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[Arcana Tactics] General Tips & FAQ

Did you know there’s an In-game ?

Check it out in Setting -> Info -> Support

Useful to know (in no particular order):

1. Swordsman, , , etc hero required in challenges is not the basic unit but any of that . (You can tell the class by looking at the 1★ version, moving horizontally from there.)

2. Stuck in story mode? If you have passed 4-3 you can unlock the High Assassin and she’s very strong (strongest raw stat single target dps 4★).

Bishop and Royal Guard are also two very strong free units.

If you got lucky and pulled generic, exorcist or lunatic, those units are part of many line-ups that beat stages reliably on discord.

3. When you use a unit, it’s affinity towards you goes up and you get rewards from it! 

(They will show up in your mailbox). More precisely, Affinity for 1★ heroes go up when they’re used for Fusions. Affinity for 2★ – 5★ heroes go up when they have been Fused.

4. In a stage, the top left button ‘F.index’ shows you all the fusions, you can click on a unit to highlight what you need to make it and what it fuses into. The F.index is also available in lobby > hero > bottom left.

5. After you complete a stage, you will see a “save party” option. This will save the party to a deck that you can view in the arcana tab. (Lobby > Arcana). These parties will be used for some later content so be sure to save your strongest after you beat a stage.

6. You can use your summon scrolls straight from the fusion page, you don’t need to go into the item tab in order to use it.

7.  You can long press on a hero in the fusion page to see what you need to make it.

8. You can buy incomplete cores in the stage shop and it’ll save you 5 cubes when trying to fuse a 5★ but it can be wasted on 4★ fusions so be careful.

9. In the closed beta, you could use 10 tickets at a time on 10+1 banners, it may or may not happen in the full release.

10. There is an ‘i’ in the top right corner when you’re in a stage and you can check the challenges there to make sure you have completed them before the end of the stage.

11. It’s cheaper in the long run to just buy scrolls in the general shop rather than summoning  the banner directly. (Ex: 50 per hero ticket in the shop, 75 directly on the banner).

12. When you click on a unit in combat, you can see the buffs and debuffs applied on that unit, tarot buffs/debuffs included.

13. Adding a second team costs 10k gold, your third costs 500 crystals, and your fourth costs 100k gold and the last one 2k crystals.

14. You can get 1 wipeout ticket, 2 shop refresh, 2 arcana summons, 2 vitality regenerations and 3 stamina refreshes for “free” by watching ads.
You can also the shop twice a day.

15. You need at least 1 arcana equipped to be able to save a party (per party).

16. Focus on getting to Resonance level 100. The easiest way to do this is by upgrading your lower characters, and only a few higher carries. Doing so will give you an extra 100 red shards when you start a stage, and an extra 25 red shards per wave.

17. You seem to drown in gold at first but it goes away lightning fast. Be mindful with it, it is actually a bottleneck currency in this game. You will lack gold.

18. Always keep a few crystals to increase your inventory size, you will run out of space incredibly quickly.

19. Special relics aka class relics apply their effect to the entirety of the units of that class and do not need to be put down on the field to be applied. (Ex: [Archer Class Hero] 2% atk)

20. Selling a 1★ gives you 60 shard, selling a 2★ gives you 2×60=120 red shards and since fusing raises affinity, you should try as much as possible to sell 2★ units instead of 1★.
Furthermore, 3★ sell at 210 < 240(4×60), but for the 3★ Priest and High spirits that are made with only 3 copies of their 1★, 210 > 180(3×60).

21. Saved teams keep all the marks applied to them. If you turn a fire swordsman into a light using marks, he will be that way when used in arena,…


Where to use chest tokens ?

Chest tokens are used to gain relics in the multiplayer mode. Second tab, press the chest to open it. No point in saving token, it’s actually better to use them.

How do I get rubies?

So far it seems to be $$$ only.

How do I see my Arcanas?

Once you reach story 2-5, you unlock Arcanas. You are able to equip Arcanas, browse the Arcana Index and see the effects of all the cards then.

How do I get hidden heros?

Feature not available atm.

Special Stages are to be released and so are the shard fusions.

Special Stages:

Should I spend my crystals on heroes or relics?

Well it’s up to you in the end, enjoy playing the game however you want. Summoning isn’t bad but the banner isn’t special or anything and hints at ‘limited’ characters. (“ Some characters will not appear in normal summons” is said on the current screen).

