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Lineage W – Brief Starting Guide

This Brief Starting Guide aims to provide you with some information to help you get through early parts of the Lineage W, e.g. Missions, Cards, Grinding & Equipment, we’ll aim to update it with more information as we play along, part of the information is translated from mc7836321’s guide.


  1. You should level up to about Level 28 & 95% if you follow the Main Quest line, then you’ll probably need to rely more the Missions to get more exp.
  2. Every village has a Mission Board that provides different missions.
  3. Every village has Side Quests (Different for each class) that needs to be triggered by talking to NPCs.

Store / Trade Market

  1. For whales, if you’re short on Adena, you can purchase Combat Scroll x 10 for 120 Diamonds and sell it to the Merchants for 7,500 Adena per Scroll, so 120 Diamonds equates to 75,000 Adena, you can sell Magic Skill Books on the Trade Market for a good price if you manage to get them.
  2. Trade Market (Needs to bind your mobile number in order to work), there is a debuff if you don’t bind it
  3. You can purchase different ‘Magic’ from the Magic Scroll Merchant



  1. All types of monsters should drop a free card if you grind enough of them
  2. The card drops when you’re collecting drops, e.g. “x number of bones”,


Whales can obviously purchase the packs.

F2Ps don’t need to level up white gears, green gears aren’t hard to get, you should be able to grind the gear you want at specific areas.

We don’t recommend making your own equipment since everything ends up requiring diamonds, you can start leveling up your gear once you get the Green ones.


Don’t grind in areas that are too far out of your current gear/level, you may be forced to teleport home once every 2 hours if you grind in high level areas. Be sure to purchase Teleport Magic or Teleport Scrolls, cuz if you die while grinding you’ll be teleported to the same spot as everyone that had died, and might get stuck there.

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