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[DISGAEA RPG] Comprehensive Guide for Newbies | Tier List


One thing I learned from playing [DISGAEA RPG] is knowledge is power and the guide below is an compendium of things that I have learned from the game either myself, the internet, or through the DisgaeaRPG subreddit.

Please note that some info may be of opinion and not necessarily the way you have to play. I would also like to credit the posts that I learned some of the knowledge from so you can read more in depth as I would like to keep this guide as quick and easy to read. And please if I made any mistakes or if you would like to give new tips I appreciate it and would like to keep this updated. Thanks for reading!

01 – First time playing game tips

Welcome to the most Evil mobile game Disgaea RPG! Evil is a good tag line as the cast is def evil but so can the learning curve to a certain degree as you progress to higher levels/difficulty but that can be said for most games so don’t be discouraged to play the game if you can’t immediately play things like the Character Gate event. Don’t worry I will help as much as I can with the below info to help you take over the Overworld in no time

First Character Choice Recommendation: Desco

First 4 units Choice: 4 Thieves

The nice thing about when you first start the game is you can reroll the starter 4 star unit and 4 units after that. The reason why Desco is a great choice is she has a cheap Area of Effect(AOE) attack and great first sub-evility to lower all enemies defenses by 15%. For the unit choices you want 4 thieves as they start out with a main evility of “Chest Drop Rate +3%”. Being a RPG the drop rate is important as the percentage to get drops is random so the higher the +% chance to get them the better!

02 – Overall helpful game tips

In this section new or current users may not know some tricks that help the overall advancement of the game and tips for efficiency!

Inventory List

Just in case you haven’t found this yet if you click the top right menu button in your Stronghold and then click “Inventory List” this will show you the amount of items you have such as AP Potions, Bribe items, Gate Keys, WM and Skill scrolls, NE Prinny’s, Reincarnation materials, and tickets.


Companions are other players characters that they select as their Preferred Character (top left character icon) and can be selected for most mission, event, and Dark Gate stages. These units are very important and they not only act as a 6th unit when a unit dies but you can swap them in battle. For example, hire a high level Valvatorez Companion to help clear higher levels or gates with his useful HP recovery skills. Another important trick is you want to hire the Companion that you know what Evility or Sub Evility they have based on their NE level. For stages such as Gem Reincarnation gates you can use a Dark Santa Laharl for his NE 1 Evility +5% to chest drops, a Flonne companion for her NE 1 +5% EXP buff, or an Seraphina for her NE 1 +10% HL Gained. Note: If you don’t see the units you are looking then be sure to hit the blue refresh button in the top left corner!



Quartz is the currency of the game that you use to do things like summon more characters and buy items in the shop. There are 2 types called Paid and Free Quartz. Free Quartz is awarded mostly by the game or codes. Always keep an eye out in the subreddit for new codes for free stuff! Paid Quartz is from purchasing Nether Quartz from the shop with real life currency. Note: some event summon banners can only be used with Paid Quartz. Other banners will always use Free Quartz before Paid Quartz if you have both.

Now this game can be played Free to Play without ever spending any real money but if you do decide to spend Paid Quartz I have some recommendations to get the best value.

Paid Quartz Best Value:

