minds is… “should you reroll in this game?”. Well, rerolling in this game kinda sucks, it takes about 30-40 mins (Prob more) to get about 10 rolls. And that’s if a banner is even out. I think for most people this is too much of a time commitment, but you can decide that for yourself.

But anyway, if you want to reroll, the gist is…

  • Clear up to story 2-6.
  • Collect all the crystals along the way and all of the stage requirements.
  • Collect all of the achievements, put in all the crystal redemption codes
  • Input your birthday (on the day) for extra crystals
  • And that comes out to be around 2500 crystals and 5 dorm cards.

Now, like I said earlier, I would only consider doing this for the Herrscher of Sentience personally, BUT it’s also fine to do it for any of these three (HoT, HoR, or AE) as well, but even if you don’t reroll, over the first few days of your career, you get a lot of rolls, it’s really easy to tell if you get screwed early on.

(25-pull) dorm guarantees recommended characters

For your (25-pull) dorm guarantees, anything on the top row here is best, the middle row is good, and the bottom row is not that good. If you didn’t reroll expansion supply and you got 2 guarantees on the bottom row I would probably say to reroll the account, but ofc that is just my own opinion.

Last note on the dorm supply: I would say just don’t spend any crystals on it whatsoever, don’t even buy the random discounted ones they throw at you, it’s not worth it, the game gives you a lot of free dorm cards, so just make sure you use those, you can get a guaranteed S at 25 and 50 pulls and that will only take a couple days to fulfill.

What should you do?

Next up, let’s talk about what you should actually be doing, so there are about 3-4 things that you should be completing and keeping up with as level up early on.

The Path to Greatness

First up is “The Path to Greatness”… This is a new player thing only, only new players will see this. And you definitely want to keep up with all the missions in here and do all of them, as much as you can, cuz they’re all good rewards. And yes, ultimately you want to finish up this growth supply; it’s free, take advantage of it.


Next up are story missions. You really want to keep up with these (from the beginning) because if you don’t, you may have to redo some stages, which is really annoying.

There are actually 2 other tabs you (should) check out, which are the challenge missions (also the “all-new challenge”). These also give pretty good rewards, so do them.


Sensei System

Finally, you want to find a sensei, the “sensei system” gives a lot of really nice rewards as well, you can start this system as soon as level 10, and don’t worry about having to communicate with your sensei.

You can do all the missions without them, and believe me, anyone will want you as a cadet, so just find somebody.

On top of all of this, we also have two other things to worry about: the daily missions and the event tab, so for the events, make sure you do them at your own pace, look out for the ones that expire within the day…

Now as for the dailies, it’s just like any other gacha game. You just need to make sure you fulfill the 150 duty and you’re golden.

Alright, to summarize, just make sure you follow all 5 of these mission types, and you’ll get a lot of rewards.

Golden Egg & Blade Choice

Last thing I want to touch up on is the golden egg & the blade choice reward from PtG, so for the blade choice, the best choice is the Florid Sakura, you can pop that on your free Flame Sakitama, she’ll be useful for fire weather abyss (early on), and it’s also quite useful lategame.

So for the gold egg… I personally suggest you don’t use it until you’re level 70 or 80, and the reason why is you could really draw another S rank with all the free dorm cards you’re getting.

And none of these S-ranks are super impactful, so it’s better to fill in gaps you have later on rather than opening it early.

Same thing for the Land of Wishes. Don’t spend any crystals here early on. Just wait until much later when you know what you’re doing.

Stamina Usage

Alright next let’s talk about your stamina usage, so the first thing you should be using your stamina on is the events. (on the event tab), so just as I mentioned earlier, these are limited time stages with limited rewards usually. If you don’t do them, you’re basically missing out free rewards so just go and do those first if you see it.

So probably the most stamina efficient thing you should be doing is the open world, which is basically… the Genshin prototype, the adventure tasks you get here are like leylines, you can refresh the tasks up to 15 times so do make use of that to make sure you get the best possible rewards

So at level 40, you’ll get access to APHO, which is kinda like DMC, cuz you can jump & atk at the same time, at level 50 you’ll get access to the Shicksal HQ.

2 weeks after you unlock these, you’ll have to choose between them. Generally speaking, the best one (in terms of rewards/tasks) is APHO.


So the next thing you should be worrying about are raids. So raids unlock at lvl 35, and they give very stamina efficient rewards, as well as weapons, and even global buffs, so these raids are available every week for free.

And it’s worth noting: only the first clear really gives really good rewards, so don’t bother clearing again. Unless you refresh (it) with time structure, but I don’t really recommend you do that until you’re level 70, and the reason for that: it’s a little less stamina efficient.


Next up we have expeditions, now expeditions are really important in this game because it ranks up your valkyries, and higher rank valkyries can be very vital.

So because there’s a limit to how many times you can do expedition, I do recommend doing every day so you can eventually get SSS valks.

Ok so next up we have story, and chronicles.

So these are your main source of early game crystals. So generally speaking, they’re not a big priority to do. But, if you need the crystals immediately to pull on a limited banner, or need them for like a spending event…then it could be a good idea to do them earlier. So when you’re level blocked (can’t proceed), you can move over to chronicles instead.


Eventually you’re going to want to complete both story AND chronicles, but do them at your own pace, there’s no rush.

