[The Legend of Neverland] Quick Guide: 5 Top Tips for & Equipment

Tip #1: Feeding

  1. Feeding Spirit can upgrade the Spirit. You can use unnecessary equipment or exclusive EXP items to feed the spirit.
  2. When the spirit gets higher level, it will bring more attribute bonus to the character.
  3. As the spirit level goes up, more useful privileges will be unlocked. You can tap the button next to the Spirit to check for more details.
  4. During the growth of the spirit, more appearances will be unlocked. You can tap the button next to the Spirit to check for more details.
  5. Spirit is also responsible for the equipment growth-related system. You can tap the button on the interface to check for more details.
  6. If you don’t know how to become stronger, you can go to ask the Spirit. Tap the button “Get Stronger” on the interface to check the growth strategy.

Tip #2: Special Quest

  1. New Special Quests will be released from Monday to Friday. Unfinished Special Quests can be accumulated to 5:00 on next Monday.
  2. The third Special Quest of the day has the best rewards. Don’t miss it!
  3. After completing 15 Special Quests every week, you can get extra big rewards
  4. Only after accepting Special Quest, the corresponding items will be dropped. And they will only drop from monsters whose level is within +5 level than your level. Offline auto-battle has no drop!

Tip #3: Active Skills

Each class corresponds to one type of weapon. Switching weapons will also switch class and active skills. You can equip 3 types of weapons at most which can be switched easily in battles. Attributes of all equipped weapons will be effective.

About Passive Skills

Each class has its own Passive Skills which can increase the character’s attributes. Passive skills are effective for all classes once activated.

About Skill Awakening

Active Skills can be awakened when reaches the required level. After complete the Awakening Quest, the original skill will be awakened to a more powerful skill.

Tip #4: Miasma Zone

As the miasma world continues to expand, more areas in

Cabala are infected by the miasma, forming the Miasma Zone. Every once in a while, there will be a map that becomes the Miasma Zone.

About Sunlight

Only when you have “Sunlight”, you can enter the Miasma Zone. Sunlight can be obtained from Sunlight Drinks.

About Sunlight Consumption

After entering the Miasma Zone, Sunlight will be gradually

consumed. When you are attacked by monsters in the Miasma Zone, your Sunlight will also be reduced. If the sunlight is used up, you have to leave the Miasma Zone.

About Embracing Miasma

In the Miasma Zone, you can choose to embrace the miasma and get the blessing of the miasma, thereby reducing your own Sunlight Consumption. But after embracing the miasma, you will be difficult to control your evil desires inside. Two players embracing the miasma will become enemies ().

About Rare Monsters

Rare monsters in the Miasma Zone will appear once every

15 minutes, and you can win a lot of rewards after killing them. If you kill them while embracing the miasma, you will have more loots.

Tip #5: Advance Equipment

  1. Rare (purple) equipment can be advanced.
  2. After the advancement, the basic attributes of the equipment will be greatly improved.
  3. Different materials are required to advance different Tiers.
  4. Advancement is for each piece of equipment. Through Equipment Reset, the equipment can be reset to the initial Tier, and all the items you invested in Advancement will be returned.

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