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[Kalpa of Universe] Must know Starter Tips

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Hi everyone, I figured I would give some beginner tips for new players after playing up to lvl 47 in [Kalpa of Universe].

  • Don’t try to level those monster soul enchants for too many characters at once. The resources it takes to level these things is extremely scarce, especially early game, and you can just swap the enchants onto a different character instead. Usually 6 sets of enchants for your main squad is what to aim for early on as you have 5 characters for combat usually and then 1 extra for some special maps. The difference in stats between a lvl 15 SR soul and a lvl 20 SSR soul is almost double so its usually better to work on the SSR one even if it has great substats.
  • Money is another very limited resource. At the start you will have loads of money but when you get to the point you need to upgrade your enchants to level 15 and then 20 you will blow through your money like its nothing. Make sure that you do the gold dungeon and gold expedition every day. Once you have purchased the essential materials with guild tokens(skill stones(resets monthly) and gacha summon coins(resets weekly)) then you can consider using excess on gold.
  • Leveling individual characters skills and equipment is much more flexible, I was able to keep up about 9~ characters fully upgraded for the point I am at in the game. Sometimes you will need to swap out a dps for different elemental dungeons so keep some options open for elements that your primary team is weak against.

  • For skill stones, I would recommend saving them for characters you plan to bring up to 6* instead of spreading them out to everyone. It takes 11 of them to fully unlock all of a character’s stats and the further you go into unlocking the better the stat upgrades. Some characters have great skills on both the bottom and top path so dropping 2 stones to unlock the first skill on the other path is not going to cost you that much.
  • The game is very generous with summoning currency. As a F2P I have been able to do over 400 summons since the game started and we are only 3 weeks in. I would highly recommend using a few refreshes each day to boost your progress even if you aren’t spending anything. Its especially important to unlock all the character shard expeditions as you can get up to 9 shards a day(spread over 3 characters in the amounts of a 4/3/2 shard mission) and to level your expeditions up to the point you can start farming enchant materials and eventually acquire the SSR accessory recipes from them.
  • Always try to farm up to the maximum of 1k guild tokens each day. If you aren’t in a guild then you can still get the tokens by doing coop missions.
  • The starter team is very good for PVE content. You will fairly quickly be able to raise them to 5* by completing all the current time rift content. Yiyi in particular has ATK/MATK and Def debuffs which is very useful for pushing harder element boss content. The MC also has a formation, which is unlocked at lvl 35, that only requires him to be paired with a tank and healer class to activate so he can be very flexible.
  • Its a common strategy to purposely tank PVP rating. There are daily rewards for getting 5/10/20 points in pvp per day for gacha gems and pvp tokens. If you cant defeat opponents confidently at your current rating then consider dropping your rating until you can because at lower rating its overal more rewards.

Since I did a beginner tips guide I figured I would make a follow up since I hit lvl 60. So here goes some additional tips on how to boost your progress in Kalpa of universe.

  • For Banners, we just hit our first focus banner. These banners guarantee that if you don’t own all the SSR on the banner, the first SSR you pull is one you don’t own. These are great for filling out your roster with units you don’t have yet and need. Make sure you save enough currency to pull an SSR on these banners if you don’t already have all the characters.
  • When gathering shards for characters with expeditions, make sure you are picking characters that you will want to use endgame. This doesn’t mean you need to be a meta slave, but look at who is getting the most out of the extra stars. Work on characters that will get huge bonuses at 6*. It doesn’t hurt to raise some niche characters to 4 or even 5 stars but consider that it takes over a month to get a character from 5->6 star so theres a big time commitment.
  • Don’t neglect using your pvp attempts even if you will for sure lose. You get pvp exp even if you lose and its better to work towards leveling up your pvp rank for more rewards even if u lose a bit of rating. You likely wont reach lvl 20 unless you refresh your pvp attempts, but it still will net you quite a bit of extra loot in the end.
  • That said, always try to at least stay above 1900 rating. It will take a bit of time to get there when you just start out but the farther into the seasons rankings the easier it will be as everyone shifts upwards in rating over time. Getting to 1900+ guarantees a large amount of passive pvp token income every day so you can easily buy out all the rare materials.

  • Aside from skill stones and summon tokens, theres another item you can buy from the shop that is really important and its SSR weapon upgrade gems. It only unlocks when you reach lvl 54 so make sure that you pick those up before the reset each month asap. They upgrade your weapon to SSR for a big chunk of stats as well as adding another passive to the weapon. The shop is the only place to get these and you can upgrade 3 character’s weapons a month with them.
  • Coop is your friend for pushing harder content. If you are weaker and you need to beat stages like the lvl 55 aniki to unlock your SSR weapon craft then hop in a coop mission and theres a good chance someone can carry you. The buffs you get from having already beaten the stages before make it very easy to carry a team in these stages so don’t worry too much about weighing people down.
  • Don’t neglect your tanks and your healers. Later on enemies start using more cheese AOE moves that can wipe your characters if they aren’t tanky enough. Most endgame content is difficult precisely because you can get 1hko if you aren’t careful. Invest in you tanks and medics so these moves can’t kill you and you will have a much easier time.
  • Don’t craft too many SR accessories. They don’t cost a lot individually but the money will start to really pile up if you craft them all. You will get SR accessories from doing dailies and from doing your weekly labyrinth mode so I would just aim to get some basic stuff on your main team and stop there. Eventually you will melt down all your excess SR accessories and their crafting mats in the cauldron so they can be used to make SSR accessories.

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Kalpa of Universe Starter Tips
Kalpa of Universe Beginner Tips#2


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