So the last thing you should spend your stamina on is.. the material event tab, so generally speaking, you only want to do the first time clear for the daily. Otherwise this is basically bottom priority, as the later stages are much more efficient. Once you unlock the 3rd stage, you can start farming this for purple flowers that you might need.

Alright let’s summarize. So first thing you everyday is your dailies/missions and in terms of stamina usage, these are the 6 things I would do in order.

Alright, lastly, let’s talk about the 2 competitive modes

So before that, we need to talk about gear, so what gear do you put on your valkyries? Generally speaking, for the new players…Just use 3 star stigmata until you know what you’re doing. Physical damage dealers can use the Ryunosuke set, fire dmg dealers can use Wang Zhaojun, lightning dmg dealers can use edison and there’s the scott set for ice dmg dealers.

So all of these stigmata are low cost and will hold you out for the early game until you get some signature equipment

Or a better understanding of the game so you can optimize your stigmata.

It’s simple, but it works, if you’re wondeirng about higher investment gear, I do have a video on that, so you can check that out if you’re curious.

Now let’s talk about the 2 competitive modes.

First off is Q-singularis, so this unlocks at level 25, but I don’t recommend going in until about level 30ish or, if you’re watching this on a wednesday or sunday, then you should probably go in anyway, because it resets on those days.

This is basically going to be your main source of crystals. Most people call it abyss, so I’m just gonna call it abyss, Abyss is the first mode where your team composition and the way you play actually does matter, the most important thing for early abyss is the evadion. The evadion is a skill that you get (in abyss) that fills up as you evade enemy attacks, so when you use this skill, it just does a huge chunk of damage, so much so, that you can basically solo with this damage and clear.

So early on, you can brute force this mode, but later on, when you’re in higher brackets/levels, you’ll have to make use of proper teams, or you probably won’t be able to clear, so in abyss, the best thing to do is to gather all the small mobs together.

One good way to do that is with the Drive Kometa QTE, that’ll gather them in place, and then you go into your DPS and then you DPS them down, you can also use Drive Kometa’s ultimate to gather them, but besides a gather, you also want to have a buffer/debuffer for your team, so that your DPS does a lot more damage.

So all of the valkyries on the screen right now are really good at supporting a physical team, if you can have 2 (of these) on a team, that’s great, they have their own built-in buffs and gathers.

For elemental teams… Like say if you had HoT, early on, it’s a little more difficult to make a team, but, early on, elemental valkyries should be able to solo content. Later on you definitely want to have either Phoenix or Azure Empyrea and the weapon: Blood Dance.

Now the last mode is Memorial Arena, which opens at level 38, so in this mode, you just fight bosses. The faster you kill, the better your score, early on, you don’t have to worry about it too much. One thing you should know is that time fracture actually slows down the clock. So that essentially means if you have a good time fracture setup, you can actually get a higher score, despite using more time.

Alright now the FINAL thing I’m gonna cover are the shops in the game, so in the logistics terminal, you should be buying everything that costs coins, so that’s basically just the B-rank valkyrie fragments, if you have excess mithril, you can also be buying these advanced skill materials. They’re worth it. I would probably say everything else (in the logistics terminal) is a skip for new players.

Next we have the dorm shop, you really want to get these crystallums every update, there’s 2 of them in the dorm shop, once you get enough of them, you can actually purchase a top tier equipment, so it’s definitely worth to get those, if you have a lot of extra dorm currency, you can buy the dorm cards, but I would not suggest getting anything else from here.

Next we have the war treasury. This is where you farm S ranks, try to make it a goal to get all 70 of these ancient willpowers per month, they do refresh each month, you’ll be able to rank up your S rank Valkyries because of it. New players generally want to get Molotov Cherry and Phoenix to SS rank, after that, you can refer to my valkyrie farming guide.


Next we have the battle arsenal, basically, I would only suggest getting Starlit Astrologos fragments, because this valkyrie is extremely powerful, and definitely worth getting, keep doing this until she’s SSS.

Next we have the armada terminal, pretty much everything here is worth it, except for the final 3 items, so you can buy whatever you need. Now looking at the asterite shop, you want to go to the augment core tab, if you have Molotov Cherry, you want to buy as many Fervent Cores as possible. Upgrading the core augment is really helpful, Kometa cores are also really helpful because you want to get her to at least 2* core, of course, more is better, but you don’t have to rush it after 2*, I wouldn’t waste anything on the mithril shop, so you can skip over this one.

Same with the coin shop, early on you’ll need coins so don’t waste any here, bounty is getting reworked next update so I won’t talk about it here, for the beginner shop, you can easily buy everything on the top row, everything on the bottom row you can actually skip, because asterite is so scarce, you can’t really afford to waste it on random stuff like this.

Last thing I thought I’d mention is… if you’re a competitive player…Please do not level ANY switch skills, these switch skills are not togglable , and some of them are quite bad, of course, there are exceptions, but I thought I would mention it so that you would play it safe.

Speaking of skills you shouldn’t level, the Starlit Astrologos “Whisperer’s Net” should stay at level 1. Again this is really complicated, and it only really matters if you’re looking to be a tryhard later on. The same goes for her 2nd special skill, again you’ll just have to trust me on this.

Alright and that’s all the things I can probably think of for a beginner player.

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