  1. In the shop under Items – Nether Quartz you will find that you have an daily amount of times that you can spend on certain items that say “Up to X per day”. I would recommend at least getting the 3 or 10 AP Potions as AP is the core of this game if you want to more AP without waiting for it to refill or receiving more AP from the Nether Hospital roulette, 150 Mission AP award, or from leveling up. I would also recommend getting the Gate Keys and Crab Miso as those items can help with a lot of strategies in the game.
  2. Banners that say 4 Star Unit Guaranteed – These banners usually have only a certain amount of times they can be bought but they make sure you get a 4 star unit that can really help with your party or get a unit you really want. This game has a system where 4 star summons are hard to get but if you save your Paid Quartz for banners like these then you can slowly fill up your party and get duplicate characters for Nether Enhances (N.E).
  3. Dark Assembly – As you progress through the story you will have a lot of bills to pass in the Dark Assembly to do things like Rank up your shop, add more AP as you progress every 10 levels, add more Party slots, add cosmetics like the Stronghold Customization, and most importantly passing the EXP, HL, and Drop rate bills. You only get 100 assembly points a day for free but you can spend Quartz to refill it so you can pass more bills. Please note if you purchase something called a Nether Passport (Top left corner area of Stronghold) monthly where your Dark Assembly will have a “Campaign Ongoing” where the game will have a time where your EXP and HL bills are guaranteed to pass without using bribes. *Update noted from ariolander post* I forget to mention the Nether Passport also halves the cost to 25!* Also note the game sometimes will have a campaign ongoing for a special boost for bills such as 2x EXP/HL instead of 1.5. Note from FricasseeToo’s post that you can still use Free Quartz here. (I just like to roll a lot of bills through the Dark Assembly to always try to have bonuses going! 🙂 )

Skip Animations

You might be like me when I first started the game and wondered if you could skip animations to help speed up the gameplay or farming speed. This is helpful when you have time based bills so with 4x speed and skipping animations will get you a quicker clear time and save on extra tapping!

To skip animations you must be in a battle and then click the blue menu icon in the top left corner of your screen. Then click the blue settings button. Here you can click the “On” button to change it to the pink “Off” button. This will have all animations for you and the enemy to be turned off until you want to turn it back on. There are also some other nice settings in that menu where you can adjust volume and voice speed.

03 – Dark Gates

Dark Gates, inside the Dimension Gates section, are a big factor when it comes to the game where you can level up your character from EXP Gates, receive money to help with reincarnations or the shop, or get reincarnation gems required every 100 levels( ALL the way up to lvl 9999 btw).

When playing a gate I recommend having skip animations, 4x speed, and if you can afford it have a dark assembly bill up for + exp, hl , drop rate. I recommend doing one bill at a time as gates only focus on one thing such as EXP gates are not going to give Item drops or good HL.

Now Gates by default can only be used 3x a day, 5x chance for locked stages, for each enemy level, but you can purchase a Honour Nether Passport (Top left corner area of Stronghold) monthly where you can get an additional 5x to open the gates. This cost is a separate charge that does not use Quartz. PLEASE NOTE: The extra 5-10x will REQUIRE Gate Keys which are another Paid item or found in rewards like in the Overlord’s Tower, as well as the normal AP needed for clearing the stage. ALSO the 10x gate use will apply to ALL enemy levels so you could use it for example 10x on your highest unlocked gate or spread them out like having 3 in each gate.


Reincarnation Gems

Below is a list of the chances of getting Shiny Reinc. Gems from what I have seen and unlocked so far.

Gate of Gems (Hum. or Mon.) 6 – Shining Reincarnation Gems Lv 5 – Rare, Lv4 – Likely

Gate of Gems (Hum. or Mon.) 5 – Shining Reincarnation Gems Lv 4 – Rare, Lv3 – Likely

Gate of Gems (Hum. or Mon.) 4 – Shining Reincarnation Gems Lv 3 – Rare, Lv2 – Likely

Gate of Gems (Hum. or Mon.) 3 – Shining Reincarnation Gems Lv 2 – Rare, Lv1 – Likely

Gate of Gems (Hum. or Mon.) 2 – Shining Reincarnation Lv1 – Likely

Dark Gate Skip Tickets

If you happen to receive any DG Tickets then can use them to skip playing a Dark Gate which can be very useful for a couple of tricks. EXP Gates are one of the best uses of DG Skip tickets as it does not matter what level, or how powerful your characters are, as you don’t have to play it. Note: You have to first clear a Enemy Level Gate with all the Stage Missions completed in order to use a ticket. It also saves a lot of time playing the stage if you are running an EXP Bill.

