[Counter:Side] Comprehensive Gear Guide

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Old Gear Guide: https://arca.live/b/counterside/19441390 (written at 2021/1/6)
New Gear Guide: https://arca.live/b/counterside/25632803 (written at 2021/5/22)
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Last Update: 2021/06/07

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Article Translated by Nira
from User Discord Community
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Gear set for endgame example here
Counter:Side Guide Translation – Endgame Gear Setting Example (For Pro)



  1. Set option ← Most important
  2. Cooldown (= Skill haste) ← The best option
  3. Generally used set options (Check Part 1 – Section 6)
    1. Dealers: Shadow Hall Set, Cooldown- Set, ASPD Set
    2. Tankers: HP, DEF Set
    3. Supporters: Cooldown- Set
  4. Farm your gears from Shadow Hall
    (when it comes to SEA… Before that, keep on raid, gauntlet, events)
  5. Some exclusive gears are very handy
  6. Use set binaries on endgame gears

Part 1. Basic knowledge about gears

1. How to equip gear?

Go Menu – Management – Select you character

One Weapon / One Armor / Two Accessory (2nd accessory unlocks at full limit break)

2. How to read gear spec?

(1) Gear Rank (장비등급)

  • You can distinguish it with background color
  • N R SR SSR exists
  • Certain set options only appear from SR and SSR gears

(2) Gear Tier (장비티어)

  • T1 ~ T6, Higher is better
  • Tier affects to basic spec of gear

(3) Gear Upgrade (장비강화수치)

  • +0 (not upgraded) to +10
  • Normally +5 or +6 are recommended
  • Ofc higher upgrade has higher spec, but from +5, it takes lots of materials to upgrade


(4) Options

Main Option (Fixed Option): Option differs to which part it is

Purple Option: Fixed sub optionYou can’t change this options
Yellow Option: Changeable sub optionYou can change it from Gear Tuning
Set option: Most important optionSet option gives higher spec up when it is completed

Sometimes you need to use lower tier equipments to make set option activated

3. Priority

1st: Set option

  • Be sure to make them activated
  • You need to composite 2 or 4 gears with same set options to activate it

2nd: Changeable option

  • These options differ to equipments, but normally Ground DMG, Ground DMG RES, Skill Haste are considered important

3rd: Rank and Tier

4. Type of Gears

Normal gears (Dante, Alex, Bronze, Silver, Hammington series)

  • You can get them by crafting or item drop
  • Usage: Take empty slots when you compose set

Raid gears (Superconducting a.k.a. Sc series)

  • You can get molds by purchasing raid point from shop, and then craft
  • 1st option is always fixed as CRIT DMG
  • Usage: Take empty slots when you compose set

<Image: Sc gears always have CRIT DMG as first sub op>

Shadow Hall gears (Spectral series)

  • You can get molds by purchasing shadow point from shop, and then craft
    (Shadow hall is not in SEA yet)
  • These equips have different set options and sub options with others
  • Usage: currently (as of Jan 2021) one of dealer’s best equipments

Season gears (Maze, Gordius, Hummingbird series)

  • The best equipments you can get from several contents (Gauntlets, Events, Support battles [격전지원, the term is not fixed yet])
  • Maze: Has fixed option with Ground DMG or Ground DMG RES
  • Gordius: Has fixed option with DMG RES for long distance attack
  • Hummingbird: 1st option: Anti-Far / Anti-Near DMG RES

<Image: Maze set>


5. Character exclusive gear

You can get character exclusive gear from counter case
(Opens at #5 cases for each character, need full limit break and Lv 100)

Check Part 3 for exclusive gears in real use

6. Generally Recommended Gear Set

(1) Dealer

  • Spectral Bullet (ATK 10% + HIT 10%)
  • Spectral Chain (ATK 10% + CRIT 10%)

Using Shadow gears’ high type DMG

Take Bullet+Bullet or Bullet+Chain

  • Cooldown- (Skill Haste 30%)
  • Spectral (ATK 16% + Skill Haste 12%)

For all dealers who concentrate on skill usage

(Maze Set, Against Stander[대적자] Set)

  • ASPD (+20%)
  • Spectral Blaze (ATK 16% + ASPD 8%)

For dealers with Basic attack main OR Enhanced attack with basic attack count

(2) Tanker

  • HP (+10%), DEF (+20%)

Take HP+HP or HP+DEF

DEF+DEF is not recommended

You can use EVA for Lee Yumi or Awakened Na Yubin



(3) Supporter

  • Cooldown- (Skill Haste 30%)
  • HP+HP

If you are out of Cooldown- set, use HP+HP instead to keep supporters alive

(4) Special usages

  • CRIT DMG (40%)
  • Spectral Smite (ATK 16%+CRIT DMG 16%)

They have CRIT 100% skills

  • Cooldown-

Some Tank / Deal-Tank uses Cooldown-

7. More Details on Set Options

<Image: Maze Hands(weapon) with Cooldown- option>

There are lots of options but usage are limited

Note that 4 set (requires 4 same set option items) are only available in SR and SSR gears

  • ATK (2): Commonly ok, until spectral set comes out
  • DEF (2) / HP (2): For tanks
  • EVA (2): viable for characters with high eva by default, such as Lee Yumi or Na Yubin (Awakened)
  • CRIT DMG (4): Rin can use it (she has 100% crit in Passive skill Lv 5)
    (NOTE: CRIT DMG and CRIT are different option)
  • ASPD (Attack Speed) (4): Alex, Yoo Mina (Awakened)
    but Yoo Mina (Awakened) uses Spectral Blaze set recently
  • Cooldown (4): Almost everyone uses it

<Image: Spectral case with Spectral set option>

Spectral set option

Obtainable from shadow hall, Also 4 set options are only available in SR and SSR

  • Spectral Bullet (2): ATK+HIT / Best options
  • Spectral Gear (2): ATK+EVA / Better than ATK set
  • Spectral Chain (2): ATK+CRI / can be used with Spectral Bullet
  • Spectral Smite (4): ATK+CRIT DMG / not good not bad
  • Spectral Blaze (4): ATK+ASPD / Good synergy with who has good passive with normal hit
  • Spectral Spirit (4): ATK+Cooldown / Best 4 set option set among Spectral

Other set options (Rarely used)


  • Anti-Striker, Anti-Defender, Anti-Ranger, Anti-Sniper, Anti-Siege, Anti-Supporter, Anti-Tower, CRIT
  • Anti- series are sometimes used in support battles (격전지원) to get higher score

8. Recommended Sub options

  • Weapons: Ground DMG, Skill Haste
  • Armors: Ground DMG RES, Skill Haste
  • Sub: Ground DMG, Skill Haste
  • You can use variable options following meta like Anti-Ranger DMG RES or Anti-Striker DMG, etc
  • Some characters with specific stats or skills (like Lin’s basic attack become CRIT 100% on Passive Skill Lv 5) makes other options useful (such as CRIT DMG, ASPD)

9. How to change options?

  • Sub Options: Workshop – Gear Tuning – Change Options
  • Requires Tuning Binary and credits
  • Set Options: Workshop – Gear Tuning – Change Set Option
  • Requires Set Binary and credits
NOTESet Binaries are very unique, hard to get, and expensive.
Don’t use Set Binary on Normal gears (Dante, Bronze, etc…) or Sc gearsJust use them for endgame gears like Maze, Gordius, Hummingbird
The most important options is Set Option