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[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Training Guide for Newbies

This [] Training Guide is targeted towards new players to efficiently progress through early-game to avoid wasted time and resources. All data gathered is from a F2P perspective.

Training stat priority

*Ordered from top to bottom


During training events it is advised to choose the option that boosts your energy or from losing it rather than stats because it is far more important to raise your bond gauge (to orange) and rainbow training gives a far better energy to stat ratio than the events do.


Gotta go fast


If your stamina runs out throughout the race you will incur a heavy speed penalty, therefore you want to meet the required benchmark for the distance you are racing in. However overinvesting into stamina seems to provide no benefits so it is recommended to aim for the desired benchmark.


Used for skill activation rate and positioning for overtaking. The training routine paired with wisdom is very useful because it heals energy which can be used early to build bond gauge efficiently and late to stall turns if no rainbow training appears on that turn. It is recommended to choose the wisdom training routine during beach training over resting.


Used for cornering speed and acceleration for overtaking. Importance of this stat varies depending on the strategy chosen (chaser being the most and runner being the least important).

Skill points

In most cases skill points should not be chosen during training events due to having an excessive amount provided to you if you’re winning many optional G1 (which you should be).



Provides additional speed and stamina only on the last leg of the race. Think of it as an universal speed and recovery boost skill that everyone has. Considered to be mostly useless due to its poor scaling performance in . The guts training routine has some niche purpose as it provides the most stats gained overall which can be used to raise characters to reach a higher evaluation score than normally possible.

Character support deck templates

Skill choice priority

Coming soon

Training goals & tips

Early game(first year)

  • Having a good selection of inheritance partners will speed up your progress early on. If you don’t have good choices of your own, I suggest looking for to follow.
  • Building bond gauge to orange to access rainbow training as soon as possible. Aim to complete this before beach training.
  • Given that you have chosen strong inheritance partners, those stat buffs alone should be able to carry you through the debut race. So focus on wisdom training to build bond gauge efficiently while saving energy.
  • It is very easy to get boxed in by npc’s at this point due to having low stats so it is recommended to choose your character’s fastest pace strategy (only if said strategy is still ‘A’ rank).
  • Green skill activation requirements are not bound to wisdom stat so they’re useful early game, but there’s only a handful worth learning: Lone Wolf, Core distance O, Clockwise O & Counter-clockwise O.
  • Save your Tazuna dates for 2nd year onwards incase of any random mood downs.

Mid game (second year)

  • If your stats are skewed to an undesirable direction due to building bond gauge, use this time to work on raising those stats to the desired point.
  • Recovery are important at this point for mid-long distance races as it isn’t normally possible to raise your stamina to the desired benchmark at this time.
  • At this point your power and wisdom should be higher than the npc’s so you can safely resume back to your desired pace strategy for each race.
  • Start entering optional G1 races that you will perform well in.

Late game (final year)

  • At this point you will have access to many G1 races so plan accordingly which races you want to enter in without occurring the 3 consecutive race penalty.
  • At the final stages of training you shouldn’t waste a turn to increase mood by ‘going out’. Instead use your alarm clocks to boost mood for races you lost.


*This is what your progression should look like down the road while being completely free to play.

Training builds

Stat focus training – beginner friendly

Skill focus G1 racing – optimal for

RNG Non-Tazuna – high risk, best possible outcome

Coming soon

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