Saturday, November 27, 2021

[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Near Perfect Gold Ship Build Guide

I managed to insane-high-roll into this monster in [Uma Musume Pretty Derby] last night and sure enough, today's results were spectacular (16 wins out of 20 races). If you still have sanity/patience left before the finals, try to use this as a template. The finals is one-and-done so still pretty luck-dependent but I think I have a decent shot at first place with this Golshi. No regrets even if I lose.

[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Training Guide for Newbies

This [Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Training Guide is targeted towards new players to efficiently progress through early-game to avoid wasted time and resources. All data gathered is from a F2P perspective.

[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] New Teio Max Speed Build with Support Cards

Her Stats in this can be higher in other areas because I kinda did a bit more races than training

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