[Lord of Heroes] Complete Hero Guide & Analysis


  • These are the elements in [Lord of ]. Heroes can have multiple elements with the same move set but they have different effects.
  • R/F: Red or Fire element.
  • B/W: Blue or Water element.
  • G/E: Green or Earth element.
  • L: Light element.
  • D: Dark element.
  • Some terminology used in this guide:
  • S1: Skill 1 or basic attack
  • S2: Skill 2 or ‘special attack’ 
  • S3: Skill 3 or burst; ultimate.
  • CD: Cool down for skills. 
  • AG: Action gauge. (Your hero’s action gauge must be full to attack)
  • BG: Burst gauge; mana, whatever you want to call it. Required to use bursts.
  • Mystic Stone: Very scarce item. Used to upgrade your hero’s skill randomly.
  • Primeval Stone: Same use as a Mystic Stone but you can pick what skill it upgrades. 
  • Raid: Content I will mostly be focusing on in this guide. It’s advised to join an Alliance ASAP so you can get Alliance Credits.
  • Obelisk: A mode where enemies have inflated stats. It unlocks after you beat Hard Mode.
  • 1 and 2; A and B team: In Guild Raids, you have two teams. You need at least one hero in each team. I will be referring to the left group as Team 1 and the right group Team 2. You have 2 tickets to hit everyday. A will be your main team and B will be your second ticket—or whatever is leftover. 


Water Fram: 

Obtainable after tutorial

As a beginner, you’ll probably only use her in normal mode. Fram doesn’t stand out in story mode but she’s very useful in raids. Her S1 provides a two turn DEF down at a 60% chance. You can neglect her until you finish all of story mode. 

Light Johan:

Obtainable after tutorial

Not used outside of your first couple of chapters. His taunt on S1 is okay for cheesing bosses in story mode but there are easier strategies. 

Earth Charlotte:

Obtainable after tutorial

A very good girl and , she can be used in every mode. Her S3 heals all allies and gives them a shield that scales off of HP, her heal scales off of ATK. She will be your cleric for a long time, it’s worth levelling her up. She’s also a very good cleric in raids. Consider skilling her up after you finish your DPS. You only need to max her S3 but her other skills are good to max too, just not a priority.

Earth Schneider:

Obtainable after beating 1-3 Normal Mode

ESchneider has a sap on S1 and S2. However, the rates are low at 60% and 35% respectively. Don’t upgrade him unless it’s for the hero event. 

Fire Mei Ling:

Obtainable after allying with Helvania

You get better free snipers in the beginning, her low base stats really makes her squishy. However, she is a decent end game raid support as her S1 has a 50% chance to reduce damage the enemy does for 1 turn which is stackable with many heroes’ ATK Down like ECharlottes. Same with WFram, she isn’t your priority until end game. 

Dark Mikhail:

Obtainable after beating 2-7 Normal Mode

Use him until you get EOlivia. You should remove him when fighting Kartis on stage 8-16, he’s very squishy. His SPD scaling is considerably lower than some other powerhouses, he’s a weird mix of DPS and support. He is the second best hero to generate burst if you skill him.

Fire Zaira:

Obtainable after occupying Rhodon on Normal Mode

A guardian that provides several useful debuffs. You can replace WFram with Zaira but it doesn’t matter much. Do note that Zaira has a stun on S1 while WFram has hers on her S2. She’s a great support for Team 2 if you slot her in the burst slot. She won’t be doing any damage, but her S3 has a 70% chance to inflict DEF down for 2 turns.

Water Helga:

Obtainable after beating 5-10 Normal Mode

Bow down to your F2P queen. She will be used to clear all of story mode. Do not skill her. You can beat Extreme without skilling her, save them for your raid DPS.

Earth Astrid:

Obtainable after beating 7-3 Normal Mode

You can replace DMikhail with her but she isn’t that much of an improvement over him. Save your potions, they’re scarce. Snipers are not required in Normal and even Hard Mode if you’re smart with your BG usage (e.g. only using it on heals because Helga’s S3 is AOE, which won’t do a lot of damage against bosses.) However, she’s better than Mikhail because of her buff remove on her S2 which could save you from dying in boss fights like Kartis.

Earth Olivia:

Obtainable after logging in for 7 days

Probably the sniper you will use until you beat all of the story. Her S1 is very useful, it reduces the enemy’s action gauge by 20% which will make your heroes move quicker. She’s a great F2P sniper and you get her quite early on.