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[Arcana Tactics] Major Arcana Ratings/Ranking

Please find below the global version of []’s Major Arcana Ratings/Ranking compiled by the Venerable Meow

NameEffect at Max LvDPSTankingUtilityVersatilityScoreExplanationBirthdate
WorldBoosts attack speed by 15% (multiplicative, base atk speed x 1.15) for entire party.BCBS9Arguably the most versatile period. Attack speed means faster basic attacks, faster healing and skill usage for many heroes, and faster activation of certain passives. There are a ton of skills that read "Every # attack" or "Every attack, do X". All of those are boosted by ATK SPD.1929 / 06 / 12
TowerAdds 50% PDEF and MDEF (multiplicative, base pdef and mdef x 1.5) to all heroes placed in the front row (up to 4 heroes).D.S.DS8Arguably the most versatile tanking card ever. Healthy front rows means back row can focus on DPS. Do some DPS skills scale off PDF/MDEF?1900 / 05 / 01
StarAdds a 25% multiplier to PATK and MATK for all heroes placed in the back row (up to 4)..S.DDS8Please note, 25% PATK and MATK might not equal 25% more damage. Until we have the damage formula, I feel like PATK and MATK increase is slightly weaker than flat damage modifier. Boost your long range, or even rouge type heroes by positioning them to the back.1921 / 11 / 11
HermitDecrease the final damage received from monsters by 20%.D.S.DA7Fantastic tanking card in Story and most PVE content, as well as Live . 1986 / 04 / 05
DeathAdds a 20% multiplier to all damage against all monsters on the map. .S.DDA7There are monsters in most story maps, and in live PVP there are waves of monsters. No monsters in arena.2001 / 07 / 30
JudgmentAdds a 20% multiplier to HP of party.CBDS7Tanks and front line DPS with high HP really benefits from this card. Some heroes have DPS and tanking skills based off of their HP.1980 / 01 / 01
StrengthWhen 2/4/6 Swordsman type heroes are on the field, all Swordsman type heroes have 20/30/45% chance to Guard against basic attacks (Completely block basic attack damage and stun the attacker for a short period of time).DABB7Swordsmans are some of the most used tanks in our current meta, and being able to both nullify damage AND stun the attacker is a double whammy.1997 / 03 / 11
FoolAdds 12% Crit rate (additive) to entire party.BDCS7Crit affects physical and magical damage (not heal). It's stronger late game, when you can stack crit rate with relics and crit damage (Devil).1983 / 01 / 09
TemperanceIncrease main stats (HP/PATK/PMATK/PDEF/MDEF) by 15% (multiplicative) for entire party on a boss wave.BBDB6Actually pretty good for Story, as the boss wave is usually what halts most players from completing a stage. Your entire party becomes moderately tankier and deals more damage.1911 / 05 / 06
MoonWhen 2/4 type heroes are on the field, all Spirit type heroes have 25/40% increased ATK SPD.BCBC6Spirit centric will really enjoy this card. The speed boost is immense, and Exorcist fans will love this.???
Justice15% chance to evade basic attacks for entire party.DCBA6Very RNG heavy and not as preferred as flat PDEF/MDEF boosts. I need to look into this more.1986 / 05 / 15

NameEffect at Max LvDPSTankingUtilityVersatilityScoreExplanationBirthdate
Hanged ManStart of battle: when 2/4 type heroes are on the field, all Rogue type heroes have 55/80% chance to activate Backstep after 4.5sec (jump to back of a random enemy and increase your crit rate for a short time).BDBC5A high skill level card that comes with RNG. You could jump behind enemy tanks and get slaughtered, or behind enemy DPS and slaughter them. Needs further test to figure out Crit rate bonus.1998 / 03 / 18
SunWhen 2/4/6 type heroes are on the field, all type heroes have 40/65/100% chance to activate Unbending Will (heals 70% of lost hp).DACC5Needs further testing. How often does "Unbending Will" activate? Is it once per wave?1950 / 12 / 19
ChariotWhen 2/4/6 type heroes are on the field, all Lancer type heroes have 35/50/80% chance to activate Immortality upon ally death (Ignore all damage for a short time).DBBC5This card is very specific to lancer teams, and for many, it's difficult to have more than 2 lancers on the field. The immortality effect is decent, but lancers are generally some of the first units to die and by the time the effect activates, maybe all of your lancers are dead.1992 / 07 / 06
EmperorReduce duration of crowd control by 35%. Excludes Airborne and Knockback.DBBC5Includes Stuns, Silence, Fear, Freeze and what else? Crowd controls have a (CC) tag.1997 / 03 / 11
HierophantAdds a 20% damage modifier to all physical damage against heroes.ADDB5Made for PVP. There are also some heroes in Story.1986 / 01 / 16
EmpressDecrease the final damage received from heroes by 20%.DADB5Heroes exist in PVP and on some Story stages. Top tier for PVP, but not much elsewhere.1960 / 01 / 01
LoverAdds a 20% damage modifier to all magical damage against heroes.ADDB5Made for PVP. There are also some heroes in Story. Wizards aren't the only source of magic damage FYI, but I'd say there's less magic damage options than physical.1997 / 05 / 20
DevilAdds 100% Crit damage (additive) to entire party.BDDB4Crit damage is really weak by itself since most units have base 2-5% crit rate and won't be critting at all. You need to synergize with a crit rate booster like Fool or relics and ascension buffs. In the long run, Crit DMG becomes stronger.1912 / 01 / 01
MagicianWhen 2/4/6 type heroes are on the field, all Wizard type heroes have 30/40/80% increased MATK (multiplicative).ADDC4Great if you prefer using Wizard centric teams. The increase in damage is fantastic. Combine with Star and you'll slaughter your enemies. Be careful of Wizards that use PATK instead of MATK.???
Wheel of FortuneWhen 2/4/6 type heroes are on the field, all Archer type heroes have 30/40/80% increased PATK.ADDC4Great if you prefer using Archer centric teams. The increase in damage is fantastic. Combine with Star to slaughter your enemies. Be careful some Archers use MATK instead of PATK.1997 / 09 / 11
High PriestessWhen 2/4/6 type heroes are on the field, all Cleric type heroes have 40/50/90% increased healing received and healing done.DADC4For healing received, there are only two high rarity clerics that will be on the frontline: Templar (4 star) and Dark Lord (5 star). The boost in healing done is nice, and great if you use prefer using two Bishops or Priests.1991 / 07 / 02

Source: Google Sheets

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