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[Punishing: Gray Raven] Newbie Guide, what’s worth investing in?

Memory Recommendations

Last but certainly not least, the memories, first of all don’t invest in anything below 5-Star memories, as for the five sub memories they are for the most part place holders for 6-Star memories so don’t invest too heavily into them either.

Increasing the level of memories does not strengthen the set effect, it only increases the stats gained from equipping them, so off-field tanks and supports have no priority for leveled memories, to reiterate you prioritize your resources towards your DPS units.

Now let’s go over the memories starting with the 5-Stars

5-Star Memories

5-Star Support Memories

The 5-Star support memories: Groda, Richelieu, Samantha and Voltaire are all usable long term this is because there aren’t enough 6-Star support memories to fill all the memory slots on a team, where the tank and support are always off field and are only there to provide debuffs, buffs and healing, keep one 2-set of the physical memories Richelieu and Voltaire, and two to three 2-Sets of the elemental memories Grota and Samantha around, they have no priority to be leveled.


5-Star DPS Memories

The three 5-Star DPS memories: Eiffu, Erwin and Ekko are all placeholders for 6-Star memories, Eiffu is the 5-Star version of Hana, and Erwin the 5-Star version of Barton, you’ll be replacing both and neither has any long-term viability whatsoever.

Ekko is the universal 5-star memory for all elemental units, you can slap this on any elemental DPS you have and it’ll do its job, because of this versatility you can keep one 4-set around and invest into it a bit but again it’s only a placeholder for the optimal 6-Star elemental sets.


Skill 1– Increase all damage by 2% and elemental damage 4%

Skill 2 – There’s a 15% chance to Burn, Shock, Freeze, and Corrode(depending on the element). Lasts for 5s with a cooldown of 8s on each enemy

The Mozart set has no use, ignore it, that’s all the non event five star memories.

6-Star Memories

Moving on to the 6-Star memories, not all of these will be available at launch, knowing what’s to come is important for deciding what to acquire and invest into though, therefore the 6-Star memory section will contain the memories released in the first two patches as well.

Side note: if you want to awaken slash liberate a character, you need two extra memories per memory equipped, a recommended 4-Set means you need 12 memories of that set to awaken liberate the characters they are equipped to.


6-Star DPS Memories

We will start with the DPS sets in no particular order, remember you always want to max out DPS equipment if it’s used.

Heisen is the lightning DPS set, it’s the default set for A-Lucia and later on S-Bianca, S-Bianca arrives in the patch after Dark Watanabe, you will level this set sooner or later, either now for A-Lucia or when S-Bianca arrives, use this as a 4-Set.

Shakespeare is the fire dps set, the only fire unit worth leveling this for is S-Karenina if you don’t have her, no need to invest.

Frederick is the dodge set, this is the burst set for characters with clearly defined burst , piloting the set requires more game knowledge and skill when it comes to burst windows and spending your limited dodges, great payout if played correctly. Burst Alpha runs this as a 4-Set, other characters can run it as a 2-Set.

Hana is unique, it increases your three orb skill damage and gives you more of them, very strong set, used on S-Kamui and A-Karenina as a 4-Set, get a lot of these because S-Lucia later on also uses this as a 4-Set.

Darwin increases your damage with skill orbs used, your main damage usually stems from using skill orbs, get a lot of Darwin pieces because it’s faster to name the DPS that don’t run this as a 2-Set.

Adolf decreases the amount of energy needed for Signature Moves(a character’s ultimate) and increases energy gain from using skill orbs, not as versatile as Darwin, but can still be used on a lot of characters.

It’s mandatory as a 2-Set on A-Lucia because she wants 100% uptime on her signature move, S-Karenina can also run 2-Set Adolf to get effect, not a priority but a nice to have set.

Condolina is a very niche set, focusing on basic attacks, the only relevant character that runs this is S-Bianca because her core passive counts as a basic attack, even then it’s not optimal just the easier to play option, optimal for S-Bianca is a 2-Set of Frederick.

Basilone the dark DPS set, it’s used on and released with Dark A-Watanabe, after Alpha‘s patch Dark Watanabe will be the core DPS for the dark team for a while, he’s an A-rank and obtainable from the patch’s event so you’re guaranteed to get him.

You want four pieces of this set, consider preparing memory level up and upgrade material before Dark Watanabe‘s patch drops

Barton is the set for physical DPS units and should be released together with Alpha, it’s the best set for S-Lee and other physical DPS like A-Watanabe and A-Bianca, it’s one of the two sets for Alpha, focusing on consistent damage rather than her burst.


Personally I’d recommend playing Alpha for her burst though so with the Frederick set you use Barton as a 4-Set sinceas far as i can tell there will be no physical DPS focus set at launch, I recommend using Hana in the meantime to bridge the gap, as i said before you want a lot of Hana sets anyway, that’s it for the DPS sets.

6-Star Healer, Buffer, Debuffer Memories

The only remaining memories are healer, buffer and debuffer memories.

Da vinci is always used as a 4-Set and makes the unit a QTE bot, every three unit team wants a QTE bot, so you want at least one 4-Set per complete team, level this after your DPS since that character equipped with this will QTE attack a lot.

Einstein & Katherine have the same effect, but Einstein is for elemental and Katherine for physical , they are both used as a 2-Set if equipped on an off-field debuffer, there is no priority to raise them. They are also used by secondary DPSes like S-Kamui, in which case you want to level them get one 2-Set of Katherine for your physical team and one 2-Set of Einsteinper elemental team.

Guinea & Ferret also have the same effect, but Guinea is for elemental healers and Ferret for physical healers, one 2-Set per healer, no leveling priority.


and now the tl:dr version:


Invest into A-Karenina, B-Liv, A-Liv and B-Nanami, A-Lucia as well if you want to start the lightning team early, additionally raise whatever S-Ranks you have, only applies to S-Nanami if you have S-Karenina


Invest into the highest star weapon you can give your DPS, don’t bother with anything below 4-Star.


  • Keep one 2-set of the 5-star memories: Samantha, Richelieu, Groda and Voltaire around
  • 1-2 the 6-Star memories: Katherine, Ferret for your physical teams, a few 2-Sets of Einstein and Guinea for elemental teams, one 4-Set of Davinci per team
  • Invest into support and healer memories if you need the stats
  • Invest into the core DPS sets for your DPS units as well as a lot of Darwin‘s

This guide is based on videos by Whiskey Titan

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