[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Guide

This [] guide details the builds I used to clear the from the game’s launch celebration. Clearing all Limited Missions gives you a guaranteed 3* Uma Musume ticket!

Notes on the guide:

  • Focuses on using low rarity Supports and Uma Musume
    • Disclaimer: I have 2 SSR supports (Tazuna 0* and Super Creek 1*) and no SSR Uma Musume
  • Some builds contain the use of SSR Supports (the two I mentioned above which I have)
    • Tazuna is often essential as she helps a lot with Endurance (体力) management, I highly recommend rerolling for her + ideally 1 other SSR
    • Other SSR Supports shown are potentially replaceable with either a similar stat (i.e. Guts, Power, etc…) or another Support with similar skills (i.e. Long-Distance, Betweener strategy…)
    • Experiment with the resources you have and adapt elements of the build to your own situation, this guide doesn’t expect you to have the exact same resources
  • I’ll be adding builds here for each of the limited missions as I clear them myself
  • Terms used i.e. Betweener strategy are from the Character Builds Guide
  • Info from various sources (see below for specifics), notably kind people from the Uma Musume Discord server and some Japanese sites
  • This doc is managed by polymetrica, feel free to ask me if you need extra info/help/etc


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