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State of Survival: Starting Guide for Newbies

I’ve not yet seen a complete and elaborative guide for despite it being one of the harder “settlement building” game offers. With no money spent, I finished this offer in roughly 3 weeks. This offer has appeared on numerous offerwalls, with two main variations: reach HQ Level 21, and reach HQ Level 25. I’d say that Level 25 is not worth your time and, depending on the time constraint by the offerwall, is flat out impossible. The Level 21 offer will often credit at Level 20, it did for me, but going to Level 25 would easily take another 2 weeks. By the time you get to the late teens and early 20s, upgrade times becomes 2-3 IRL days. Going to 25 would probably add another 2 weeks to your playtime.

State of Survival is a settlement building game with zombie survival as the theme. Much like Rise of Kingdoms or Kings of Avalon, you must manage a compound/settlement with numerous building that need to be upgraded to improve your power. You must use your troops to gather resources to complete upgrades, which vary in how long they will take to complete. The higher the level of upgrade is, the more resources it will cost and the more time it will take to upgrade. Compared to these other games, State of Survival is by far the hardest of them. It has wait times longer than other games, gives you very few speedups, and has extra demands to upgrade your buildings.

To start off, you will go through a tutorial that explains several buildings to you, each of which serve a different function. The Headquarters is the main building and the one you must consistently upgrade to unlock the ability to upgrade your other buildings. The Hero Precinct is the secondary building, it has to be upgraded every level in order to further upgrade the headquarters. The Barracks, Range, and Garage all build different types of troops, which will need to be upgraded as often as possible. The Research lab is for unlocking new tech, especially tech that speeds up construction times and increases resource haulage.

The other buildings, such as farms, lumberyards, the warehouse, tower, serve different functions but are not essential to upgrade besides for your Prosperity. Prosperity is a measure of “how prosperous” your settlement is, which you can increase by upgrading buildings. If you lack a high enough level of prosperity you cannot upgrade your buildings, so routinely upgrading all buildings in the order of Important —> Semi-important —> random buildings is important.

While you finish the tutorial, you will be introduced to your “Heroes.” These are essentially Generals/Commanders and storyline characters that lead your troops to gather resources on the map or perform certain missions. You will need to rank these heroes up with mission drops, in order to clear out different portions of your settlement. This will eventually unlock all of the buildings, as some start off outside your settlement and must be cleared and repaired. Resources in this game come in numerous categories; Food, Wood, Metal, Fuel, and Biocaps.

Metal and fuel unlock in later levels. Resource piles exist in the wilderness for all resources except Biocaps. Biocaps are a “premium” resource you can only get through missions or purchases. There are also missions at the Intel Post, which looks like a radar. You can send your troops and Heroes to these missions for resources. These missions also give you resource packs, which are stored in your inventory and can be used as needed to give you resources. Biocaps are only given like this. Missions come in different forms, but you will either need to send troops or send heroes. Sending heroes means you need to clear the level like an actual game, using them to fight zombies. Missions may also grant speedups.

You will need to use resources to train troops, who will gather more resources to upgrade buildings, research tech, and make more troops. Once you’ve gotten past the initial setup, you can begin a very simple routine to grind resources;

  1. Complete as many intel missions as possible, both troop and hero
  2. Send your troops out to gather resources.
  3. Use resources to do upgrades, research tech, make more troops
  4. Send your troops back out when they return, every few hours

This is the basic formula of the game. You can expect to spend, overall, 20-30 minutes a day interacting with this game; 10-15 to complete intel missions and 2 minutes every several hours to send your troops back out for resources. There are so many complexities that you’ll figure out as you play, but if you follow that daily grind you’ll finish in roughly 3 weeks. It may have taken me slightly longer because I made some mistakes and did things wrong since I learned from scratch, so YRMV.

Bonus Tips:

-Don’t use your biocaps for anything but buying the second building slot, it is crucial to have
-Check the various events to see if you can receive resources or speedups
-Speed ups come in various types, but the important are construction and generic. Save these until Level 19 and use them on the final headquarters upgrade
-Zombies can raid your settlement, which is represented by them gathering at your gate. You can simply tap them to eliminate them.
-If zombies do raid your settlement, it will make the Prosperity very low. Simply build 4 traffic lights (40 biocaps each) to restore full Prosperity within several hours, instead of several IRL days.
-Join an alliance and teleport to them with the free alliance territory teleporter. They can offer protection and assistance
-Try to find high level resource piles. They come from 1 to 8 with the level increasing as you go further towards the center of the map. The higher the level of the pile, the more resources and longer it takes to gather, so you can interact with the game less and gather more resources
-Follow the storyline chapters, missions, and daily quests for speedups and resources
-Contribute to alliance resource, you will get alliance store coins which can be used to buy speedups with
-You can upgrade your chief level (your account level) by consuming Chief XP resource packs, which you get from missions and daily quests. You will receive talent points which can be used in the “economics” tab of the talent menu to upgrade construction speed and resource haulage (the time it takes to gather resources from a pile)

I hope this guide is able to help some of you. Sorry if it is scattered or long-winded. Good luck

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