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– Strongest Character Analysis & Recommendation

We have collected and translated ’s character analysis and recommendations from the highly mobile game.


Frenlyse / Metaphysical Hunter

Rarity ★★★★

Although her firepower is slightly inferior to , she can be operated as a high-power attacker who can attack first because of her ability and agility. In the arena, it is recommended to take the initiative to defeat the enemy with high agility and attack.

The Frenlyse / Metaphysical Hunter character skill has an attack power buff, and the weapon skill has an agility buff, so you can defeat enemies while strengthening all allies.

A2/Branch Fighter

Rarity ★★★★

A2 has top- firepower among existing characters, and can be expected to play an active role from the beginning to the end. It is also noteworthy that her current arena adoption rate is high and she is used by many users.

Her firepower is very high, but the durability is low, so if the enemy’s attacks are concentrated, she may be defeated. Therefore, give priority to raising the character level and weapon level, and raise the durability as much as possible.

/Branch Fighter

Rarity ★★★★

Since there are many combos for both 2B character and special weapons, it is easy to increase her firepower. Her firepower is inferior to A2 and Frenlyse, but you can increase her damage output exponentially by using her character skill when HP is 50% or less.

With 2B character abilities and character ranks, agility is likely to increase, and you can use her as an attacker who moves first and defeats enemies. Therefore, B2 can be expected to play an active role not only in quests but also in interpersonal content such as arenas.


Dimis / Metaphysical

Rarity ★★★★

The Dimis / Metaphysical Archer character skill has 75% chance of granting darkness to enemies for 3 turns. He is very effective in boss battles with high firepower, so it is recommended to use it in quest strategy.

Since the ability increases attack power and agility, he is recommended to operate as an attacker who can act first. Especially in the arena, it is an advantage to be able to act first, so you can expect to be active in the arena as well.

Fio / Mechanical Doll Girl

Rarity ★★★★

The character of Fio / Mechanical Dolls can increase the agility of all allies, allowing them to act faster than their enemies. There is also the advantage that the number of combos will not be interrupted, so let’s make use of him accordingly.

She is similar to 9S in terms of performance because her HP and defense increase with abilities and it is easy to earn combos. However, it is Fio that increases agility, so if you are uncertain about the operation with 9S, Fio may be the better choice.


Akeha / Metaphysical Swordsman

Rarity ★★★★

His ability increases defense and HP, and the skill also reduces the enemy’s attack power, so it boasts extremely high performance in terms of durability.

Akeha / Metaphysical swordsman’s character skill can greatly reduce the enemy’s attack power, so it is very effective in quest boss battles. The difficulty in the arena is that it takes time for the character skill gauge to accumulate.

Rion / Mechanical Doll

Rarity ★★★★

Rion / Mechanical Doll Exile Weapons have a 75% chance of granting darkness for 3 turns, making her extremely useful in boss battles and arenas. It is also recommended to equip it in addition to Rion.

Rion doesn’t specialize in anything, but the balance of stats is very good. She is also attractive that there is no black thirst, which is a weapon of acquisition condition, and no continuous attack, buff, darkness, and rotting skill.

Argo / Metaphysical Adventurer

Rarity ★★★★

Like Rion, he has a good balance of stats, but it is not a character that specializes in anything. Since both abilities, attacks, and defenses will increase, it is recommended to use him in quests.

Both types of weapon skills are easy to attack 5 times and increase the number of combos. It also has the skill to increase the agility of all allies, so you can consider using him in the arena.

9S Branch Probe

Rarity ★★★★

9S has high HP and defense values, and has performance closer to defense. Although the firepower is low, it is recommended to stand around with the main character skill because it has an increase in damage given by two or more consecutive hits.

Since the firepower increases by activating the character skill, use him to endure enemy’s attacks until the skill is activated. After activating the character skill, activate the weapon skill and defeat the enemy while connecting combo moves.


Dimis / Dissident Archer

Rarity ★★★

Argo / Resident Adventurer

Rarity ★★★

A2 / Sanno Senki

Rarity ★★★

F66x / Female Prisoner

Rarity ★★★

Information Source: GameWith

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