Using this trick you can take units like new 4 star summons, or lower reincarnation level units that you want to speed level by the 100’s to catch up to higher tiers. PLEASE NOTE: To speed level reincarnations levels you must have “Auto-Reincarnate” unlocked from the story missions AND be sure to have it turned to “ON” in the Confirm Battle screen from clicking the green switch button to Auto Reinc. and then check the AUTO box.

04 – Event Tips

I will keep this section kind of short as I recommend checking the full guide event posts but I have some tips that I have learned from the first couple of events.

⦁ So far it seems that you can still use duplicates of the same event character and still get a bonus such as having 2 Noel’s. This may get officially changed soon. Every unit is also getting 1.3 (30%) bonus to event PT as later only the higher rarity units such as the new banner units getting the 30% bonus.

⦁ DAILY 400% bonus on top of the bonus of using PT Event characters (click on the ? button if you are not sure which units have bonuses. The 400% bonus now looks to happening every event day for 4 stages in EACH difficulty. The higher the difficulty the better the points.

⦁ Quadruple point bonus units – Every event should have special units that appear in battles randomly such as Pink Prinnies for the first event and Prism Rangers for the 2nd event. And when they appear they give 4x your point bonus for the stage. One trick you can use is when you are doing a 400% bonus stage if you don’t see the bonus units then you can click the blue menu button on the top left corner, then click the pink “Give Up” button, then Yes, at lastly the Retry button. NOTE: This will waste the AP used for that battle so depending on your luck you may waste more AP trying to get the unites versus just playing it out normally.

⦁ How much does it take to get all Event Exchange items or most of the Event Character cards in the shop – Depending on your luck with bonus units the math for the AP needed will be around 8000 AP so about 70+ full AP potions. NOTE: One thing to keep in mind if you are going for a lot of event points and burning through AP potions the event missions have a reward for 10 or even 40 AP Potions for getting a certain amount of Event Points. You can use that to possibly help make your decision if you want to make the grind.

05 – Power Leveling

Nether Hospital Muscle HP Item Trick

One power leveling trick, that can be very time consuming to get, but once you have it then it can help immensely early to mid game is getting the number of defeated units(when your unit gets killed in battle) to 5000 for the rewards in the Nether Hospital. This will reward you with Muscle HP Items with the last one, the Muscle Dream, giving around 160,000 HP! This can help the survivability from level 1 units to units in your main party for quite a while and is even better when leveled up through the item world.


One very useful trick is if you equip your high HP Muscle items on a unit such as Noel or the Nemophilia Monster then they have an Evility where it will heal all allies for a % of their max HP. This can give you close to a full heal each turn depending on your lineup!

Now getting to 5000 character deaths can be a grind and will probably take about 5 hours if you play a stage, such as a high level item in the Item World, where you characters will die in one round. I recommend using something like 5 lvl 1 prinnies with no equipment on them. Having Auto, 4x speed, and skip animations on also speeds the process up. Please Note: the high damage will not apply to the “Damage Taken” rewards in the Nether Hospital.

Prism Rangers

One of the best units, believe it or not, is a free unit that you can get from farming Main Story missions and that is the Prism Ranger! The main reason to use them is they have a skill called “Friend Power!” that gives you a +25% attack bonus for 3 rounds, and also goes up to 40% on higher skill level. Attack bonuses stack in this game so you can add as many as you can to increase your attack power! This will not help Int based units such as Mages but you want to use a AOE Physical Unit, such as Desco, who can wipe out a wave in one attack with buffs, even 500+ levels above them!

This takes some planning with your SP and the order of when each unit goes. Take note of your parties speed for each unit and you want the Prism Rangers to go before them to buff your AOE attacker. For example if your Desco has a speed of 49 then you want the Prism Ranger to have a speed of at least 50. If your units need SP try to see if you can land Team Attacks with faster units for the +5 SP. There are also some units such as Noel with -% SP costs or units that give +SP to certain type of weapon units as the turn starts. Also if you can get some AOE Skills to lvl 25 they only cost 20 SP and you get +10 SP each turn. Units such as New Years Rozalin helps too with her +100 action gage so if you have her in your party that helps your team wipe out the enemy each wave before they attack.

