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[Blue Archive] Yellow Strikers PVE Tier List & Analysis

This Blue Archive Yellow Strikers PVE Tier List & Analysis is by Hespa from the Blue Archive community based on the initial Japanese meta at launch, all credits belong to Hespa.

For a TL;DR Reroll & Upcoming Gacha Guide, please refer to Blue Archive – TL;DR Reroll & Upcoming Character Recommendation Guide | Tier List

This is my personal opinion for [Blue Archive]’s Yellow Strikers list for characters IN PVE ONLY with a more in-depth explanation of why that character is good. There will also be a small guide on which skills to prioritize levelling over others for said character.

Tier 1
Iori Junko Hifumi Tsubaki Nonomi
Tier 2
Neru Hasumi Tsurugi Hoshino Maki
Tier 3  
Akane Sumire Fina Kotori  


EX Skill: Shoot 3 times with 350% attack each shot with a fan-shaped AoE behind the target (3 cost)

Normal Skill: Every 25 seconds deal 229% attack damage to an enemy

Passive Skill: Increase her accuracy by 14%

Sub Skill: Deal 22.6% additional damage when attacking while not in cover


Analysis: An extremely powerful unit. Not only does her EX skill cost a laughably low amount, it has a high multiplier on every shot and also does AoE damage to targets behind the initial one. This allows her to both boss and waveclear effectively. Her sub skill synergizes perfectly with her EX as well due to the fact that her EX skill forces her to leave cover. Her only weakness is that being a sniper she tends to overkill enemies and that her EX has a rather long animation.

Skill level priority: Sub skill -> Normal skill -> Passive skill


EX Skill: Deal damage equal to 746% of her attack power to all enemies in a straight line and reduce current self hp by 25.7% (5 cost)

Normal Skill: Becomes invincible for 12.8 seconds if HP drops below 20% (once per fight)

Passive Skill: Increases evasion by 14%

Sub Skill: When attacking deal additional damage equal to 0.9% – 4.9% of her attack depending on her missing HP (The lower her HP is the more damage she deals)

Analysis: Junko excels in pretty much all content currently in the game. She has an extremely high base attack, a well-balanced skillset and a very powerful self steroid. Her EX skill has a ridiculous multiplier albeit at a relatively high cost, and it also serves to activate her sub skill which allows her to do more and more damage as the fight goes on. Even better, she even has a life saving skill to take full advantage of being at low hp. Whilst also having 3 farmable stages, junko should be a mainstay in any yellow party.

Skill level priority: Sub skill -> Normal skill -> Passive skill



EX Skill: Summon Peroro-San with HP equal to 160% of Hifumis max HP. He taunts enemies within range for 3.4 seconds and deals damage equal to 101% of her attack power (5 cost)

Normal Skill: Every 35 seconds deal 212% of her attack power to an enemy and reduce their accuracy by 16.8% for 30 seconds.

Passive Skill: Increases her maximum HP by 14%.

Sub Skill: When using her EX skill increase her cost regeneration by 980 for 5 seconds

Analysis: Hifumi is not a typical DPS unit. She’s a support unit, and it shows with her equipment slots. She doesn’t have access to watch in slot 3, instead having access to a necklace which increases the duration of her debuffs. Her main draw is her sub skill, which increases her cost regen every time you use her EX skill for 5 seconds, which is basically a 10% refund (at skill level 1). Not to mention, her EX skill, although costly at 5 cost, taunts all enemies and can soak up a tremendous amount of damage making boss fights much easier. All in all, a great character. Just don’t expect her to be topping the DPS charts.

Skill level priority: Sub skill -> Normal skill -> Passive skill


EX Skill: Increases her defense power by 28.1% for 30 seconds and taunts all enemies within range for 4.7 seconds (4 cost)

Normal Skill: When her HP drops below 30%, recover HP equal to 349% of her healing power (once per fight)

Passive Skill: Increase her defense by 14%

Sub Skill: While reloading, reduce damage taken by 24%

Analysis: Ah. Tsubaki. The character that if you don’t have you keep rolling the gacha until you do. A must have character. Like Yuuka, she is also an evasion tank except unlike Yuuka she is capable of equipping bags on her slot 2. At t4, bag gives +1k defense which makes her insanely durable. Her Normal skill also saves you a lot of SP that you would normally be spent on keeping her health and her sub skill gives a deceptive amount of damage reduction considering how often she has to reload. Her EX skill is very useful due to its huge range and relatively low cost, allowing you to interrupt deadly boss special attacks. Amazing character.

Skill level priority: Normal skill -> Sub skill -> Passive skill


EX Skill: Deal damage equal to 432% of her attack power to all enemies in a fan shaped area (5 cost)

Normal Skill: Every 30 seconds increase her attack by 21.8% for 20 seconds

Passive Skill: Increase her critical damage by 14%

Sub Skill: When attacking deal an additional 6.7% damage to large enemies

Analysis: Nonomi is your main wave clearing for pen units. Not only is she a free 3* from the beginner tasks, she can also dish out serious DPS. While her EX skill is relatively costly, it’s basically a mini Hina EX with a wider spread. Her main and passive skills are also large self damage steroids, and while her sub skill only really works on bosses (NOT RAID BOSSES), any extra damage is always nice.

Skill level priority: Main Skill -> Passive Skilli -> Sub skill


EX Skill: Deals 476% of her attack as damage to a single enemy. Does 1.5x damage when neru is angry (2 cost)

Normal Skill: Becomes angry and gain 17.8% evasion for 20 seconds every 30 seconds

Passive Skill: Increases her critical damage by 14%

Sub Skill: Gains 16.8% extra attack for 30 seconds while angry

Analysis: Neru is a fragile but powerful attacker. Her unique mechanic is her “ANGRY” mode, where she becomes massively stronger every 30 seconds and her EX skill does an insane amount of damage for only 2 cost. Not only does this allow you to cycle quickly but the DPS output is nearly unparalleled due to also having multiple self damage steroids. However, Neru has the main drawback of being a front position unit. This means she will be competing with your tanks to attract aggro meaning she will often need a lot of healing in order to survive.

Skill level priority: Sub skill -> Passive skill -> Normal skill

Author: Hespa
Source: Hespa’s PVE tier list and analysis

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