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[World Flipper] Comprehensive Progression Guide For Newbies & Returning Players

About the Guide

As this [World Flipper] guide is focused on guiding beginners / returning players on how to progress through the game, not all game mechanics / points will be covered in depth. For further questions like team compositions, please ask them in the #questions of the EN Discord.

Feedback is welcome so send suggestions via Discord @Neмι#0420

Contents include :

  1. Key Game Mechanics
  2. Early Game Progression
  3. Mid Game Progression 
  4. Late Game Content

Key Game Mechanics

Leaders, Mains and Unisons

Leader Buff

The first character in a party is set as the leader. Their leader buff will affect all characters that fulfill the conditions in your party. 

Main and Unison 

When a main character uses a skill, their unison character’s skill will also activate. In battle, their skill weights will be averaged. Abilities from the Unison Unit (Sub Unit) also take effect however abilities with [Main] are not active when put in Unison (Sub Slot)

Using Wagner as an example, when placed in Unison, only Ability 3 will not take effect. 

Weapon Souls

← Use weapon souls here

Souls can be equipped onto units and provide a weakened effect of the original weapon. Only Souls equipped on the main units take effect. 

Power Flip 

Power Flips occur when a certain amount of combo is reached. The style of the Power Flip is based on the Leader’s Role.

SwordDamages all enemies near the leader while moving. Radius of the power flip increases according to level.
Melee (Fist)Deals extra damage against the first enemy hit. Number of hits and damage increases according to level.
Shooting (Bow)Attacks straight ahead in your launch direction. Gains more beams as level increases with increasing width.
SupportGrant Pierce, Float, and ATK Up buffs to all party members.Duration of buffs increases according to level.
(Lv. 3: Deals damage to all enemies on the screen)
SpecialDamages all enemies surrounding the first enemy hit. Radius of the power flip increases according to level.


The level of the Power Flip can be seen from the colour of the flipper which changes accordingly, starting from Red going into,

Yellow (Lv. 1, 9-combo) > Green (Lv. 2, 15-combo) > Blue (Lv. 3, 39-combo).

At Lv. 3, your characters’ next flip will be a Perfect Flip, which grants a bonus to the Power Flip attack’s effect.

DMG Types and DMG Formula

Currently, there are 4 DMG types: 

  • Skill Damage
  • Powerflip 
  • Direct Attack
  • Ability  

These DMG types have one thing in common which is that they scale from ATK + their own buff (eg. skill scales from ATK and skill dmg buffs).

All of the ATK and relevant DMG buffs are additive with each other. (E.g. if a character has +100% SD and +100% SD from 2 abilities they will have a total of +200% SD). However, ATK is multiplicative with each of the different buffs. Thus, a +100% atk and +100% SD will give a total of +300% on final dmg instead of +200%.

Simplified DMG Formula: (Base ATK)*(1+ATK%)*(1+DMG_Types%)

This means that when building a team, it’s usually best to balance ATK and the other DMG buffs instead of just having one of the two.


When the Fever Gauge is full, Fever Mode will activate, granting certain effects that vary based on the boss. Fever Gauge increases when the boss takes continuous damage, but decreases when no damage is being dealt.

The abilities and skills that increase fever without % add a flat number to the fever bar. 

E.g Inaho’s Abi 2

The Max Fever Gauge value also differs from boss stages, which makes fever strategies more viable on certain bosses then others.


The charge speed of the Skill Gauge is based on the amount of movement during battle, and the amount of movement needed to fill a character’s Skill Gauge depends on their Skill Weight.

Key Buffs

From the various buffs that are in the game, some synergize better with certain units and weapons.

Examples of these would be:

  • Penetration: Essential for teams that want to avoid bumping into enemies (e.g. Direct Attack). Also has synergy with certain character abilities (e.g. Veron) and weapons (e.g. Malte).
  • Float: Used to preserve combo by not triggering Power Flip. Mostly commonly used within wind combo teams.

Multi Hit 

Increases the amount of direct attacks a character can deal at a time, boosting their total damage. 

E.g. Multi hit (x2/20%) means that the character will do 2 hits per attack that gives overall 20% more Direct Attack DMG.



Allows characters to pass through enemies instead of bouncing off of them.


Characters will not decelerate or fall. Renders them immune to Gravity Field, Wind, and Tornado enemy effects during battle.

Attack Power 

ATK Up increases attack strength, ATK Down lowers it. 

* An enemy’s ATK cannot be lowered below 50%.

Direct Attack Damage

Damage dealt by direct attacks increases or decreases.

Skill Damage 

Increases or decreases skill damage.

Power Flip Damage

Increases or decreases damage dealt by Power Flips.

Down/Break Punisher 

Increases or decreases damage when the enemy is in DOWN / Break mode.


Absorbs damage done to characters while Barrier (Blue Bar) is active.

Skill Chains

When another player uses a skill, by following it up with a skill of your own within a certain timeframe, you will start a skill chain. From a 4-Chain to the maximum 9-Chain, damage will be dealt based on the number of chained skills once the chain ends. Any skill will contribute to the chain, even if it doesn’t deal damage. The same skill used by different players will also count as separate instances.

When all raid members use their skills, Instant Chain occurs. This works even if the raid contains 9 or less members but a minimum of 4 is still required.

The damage multiplier from a 4-Chain is 1.4x (+40%), and increases by .1x (+10%) per additional chain. Skills beyond a 9-Chain will be queued for the next chain.

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