Tuesday, October 19, 2021

[Cookie Run: Kingdom] Quick Review & Guide for newbies

I just wanted to drop a quick and guide as someone who has spent about $$$ (I bought all the packages on sale so I’m embarrassed to list the amount I spent now lol) on [] Day One on what the economy is like for


Pretty decent there’s a couple of crystals only furnitures that grant you Soulstones daily you SHOULD get those first

For featured Gacha Promoting Espresso Cookie you are inmediately given an offer for a package with soulstones, at the moment those packages ARE NOT enough to promote featured cookie to next level, hoping we see a fix to this to make it easier to promote Featured Cookies

Mileage is good, if you really want to pull a certain Cookie you gather Soulstones, there’s a Mercy system where getting 20 Soulstones guarantees you get that cookie no matter what

I have confirmed that after you get a Cookie to 5 Stars Promotion you get excess mileage for pulling them duped but are still less likely to pull them in favor of new cookies (Featured Cookie Banner ignores this)


I’d recommend against wasting crystals to get tools and speedups, leveling up will give you offers for packages that give you lil speedup items that speeds up production save these for castle upgrades or really lengthy essential upgrades (Sugar Quarry is one I had to upgrade early on for a lot of other tools and Wish Tags)

Again, there ARE furniture that give you daily soulstones these are absolutely important try to get them first, other notable buildings to get is crit boosting building and production time building

Pay attention to Wish Tree requests There are certain Wish Tree requests that will ask for requests that expend items that are hard to make or take too long to make, if you wanna maximize gold gain don’t be afraid to refresh Wish Tags you feel are unfair or waste ingredients that you can use for more expensive Wishes

There is a Building that gives you a boost in Production Speed if you have the gold and Gnomes to spare its worth upgrading that building just to save some buildtime


Most of the power you will have from skill powders but early on its important to keep your cookie levels as high as you are able, there is a weekly package that gives you skill powders but you also get the chance to get skill powders from bounties so its up to you if you wanna spend

Cookie Houses are very important in gaining Cookie levels overtime so if possible you should max them all out and build as many as you can (I bought architect packages for solely this reason to save money in the long run but you are able to maximize them if you stick to Bear Trains and Wish Tags)

Try to do Bear Trains even if the items they request seem hard to make, Bear Trains often give better rewards than Wish Tree or can be stacked with the rewards on top of Wish Tree and you only need to focus on them every 3-6 hours

Balloon Expeditions are good for getting Topping so don’t forget to get those done

Promoting Cookies gives a massive boost sometimes a Rare Cookie will end up being more powerful than an epic because of their Promotion level

This is a preference thing but if you have spare crystals I would get each building you have to at least 5 free slots, its sped up a lot of building for me and lets me leave the game alone afk for longer (So I can play Ovenbreak coughcough)

Things to avoid using crystals/whale on:

-Do NOT use crystals for tools this is a massive waste especially early on -DO NOT USE CRYSTALS TO SKIP TIME use the skip clocks only preferably on cookie castle -As of now a lot of the daily packages aren’t really worth it so I wouldn’t bother

-Currently I’ve spent quite a number on Star Candy packages and I’ll say Cookie Houses are a lot better for Star Candies than the Weekly Packages if I’m honest so I would avoid those unless you absolutely need those cookie levels right right now for whatever reason

Good packages (For only):

-Monthly Packages and Season Passes are always good, currently (As of January) there’s a featured cookie package that gives you two free pulls with a guaranteed Epic

-The weekly Skill Powder packages are pretty cheap I got them just cos its a good deal

-Starter Packages All of them are very good and cheap

-Right now bounties are tedious and a waste of material imo so if u have spare money the architects dream package gives u 5 of each rainbow materials for cheap

-There’s a Treasure Pull package that gives you 5 free treasures and also an additional 5 treasures it’s a pretty good deal and very cheap if you haven’t gotten all the treasures yet

Overall thoughts f2p vs. p2w:

My friend managed to reach quite close to me storywise without spending a dime whaling mostly effects building aspects and greatly speeds things up i have a huge disparity between my friend in building so its more of a long term advantage

My cookies overall have more levels and promotions because I whaled which is good for the team buff but i cant say how much of a difference it makes, it seems like with a good comp you can still make it thru levels fine

Packages aren’t demanding Ovenbreak has the benefit of avoiding rng since there’s so many cookies but Cookie Kingdom doesn’t have any sort of versatility there even for featured cookie banners its not greedy but I hope in the future they make it easier to promote cookies as soulstones right now seem rather slow progression-wise while building is very fast for whales

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