Note there a different colors of Prism Rangers and there are 2-3 specific colors that are recommended for power leveling which are Prism Ranger Indigo, Prism Ranger Orange, and Prism Ranger Blue. Note: different color units are important in this game as for monster they can have different sub evilities as well as later on there will be a special event where you can only use a unit once per day that does not include color variations.

Prism Ranger Indigo is recommended as he has a sub evility that gives the ally that goes after him +15% attack for 2 turns. That adds on top of the other attack buffs. Prism Orange is recommended as he starts with a 60 base speed and also has access to the Enfeeble debuff (-20% attack power on 1 unit). Prism Ranger Blue is also very useful as he comes with a +4% Speed buff (about +2 speed), to humanoids only, and that can make a difference against some speedy enemies to the EXP fish! These units are easy to farm to NE 10 but be sure to equip high defense items on them as they are still weak. They do get stronger the more humanoids in the party. You can farm Prism Indigo by playing the Mission Story on Easy Difficulty, Main Story Ep 6, Claw Mark of the Tyrant Area, and After the History Lesson Stage 6. Prism Orange is farmed on Easy Difficulty, Main Story Ep 5, The Sinful End Area, and Tyrant Vs Hero Stage 9. Prism Blue is farmed on Easy Difficulty, Main Story Ep 1, Storming the Dark Assembly Area, and The Final Assualt Stage 6.

06 – Best Main Story Farming Spots

Credit to DesuSnow for finding the below image for the best farming spots to spend your AP to get things like Prinnies for Awakening Material and farming Shining Reinc. Gems outside the Dark Gates.

07 – Item World Tips

The Item World is one of the best spots to play in the game, not only for free AP, but right now it is the best place to get higher ranked items so your high level units can keep up with damage and defense of higher level content. The current shop levels only sell items you can rank up in the Dark Assembly to lvl 17 in Easy, lvl 23 from completing normal Difficulty. They way you can higher rank items is to receive item drops from defeating Item Generals every 10 stages of the Item World. Every item that drops from a chest from an Item General, note they have a chance to be a rare or legend class, will be 1 rank higher. For example if you are in a rank 20 Prinny Stick then the chest will contain, at random, a rank 21 weapon or armor. There is a current trick that helps ensure you get a chest from an item level besides using a +chest drop% team.

The trick for guaranteeing that you get a chest requires you to get to a 10th level stage of an item, not playing on auto, and clearing the first 2 waves. Then once wave 3 starts focus your attacks on the Item General, or kill some of the other enemies so its just the Item General and one enemy left, and then kill the Item General. If you kill only the Item General and you do not see a chest drop then you can click the menu button, then settings, give up, then yes, and retry which allows you to play the level over again getting back to kill the Item General again to see if there is a chest drop. If the chest drops then you can finish killing the rest of the enemies and see what item you got! Use this trick to get as far as you can in higher ranked items to keep getting higher tiers of weapons and armor to make quite a difference in your units stats.


08 – Character Tier Lists

I saved this section for last as Tier Lists can be important for Min/Maxing to try to plan what units you are investing in according to what is released in the Japan DisgaeaRPG, which is a year ahead of us. However a lot factors into what units you get. Such as you may have got enough units to NE 10 a “B” unit such as Etna but you may never have rolled an S Unit such as Desco or SS New Years Rozalin. NE level plays a factor in your character strength if you are trying to tackle higher content as some Sub-Evilities you unlock can be very important for Team Strategies and the +30% Stat boosts your character strength quite a bit. For example I only have a NE 1 Valvatorez and even though he is the same level as my main team he does not have as much of an impact as a NE 6 Valvatorez companion with the self heal and stat boosts. So use the Tier list to help plan your units out if you would like but don’t feel like you can’t play the higher content if you don’t have 5 SS Tier Ranked Characters!

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