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SLIME – ISEKAI Memories – Reroll Guide & Tier List (2021/12)

SLIME – ISEKAI Memories Global launched recently with 3 language options (English, Traditional Chinese & Korean), we’ve been been playing quite extensively and rerolled multiple times, in this guide we’ll aim to provide a brief Reroll guide & compile tier lists from different sources.

We’ve also recorded a gameplay video, totaling 32 draws here

11/2 Update

We finally managed to get a 5 Star Protection Character in a reroll, and then got 2 more in subsequent rolls….this is our current lineup:


How to Reroll?

SLIME – ISEKAI Memories provides a built-in mechanic for rerolling, when you don’t draw the cards that you want, you can simply quit the game, get to the starting screen, and click on the menu in the left hand corner, then “Delete Game Data”.

Then You’ll be able to start the game again and get to skip all in the introduction dialogues and battle tutorials to get to the first 10 draws!

Reroll Recommendations

Since SLIME – ISEKAI Memories have only just launched, many players are still testing the game, many tier lists are still fluctuating, we’ve taken into account various sources and combined it with our own play experience to make the following recommendations, so take it with a gran of salt.

There are two type of characters, Battle Characters & Protection Characters, there are more 5 star Battle characters, the best scenario would be able to get at least a 5 star Battle character & Protection character each, with matching attributes.

However, in reality, we’ve found that 5 star Protection characters are much harder to draw, and their abilities benefits your entire squad, therefore we recommended the priority should be in acquiring a 5 Star Protection Character, and the priority are as follows.

[The Storm Dragon] Veldora Tempest


[Golem] Elemental Colossus

[Starved] Orc Disaster

[Swimming Calamity] Charybdis

[The Bellicose Dragoneye] Milim Nava

[Burning Spirit] Ifrit

[The Fairy of the Labyrinth] Ramiris

If you’ve been unlucky like us and haven’t been able to draw a 5 Star Protection character, we recommend referring to the Tier Lists below and try to acquire at least 2 top 5 Star Battle characters.


Tier List (2021/12)

Since the game is extremely new, we’ve compiled the following lists from various sources for you, to assist you with your reroll considerations.

The game meta has progressed, quite a few new characters have been added and the tier list have changed quite significantly.

TL;DR List

Battle Characters

Tier 0
– [Queen of Yule] Luminus Valentine
– [The Seal Releaser] Veldora Tempest
– [the Proud Dragon Demon Lord] Milim Nava
– [Budding of Deep Green] Treyni
– [Chancellor of Tempest] Rimuru Tempest
– [Dragonoid] Milim Nava

Tier 1
– [Master of Maids] Rimuru Tempest
– [Awakened Demon Lord] Rimuru Tempest
– [Manifestation of the Dragon] Milim Nava
– [The Black Progenitor] Diablo
– [Arch Golem] Beretta
– [Steel Annihilator] Shion
– [Conqueror of Flames] Shizue Izawa
– [Spy in the Shadows] Souei
– [Harmonizer of Monsters and Humans] Rimuru Tempest
– [Holy Princess] Shuna
– [King of an Armed Nation] Gezel Dwargo
– [Instructor of the Flashing Sword] Hakurou

Tier 2
– [Samurai General of Hellfire] Benimaru
– [Tempest Star Wolf] Ranga
– [One of the Oldest Demon Lords] Milim Nava
– [Pink Ogre of Heavenly Light] Shuna

Tier EX
– [Golem Master] Alice Rondo
– [Crimson Ogre Warrior] Benimaru

Protection Characters

Tier 0
– [Golem] Elemental Colossus
– [Starved] Orc Disaster
– [The Storm Dragon] Veldora Tempest

Tier 1
– [Swimming Calamity] Charybdis
– [The Talented Secretary] Shion
– [The Fairy of the Labyrinth] Ramiris

Tier 2
– [The Faithful Housemaid] Shuna
– [Burning Spirit] Ifrit
– [The Bellicose Dragoneye] Milim Nava

The above lists are based on info from gamerch

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