What do I do with my crystals?

The general consensus is to summon characters until you’re comfy enough to play and enjoy playing. That’s when you can stop and save for future content.

As for relics, it’s a bit too early to go for them. You need the units and the slots to equip the relics, plus the effects are lesser than arcanas and during beta weapons were farmable in and coop (to be confirmed in global)

Relics gacha is the most unreliable source of power because relics come in all sorts of forms and shapes. Some are really useful but a lot aren’t and they usually only impact a single unit. Therefore, it’s advised to rely more on the hero gacha until your collection is wide enough and your bases are strong enough that you can afford roulette on relics without endangering your progression.

Will there be guilds?

That system didn’t exist in the beta, isn’t mentioned anywhere and there doesn’t seem to be any placeholder for it in the current UI.

(It seems the system was introduced in the KR version which was very different from ours)

Probably not for a while.

Will there be a friend system?

A button is there on the profile but disabled. The feature might be added eventually.

What are special relics?

(Start considering relics when you hero pool is wide enough before that it’s a bit too hasty)

Relics come in all sorts of forms and shapes. They can boost almost every kind of stats both raw or %.  And they can be unit wide [normal] or type/class wide [special] with 0 to 3 sockets.

The image of the relic is related to its effect: 2 swords with the same image will have the same primary effect.

Socket effects are random and can’t be added or rerolled.

The potency of primary effect is also random but within a certain range given by the rarity(★) of the relic.

Special Relics (Type and Class) take effect, whether the hero who has them equipped is deployed or not.. So equip special relics on units you use the least.

Both kinds of relics can be acquired from the gacha but also from the multiplayer chests and from annihilation(raid) crafting.

What’s Dark Adventure (DA)

UPDATE: The DA now resets once every two days. Meaning it closes every two day, giving reward for current floor if you haven’t reached f300 and gives you a new token to re-enter.

DA is an IDLE game mode that you can restart once every two days (click on lobby>quest to check if you have a token available to re-enter once you leave). It requires you to select a team and uses 1vitality/wave cleared.

When you beat a wave you earn some currency and go to the next wave if the ‘next’ option is enabled else you repeat the same wave to farm currency.

The shop has a possibility to open at the beginning of each wave with a low probability.

In the shop you can buy “blessing”, food or units (even 5★!) with the currency you acquired. The currency can also be used to enhance your team (bottom right button).

So, basically, you go until you can and then it’ll passively generate currency based on the wave you’re at without you needing to be there.

But it’ll only progress/advance to the next wave if your team is at like less than 70% of the max wave it can reach with its current power.

That’s why it gets “stuck on low levels” but progresses when you do it manually.

Max wave is 300 atm.

Rule of thumb is to play till you can, afk till you get around (3k first 1-2 shops) at least 13k currency, play till shop open, buy as much good stuff as possible, spend the rest on upgrades, push max wave then afk and repeat. 

Another solution is to stop/ bench units to drop down to a lower boss level and go for one shots for rapid ether farm and high shop proc rate.

DA bug ‘Your Inventory is full’

– If your Shop has ITEMS, purchase it and hold it. How you can fix (currently tested with one item, since RNG has been sad for me) the issue purchasing a hero is – You sell the ITEM you’re holding and then you should be able to purchase a hero.

– Puukainais#7242

Update: They didn’t fix the bug but they fixed the fix…

Now it works only from time to time…. Some say restarting the game fixes it sometimes..

Arena ranking bug

You need to refresh the opponent list once to fix it.

When I try to use a code it says ‘max redeemed’

Granted you haven’t used it already on that account, to (fairly reliably) fix this you unfortunately need to reinstall the game.

Bug [To be updated]

When this bug occurs, switch your game language to sth else then back to original to fix it.

Bug with ads

Usually switching network helps.


You only need 1 fragment of the unit to validate the bingo square. You can obtain 4★ fragments from Stage 8 and Hard 1 onward.

Once the 4★ sheet is completed you unlock the 5★ sheet and will have to repeat the process once again. If you can try to save you 5* fragment crates obtained from completing challenges because they would allow you to unlock 5★ you don’t have (requires 15 fragments) and once you’ll reach that specific 5★ sheet they’ll be of great help to complete it since it ISN’T RETROACTIVE AT THE MOMENT

Source: Discord

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