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Figure Fantasy – Lineup Recommendation Guide (Ignition/Frost/Summon)

Please find our Lineup Recommendation Guide for Figure Fantasy below, we’ll provide different lineups such as Frost Team, Ignition Team, and Summon Team, the core figurines of each lineup, and the TL;DR lineup, the recommendation is based on the Traditional Chinese Meta, we’ll continue to add more lineups.

For a starting guide, please refer to: Figure Fantasy – Starter Guide & FAQ (F2P Perspective) | Tier List

Ignition Team

Ignition Team is quite useful in early game, and can still be useful up to about mid game. Let’s see core members below:



Rie‘s Ultimate ‘Midsummer Blossoms’ attacks a random enemy 6 times, and does extra 40% of Rie‘s ATK burn damage, 9 times at Lv. 3, also has a 15% chance to stun an ignited enemy, this is the core damage output of the Ignition Team, good for both single and multiple enemies.



Zhou Yu

Zhou Yu‘s Ultimate ‘Age of Prosperity’ heals all team members, boosts their ATK speed by 80%, leeches 20% health at Lv. 3, and most importantly ignites all enemies for 5 seconds. This can does massive AOE damage when paired with Rie.

Sanada Yukimura (GALATEA)

Sanada Yukimura

The impressive tank of Sanada Yukimura, his Ultimate ‘Blood Slash’ deals damage in a fan-shaped area in front of him and ignites them for 8 seconds, while leeching 54% of the damage dealt, while his Passive ‘Crimson Realm’ counterattacks when attacked, and restores energy with the counterattack. You can keep counterattacking if you increase his accuracy, and can self-heal with his Ultimate’s leeching ability.

Akechi Mitsuhide (GALATEA)

Akechi Mitsuhide

Akechi Mitsuhide‘s normal attack has a chance to ignite the enemy, while his Passive ‘Regicide’ ignites the enemies in the same line (all enemies at Lv. 3) for 12 seconds in the beginning of the battle, and reduces all enemies’ burn resist by 25%.


Yamazaki (TENMA)


Yamazaki‘s normal attack will 100% crit after 3 hits, his Ultimate ‘Metal Stream’ attacks the last enemy in the same line, and does 30% extra burn damage if target is ignited, and increases crit. rate & crit. damage.

Irina (TENMA)


Irina‘s Ultimate ignites the enemies in the same line, and if ignited enemies are defeated, deals damage to units around them. Passive ‘Tentacle Strike’ will attack target with lowest HP every 8 seconds, deals large amount of damage and ignites for 5 seconds.

Opheilia (LET’S RED)


Opheilia‘s Ultimate ‘Megane Girl’ targets the enemy with lowest health, boosts ATK by 8% for each enemy defeated and continues to strike, does 30% extra damage to ignited enemies.

TL;DR Ignition Team Lineup

We recommend the following members for the lineup

Zhou Yu
Sanada Yukimura
Akechi Mitsuhide

Which constitutes a complete lineup of 1 tank, 1 vanguard, 1 helper, 1 specialist, and 1 militarist.

The 2 front row figurines Sanada Yukimura & Yamazaki won’t really be tough enough in the beginning, Sanada Yukimura needs to get to Lv. 161 with Lv. 3 Ultimate to reduce damage, and Yamazaki need to be Lv. 141 with Lv. 3 to leech. We would suggest using other tanks in early game instead, and rely on Zhou Yu for ignition and Rie for burst damage.

Frost Team

Frost Team is hard to build, but can do substantial damage in late game. Let’s see core members below:

Vazorwyn (TENMA)


Vazorwyn is the core of the Frost Team, her ‘Soul Spirit’ does extra damage to frosted enemies, she can do massive damage with this skill. You need to surround her with appropriate figurines to trigger to this effect.

Osuke Okada (GALATEA)

Osuke Okada

Osuke Okada is the DPS & Control figurine of the Frost Team, his ‘Absolute Zero’ attacks all enemies & frosts them for 8 seconds, that also reduces their energy at level 3, while his passive ‘Monitor’ randomly attacks 2 enemies and can 100% freeze them for 3 seconds every 9 seconds, which boosts Vazorwyn’s damage.


Sani (TENMA)


Sani‘s normal attack has a chance to frost the enemy for 5 seconds, and her Ultimate attacks the enemy and heals her teammates, and her most important skill is her passive ‘Abracadabra’ which randomly frosts 3 enemies for 12 seconds at the start of each battle (all enemies at Lv 3.) and decreases enemies’ frost resist by 25% which increases Vazorwyn‘s damage.

Zephyr (TENMA)


Zephyr is especially useful when paired with Vazorwyn, her ultimate ‘Azure Promise’ can restore up to 24 energy for each team mate, which can greatly cover Vazorwyn‘s shortcoming of charging slowly, and it also randomly frosts 2 enemies for 5 seconds. Zephyr‘s passive boosts Ultimates’ power by up to 32%which greatly increases Vazorwyn‘s damage.

