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[My Hero Academia Ultra Impact] Memory Guide & Effects Compliation


Today we’re going to talk about memories in [My Hero Academia Ultra Impact], we’re going to talk about how to equip them, we’ve also compiled a list of UR, SR & R Memories and their effects.

How to get memories?

First let’s go ahead and go over how to actually get memories, the most obvious way is through summons, because in summonings you’re able to get characters and also memories so they’re on the same banner,

In the closed beta they did have one or two memories that you can actually obtain via missions which is this button right here, you can attain it through missions as you’re playing the game so there are probably going to be a few free ones that you can get here left and right, and probably going to be like events in the game that you can actually specifically get like a specific like SR memory or something from as well.

So you know there probably will be various free ways to get memories that’s not always going to be locked behind a summon, and I’m sure maybe we’ll get like a freebie type you know memory banner that maybe uses gold or something that’ll be pretty cool to actually have as well.

How to equip memories?

Go the character screen which is the second button, right next to the home button, click on the first option on the left (team formation), and then underneath each of your characters, you can see the different memories you can attach.

You’re probably going to hear me call these equipments a lot because memories is kind of like equipment, it’s like a glorified equipment type thing right so that’s kind of what i’m kind of referring to him as, just kind of give a more generic term for people that you know aren’t like what is a memory like

You can actually sell them make sure to make sure you’re not selling ones that you can use to limit break first, go ahead and limit break ones that you can use the dupes for and then if you have extra dupes go ahead and sell them, get those blue coins and some gold back and then uh you can lower your inventory, back down so you don’t go over capacity right so there’s that as well

That’s pretty much how memories work, there’s not much more memories do other than give you stat boosts, give you an extra little passive, increase depending on what the passive does and then you can train them and then limit break them with dupes and that’s pretty much it

Tags to search for:
Pro Hero
League of Villains
U.A. Teacher
U.A. Student
1-A Student
Big 3

Skill, Power, Knowledge, Faith, Destruction Image under shows types in order

Terms to search for
At the start of the WAVE…
When equipped/At the start of battle…
If your team has a…
(Self), (Enemy), “all allies”

UR Memory

Memory ArtMemory NameMemory Effect
You can be a HeroIf equipped to a Power type, +35% ATK. Give yourself a 1 hit Barrier
Voice called by a friendIf your team has a “1-A Student” ally, +20% CRIT RT, +30% ATK
Lend me your strenghtFill PU Gauge by 50%. When HP is 50% or less, Auto Heal 10% HP every turn for 3 turns (once only)
Girls TalkIf equipped to a “Female” unit, +20% Max HP. Skills deal 40% addtional damage
The Heroes of the futureIf equipped to a “Male” unit, +20% CRIT RATE & ATK

Memory ArtMemory NameMemory Effect
Explosive opening!!Give yourself High Field for 3 turns. If equipped to a “1-A Student” unit, fill PU Gauge by 20%
Big 3 of U.A.If equipped to a Skill type, +35% ATK. If equipped to a “U.A. Student” unit, +20% SPD
Smoke Signaling WarFill PU Gauge by 20%. If equipped to a “Villain” unit, +20% CRIT RATE
Esuha City PatrolIf equipped to a Faith type, +35% ATK. Give yourself a 1 hit Barrier
We are here!Fill PU Gauge by 30%. If equipped to a “Pro Hero” unit, +20% ATK

Memory ArtMemory NameMemory Effect
Conflicting idealsIf equipped to a Destruction type, +35% ATK. If equipped to a “Villain” unit, +20% SPD
Special OperationIf equipped to a Knowledge type, +35% ATK. When HP is 50% or less, +20% SPD
It’s your turnWhen HP is 20% or less, fill PU Gauge by 80% for all allies, give yourself Grit for 1 turn (once only)
Threat in their wayWhen equppied to a “Hero” unit, +30% CRIT RT. When equipped to a “U.A. Teacher”, Skills deal 30% additional damage
Longing for BattleFill Plus Ultra Gauge by 50%. If your team has a “Pro Hero” ally, Skills deal an additional 30% damage

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