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[Genshin Impact] Hu Tao Artifact & Weapon Analysis


Aiya, finally, after almost 5 months of waiting, SHE’S FINALLY HERE.

What’s in this analysis?

  1. Comparison between 6 different artifact builds:
  • 4-Lavawalker
  • 4-Crimson Witch
  • 2-Gladiator + 2-Crimson Witch
  • 4-Gladiator’s Finale
  • 2-Crimson Witch + 2-Noblesse Oblige
  • 4-Retracting Bolide

And 4 main stat set:

  • Attack/Pyro/Crit
  • HP/Pyro/Crit
  • Attack/Attack/Crit
  • HP/HP/Crit

P.S. 4-Thundering Fury coming soon!


The calculations below will follow the following assumptions:

  1. is lv90.
  2. The enemy is one lv80 hilichurl.
  3. Talent lv6, C0.
  4. All hits crit.
  5. Attack sequence would be: 5-hit + charged attack.
  6. On pyro-infused calculations, it will be assumed 3 sequences is done, and 2 sequences will be done during skill cooldown.
  7. Pyro is always present on the enemy for Lavawalker to proc.
  8. Artifact test will be done on 2 weapons: Staff of Homa and Deathmatch.
  9. Her HP will be assumed to always be above 50%.


Stat overview:


Damage overview:


Simulation Result:


Attack = (1-hit to 5-hit + Charged) x 3
Attack (No infusion) = (1-hit to 5-hit + Charged) x 2
Skill = Skill x 4
Total = Attack + Attack (No infusion) + Skill + Burst
Total DPS = (Attack / 9) + (Attack (No infusion) / 7) + (Skill / 16) + (Burst / 40)
Switch Total = Attack + Skill + Burst
Switch DPS = (Attack / 9) + (Skill / 16) + (Burst / 40)

On all cases, “Total DPS” is the best on Attack/Pyro Crit, and “Switch DPS” is better on HP/Pyro/Crit.

I also collect the “Burst” damage for Burst DPS build:

Hu Tao is a pyro unit, so naturally, she can deal amazing damage on Vaporize and Melt. This is the damage on Melt:

(Lavawalker is not considered in elemental reaction due to the 4-set effect)

And this is for burst with melt:

Some corrections are made on Gladiator calculation. Thank you to Jackleberry for pointing it out!



  1. Lavawalker is the best for non-reaction game play, while Crimson Witch out-damage all the other sets on melt comp.

Best Artifact for Hu Tao:

No reaction:

  1. 4-Lavawalker.
  2. 4-Retracting Bolide.
  3. 4-Gladiator’s Finale.
  4. 4-Crimson Witch.
  5. 2-Gladiator + 2-Crimson Witch.
  6. 2-Crimson Witch + 2-Noblesse Oblige.

With Reaction:

  1. 4-Crimson Witch.
  2. 4-Retracting Bolide.
  3. 4-Gladiator’s Finale.
  4. 2-Gladiator + 2-Crimson Witch.
  5. 2-Crimson Witch + 2-Noblesse Oblige.

Burst DPS:

  1. 4-Crimson Witch.
  2. 2-Crimson Witch + 2-Noblesse Oblige.
  3. 2-Gladiator + 2-Crimson Witch.
  4. Attack/Pyro/Crit is better if there’s no switch during skill cooldown.
  5. HP/Pyro/Crit is better if there’s switch during cooldown.
  6. Burst DPS is better with HP/Pyro/Crit (Don’t forget to use skill before using burst!).

Personal Opinion:

Based on the result, I won’t recommend using Lavawalker on her. Bolide and Gladiator are better if you don’t want to play with Crimson Witch.

I would also recommend HP over Attack, because her hit is gonna be weak without her pyro infusion, so it’s better to switch during the 7 seconds window.

Author: Nable
Source: miHoYo Tavern
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