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This is my personal opinion for []’s list for characters IN PVE ONLY with a more in-depth explanation of why that character is good.

Tier 1    
Haruna Chise Izuna    
Tier 3        

As you can probably tell, the for blue strikers is a bit lacking. It’s so lacking in fact that Haruna is technically tier 0 and that you’ll probably have to bring pen units to supplement your blue team.

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EX Skill: Shoot a piercing bullet that deals 506% damage to enemies in its path. For every enemy it pierces reduce its damage by 10% to a minimum of 30% (4 cost, 3 cost at EX5)

Normal skill: Every 30 seconds deal 200% attack damage to an enemy

Passive Skill: Increases her max hp by 14%

Sub Skill: Increase her attack power by 10% while not moving

Analysis: Haruna is a very vanilla unit. She shoots, she ducks behind cover, she shoots again. Her kit is simple but effective. Her attack steroid from her sub skill is always active due to characters having to stay still to attack, and her EX skill is a huge nuke that is effective at both bossing and wave clearing. Overall, a very good character.

Skill level priority: Sub skill -> Normal skill -> Passive skill


EX Skill: Shoots a grenade that leaves a DoT effect on the floor that deals 56% of her attack power per tick. Lasts 10 seconds (4 cost)

Normal Skill: Every 25 seconds deal 219% attack damage to enemies in a circular area

Passive Skill: Increase her attack by 14%

Sub Skill: Has a 10% chance to inflict a DoT that deals 53.7% of her attack power per tick. Lasts 20 seconds (5 second CD)

Analysis: Chise is a DPS monster once she has her sub skill. Even though her weapon (launcher) gives her a slow attack speed, her DoT effects will easily rip through enemy HP bars at a rapid pace. Her EX skill is also a rather large AoE which allows her to wave clear efficiently. The main issue with her is she’s a non-farmable character that needs 3* to maximize her effectiveness.

Skill level priority: Sub skill -> Passive skill -> Normal skill


EX Skill: Moves to a specified location and increases attack speed by 27.4% for 30 seconds (3 cost)

Normal Skill: Deal damage equal to 443% attack damage in a circular area after every 6th attack

Passive Skill: Increases her critical damage by 14%

Sub skill: Upon using her EX skill, increases her attack by 20.1% for 30 seconds

Analysis: She’s mystic Serika. That more or less sums up her kit. However, unlike Serika, she has the major disadvantage of being a front unit. This means that she will often be taking aggro instead of the tank, requiring you to have to micromanage her HP with healing. While her dodge stat is rather high, this isn’t enough as in later chapters enemies become very accurate and you’ll find keeping her healthy to be a chore. The fact that her EX skill also costs 3 is also rather disappointing, as it has essentially the same effect as Asuna (a 1* unit). A decent unit, but one that will be phased out quickly the moment a decent non-frontline mystic DPS comes out.

Skill level priority: Sub skill -> Passive skill -> Main skill


EX Skill: Dashes forward and gain 43.4% evasion while dashing. Also increases attack speed by 30.2% for 30 seconds (2 cost)

Normal skill: Every 20 seconds deal 212% attack damage to one enemy

Passive Skill: Increases her critical chance by 14%

Sub Skill: After using her EX skill gain 20.1% attack speed for 30 seconds

Analysis: Asuna is… something. She is the last of the blue attackers and by far the worst. Although she does gain massive amounts of attack speed at 3*, that requires you to actually invest into her. Pure attack speed steroids are also not very effective due to reload speed being unaffected by it. Not worth using over a yellow DPS unless heavily invested into.

Skill level priority: Passive skill -> Sub skill -> Normal skill

For the other characters, please refer to PVE Tier List & Analysis


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