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: How to keep your troops safe?

As you have probably noticed, it’s pretty easy to lose your troops from an attack. Well, what if I told you it almost as easy to keep your troops safe and sound while you’re away? In this guide, we’ll learn all about protecting troops.

1. The cheapest way to keep troops safe is to hide them in your blast shelter.

This building has the capability of holding one full march worth of your troops inside for up to eight hours. Simply select which troops you would like to keep safe, as well as how long you would like them hidden.

Blast Shelter

2. There are also ways where you can spend Biocaps or alliance funds to purchase a peace flare, also known as a shield. These will come in handy when you have more troops than you can fit in a march.

A shield will put a green “ bubble” around your base keeping your Headquarters safe from attacks and recons. See the picture below to be able to recognize what a ‘shielded” base looks like.

Peace Flare

Peace flares come in different time lengths and can be purchased in several different ways. The first way I’ll show is how to purchase using biocaps. They can be purchased in lengths of 2,8, and 24 hours.

Click on your Headquarters, select settlement buffs, and then click peace flares where the available options are listed.

Note: you can acquire up to 5 charged peace flares for free (1 every 7 days).

The next way to purchase a peace flare is by using your alliance store funds.

Head into your alliance store, where you will be able to purchase a 2 hour or 8 hour shield. You will need to ask your alliance leader or R4’s to stock them. This flare will be placed in your backpack under “war”, where you will have to activate it.

Alliance Store

3. If you find yourself under attack and you don’t own or have access to a peace flare, you can try a couple of different tricks to keep your troops safe.

The first way is to send troops to an alliance member who is currently shielded. When doing this, be sure to check with your teammate to see how long their shield will be activated. Simply click on your teammates’ settlement and select reinforce.

4. The last example I’ll provide is making a “fake rally”.

Troops in a rally are unable to be attacked. Find your target you wish to set a rally on, click and select rally. Then it’s just a matter of selecting an amount of troops and length of rally. This method is best if you have an enemy march coming to attack your Headquarters and don’t have flares to use or are unable to use one.

Troops are our most valuable commodity in this game. Without our troops, we can’t gather resources, defend our base, or zero that annoying guy from that one alliance. Keep your troops safe by any means necessary or become a farm, it can be as simple as that.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the battlefield.

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