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The Ants: Underground Kingdom – 2022.08 Best Special Ants & Tier List

We’ve compiled the Best Special Ants & latest Tier Lists for “The Ants: Underground Kingdom” in this article, we hope it can help you decide which characters are the best to reroll for and use.

The Special Ants in “The Ants: Underground Kingdom” are divided into 2 main types: Develop, and Combat, and 4 rarities (Orange, Purple, Blue, and Green).

Combat Special Ants Tier List

S Tier

  • Golden Venom (Orange) – Ranged, Carrier
  • Reap Master (Orange) – Ranged, Shooter
  • Shikaree Master (Orange) – Ranged, Carrier
  • Brown Rogue (Orange) – Support, Universal
  • Banshee Velvet (Orange) – Melee, Shooter
  • Jack Jumper (Orange) – Ranged, Universal

A Tier

  • New World General (Orange) – Ranged, Carrier
  • Dark Giant (Orange) – Support, Carrier
  • Banshee Panda (Orange) – Support, Shooter
  • Acid general (Orange) – Ranged, Shooter
  • Driver Ant (Orange) – Support, Universal
  • Slim Arched (Orange) – Melee, Universal
  • Giant Tooth (Orange) – Support, Universal
  • Gold Armor (Orange) – Melee, Universal
  • Golden Sugar (Orange) – Ranged, Shooter
  • Enigmatic Taylor (Orange) – Support, Carrier

B Tier

  • Bullet Ant (Orange) – Ranged, Universal

C Tier

  • White Velvet (Orange) – Support, Universal
  • Golden Spiny (Orange) – Ranged, Hunt

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