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Heroes of Crown – 2022.07 Reroll & Best Heroes & Tier List

We’ve compiled the Best Heroes & Tier Lists for “Heroes of Crown” in this article, it’s currently based on our experience in the Global CBT and the JP meta, and we hope it can help you to decide on which heroes are the best to reroll for and use.

Tier List

SS Tier

  • Celestial Spear – Veya (Water) – Ranger
  • Baby Shark – Pearl (Water) – Mage
  • Lord of Time – Merilyn (Forest) – Priest

Celestial Spear – Veya

Class: Ranger
Element: Water
Role: AOE ATK & Cull
Skills: AOE DMG, Decrease DMG & CRT, Reduce Healing, Increase HP & ATK, Heal

Veya possesses both single target and AOE attacks, her skills can reduce the damage & Crit Rate of the opponent’s front row, and her normal attack reduces healing on the opponent with the lowest HP.

Baby Shark – Pearl

Class: Mage
Element: Water
Role: Steal ATK, Debuffer
Skills: Summon, ATK leech, Reduce SPD, Increase HP & ATK, Reduces DMG

Pearl can summon “Mr. Shark” to attack the opponent with the highest attack, she can also steal the opponent’s ATK, and has a chance to slow down targets with her attacks, and reduce their damage.

Lord of Time – Merilyn

Class: Priest
Element: Forest
Role: Resurrect, Healer
Skills: Resurrect, Heal, Increase DMG, Increase HP & ATK, Shield, removes Debuff

Merilyn has the ability to resurrect a random ally and heals the ally with the lowest HP if there are no dead allies. She can also heal and buff 2 allies with the lowest HP with an increase in damage. She can also increase her own HP and ATK.

S Tier

  • Shield of Partha – Sera (Water) – Warrior
  • Tempest Dragon – Constantia (Forest) – Mage
  • Master Dragon – Don (Forest) – Warrior
  • Dragon Princess – Nerishta (Fire) – Assassin
  • Blazing Heart – Marloc (Fire) – Warrior

Shield of Partha – Sera

Class: Warrior
Element: Water
Role: CC, Survival
Skills: Summon, Frozen, Shield, Heal, Reduce DMG received, Increase HP & ATK

Sera can summon a water elemental that can attack and freeze the opponent while applying a shield for herself. She can also decrease the damage received, heal herself, increase her HP, and attack. Her Basic attacks have a chance to freeze the enemy, she gets stronger as the battle progresses.

Tempest Dragon – Constantia

Class: Mage
Element: Forest
Role: AOE, Bleed
Skills: Summon, Reduce DMG, Bleed, AOE ATK, Increase HP & ATK

Constantia can summon a tempest to attack all enemies in the back row which also reduces their damage, and inflicts the Bleed effect.

A Tier

  • Daughter of the Sea – Atargatis (Water) – Priest
  • Howling Wind – Terrastoya (Water) – Ranger
  • Might of Partha – Conny (Water) – Assassin
  • Endless Storm – Eurus (Forest) – Mage
  • Rose Princess – Wendy (Forest) – Assassin
  • Eternal Flame – Eurus (Fire) – Julius
  • Oni-Mak Ronin – Genkuro (Fire) – Ranger
  • Flower Frenzy – Kin (Fire) – Ranger

B Tier

  • Sea Witch – Siren (Water) – Mage
  • Frost Spirit – Dana (Water) – Mage
  • Night Owl – Baldur (Forest) – Warrior
  • Lord of Artemis – Himmelia (Forest) – Ranger

C Tier

  • Ice Guard – Gawain (Water) – Warrior
  • Water Sage – Victor (Water) – Priest
  • Blade of Storms – Baldur (Forest) – Warrior
  • Daughter of Nature – Victor (Forest) – Priest
  • Savage Beast – Alpha (Forest) – Warrior
  • Devil Devourer – Aigre (Fire) – Mage
  • Axe Berserker – Beauvue (Fire) – Warrior
  • Iron Fist – Avrora (Fire) – Warrior
  • Ancient Warlock – Ariel (Fire) – Mage

D Tier

  • Halberd of Exile – Dana (Water) – Mage
  • Wandering Knight – Lotta (Water) – Warrior
  • Astral Guardian – Heimdall (Forest) – Priest
  • Fruit Candy – Kina (Forest) – Assassin
  • Molten Fury – Sorian (Fire) – Warrior
  • Wild Huntress – Corolla (Fire) – Warrior

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