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[World Flipper] Comprehensive Progression Guide For Newbies & Returning Players

Early Game

In the early game, focus should be set on leveling characters, unlocking their abilities and getting weapons.

Farming Green/Blue Mana 

These are an important resource for progressing as Blue Mana is used to level characters while Green Mana is used for unlocking ability nodes. Although farming this Stage early in order to progress quickly is tempting, the amount of mana dropped from these stages are abysmal. If possible, the best way to be farming these are to be farming Bells which will be explained in a later section.

Farming Elemental Materials 

The first method consists of farming these stages.

Similarly to the Green/Blue Mana, another method of obtaining Elemental Materials is from bosses by purchasing them using coins; however this method is limited to the amount within the boss shop. 

Farming Stars 

Currently, this is the most efficient way to farm stars. The plus side is that Tier 2, 3 and 4 Materials and Lab Weapons can drop.

Bell Raids

The bell icon at the upper left side of the screen allows you to join multiplayer raid and event battles. You can start receiving backup requests after clearing Chapter 1 of the main quest.

  • No Bells:
  • Bell request:


Useful Early Game Weapons 

As weapons play a huge role in the game by giving extra stats and abilities, you should aim to obtain these weapons as soon as possible in order to make your progression smoother within the Early – Mid game.

Chapter Orbs

*Only Useful for Demon Race Enemies*

Lab Weapons 

Non EX Weapons

Mid Game

Farming EX Coop

Now that you survived the early game, this is the part where the grind fest truly begins.

Progression Map

*  This is merely a guide on how to progress through EX bosses and you do not need to follow the map exactly.

Credits to WF JP Discord

Estimated Farming Time

Assuming you get 5 Purple tokens per run, a single maxed weapon will require at least 150 runs which is about 2,700 stamina.  Time spent will differ due to comps and teammates however a safe estimate would be 2 – 3 minutes per run which adds up to about 7.5 hours per maxed weapon.


Quick Guide to EX Weapons

This weapon guide is based on the overall usability of the weapon in different . What characters you own may affect which weapons take priority so make sure to check which weapon best suits the team you are going for before buying them.   

General Progression

Power Flip / Direct Attack

Skill DMG

Power Flip 

Skill DMG

General Progression

General Progression

Ability Damage

Light Fever





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Collection Tracker / Eliya-Bot
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Wasuku Wiki

Do not use this if you are still unsure with Team Building *!

Author: Neмι#0420, Pecan Of Pies#8173, Crimson#7064, Dryste#9068
Source: Discord EN

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