The above 4 figurines are the core members of the Frost Team, however, all 4 figurines are backrow units, so we can only pick 3, we recommend Vazorwyn, Osuke Okada & Zephyr, you can use 2 tanks or 1 tank & a vanguard for the front line, we recommend Khrusos & Vasily, you can get TENMA’s 4 set bonus this way.

TL;DR Frost Team Lineup


Khrusos as the main tank relies on the leech healing effect & knock effect from his ultimate, while Vasily as the secondary tank can stun with his normal attack & Ultimate.

Frost Team is harder for beginners since the enemy doesn’t have enough HP in the early stages to survive until Vazorwyn‘s Ultimate, and the DPS from later stages are too high, it’s hard for the front row tanks to survive. Frost Team needs quite a bit of investment in order to shine, however, the max potential is extremely high.

Summon Team

Summon Team is quite fun to play, and 2 of the strongest figurines (Megan & Zarola) in the current meta can be used to form the Summon Team, let’s see the core members below:

Megan (LET’S RED)


Megan is the only tank in Summon Team, her Ultimate ‘Strong Shield’ grants a shield, and summons a fire barrier that deals continuous damage to the surrounding enemies. Her Passive ‘Armed Force’ deals damage to all enemies and boosts defense for allies in the beginning of the battle, grants a shield to a summon united whenever it’s created.


Suzumi (LET’S RED)


Suzumi‘s Ultimate ‘Excellent Shot’ attacks the target and its surrounding enemies, if more than 3 enemies are hit, the Box Friend’s health is restored; will summon a Box Friend after every 2 Ultimates are cast, decrease target’s ATK speed by 20% at Lv. 3.

Suzumi‘s Passive ‘Boxes Assemble’ summons 3 Box Friends when facing 3 enemies, Box Friend transfers 5% of its health to Suzumi whenever it does a normal attack, heals Suzumi and restores 15 energy whenever a Box Friend is defeated at Lv. 3.



Aoi is the helper for the Summon Team, her Ultimate ‘Long Live Photosynthesis’ boosts all allies & summon units’ damage by 15% and a provides a shield at the same time, summoned units will receive 1.5x shielding and & damage boost. Aoi is essential for the Summon Team, she can increase the duration of Summoned Units.

Harriet (LET’S RED)


Harriet‘s primary function in the Summon Team is to restore energy, her Ultimate ‘Air Drop’ summons a Red and a Blue Bomber which does AOE and single-target damage, the higher their remaining health and shield are, the more damage they deal when they detonate. All allies & summoned units’ damage are boosted after the bombs self-detonate.

Harriet‘s Passive ‘Smoke Grenade’ triggers every 8 seconds, restores 10 energy for allies & summoned units, and blinds the current target 6 seconds.

Zarola (TENMA)


Zarola can be added to Summon Team after reaching Lv. 141, her Passive ‘Lethal Game’ boosts damage up to 12.5% each time an enemy or ally is defeated, can keep stacking damage when used with Harriet‘s Bombs.


Minakami (LET’S RED)


Minakami‘s Ultimate ‘Shinobi: Soul Chase’ summons a clone which inherits 180% the original’s damage & 30% of its health, his Passive ‘Shinobi: Abyss’ grants an ATK speed boost of 30% when a clone is summoned, a decent Summon Team DPS in early game.

The above are the core members of the Summon Team.

TL;DR Summon Team Lineup

We recommend the following lineup:


Main damage output relies on Zarola‘s stacked damage.

The advantage of the Summon Team is that summoned creatures can be used for tanking, DPS won’t be easily targeted, and survivability is quite high, and as in drawn-out battles, damage is high. The shortcoming is that it’s very character specific, and right now there are only 5 figurines that can be used to form it, it’s quite hard even if you only miss one of them.

Damage Sharing Team

The Damage Sharing Team isn’t a complete lineup, it’s more a setup that can used to assist other lineups, to increase their survivability.

Erikzia (GALATEA)


Erikzia is the core of the Damage Sharing Team, with her Ultimate ‘Magic Barrier’ that links and shares 70% of the damage taken to the rest of the team, plus the 10% leech healing, this greatly increases the front row’s survivability. The 25% accuracy bonus boost is also useful for tanks that rely on it or other characters.

TL;DR Damage Sharing Team Team Lineup

The characters that can be used with Erikzia are Sanada Yukimura, Khrusos, Ricco & Midori

Besides the front-row tank, the back-row units also need to share the damage they take, just in-case the opponent has characters that can target back-rows, with this setup, it’ll greatly reduces the chance that your DPS can be one-shotted.

In theory, Damage Sharing Setup can be used to supplement any teams, and one of the instances on when you should insert Erikzia into your lineup is for example, if your tank just need to survive a bit longer for your DPS to take out the opponent, that’s when you can consider swapping her in to buy a few more seconds.

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