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Lineage 2M Races, Classes and Professions Summary

As the Global Version of Lineage 2M approaches launching in Japan and Taiwan, we’ve prepared a summary of Lineage 2M’s Races, Classes, and Professions for your convenience.


  • Human
  • Elf
  • Dark Elf
  • Orc
  • Dwarf

Main Weapon

  • Sword
  • Dual Sword
  • Dagger
  • Bow
  • Staff
  • Orb


  • used by tanks with high defense and survival skills
  • used with a shield in defense and survival skills
  • plays an active role in hunting and dungeons of high complexity

Dual Sword

  • melee fighter with high defense and hp level
  • uses puncture and shock skills to make combat easier
  • short-range weapons then facilitate hand-to-hand combat


  • Melee fighter with high evasion and attack rates
  • has high attack and movement speed
  • melee is facilitated by evasion skills


  • solo and party players attacking from a distance
  • powerful enemy attacks with a bow and crossbow
  • high movement speed and attack power allow this class to fight effectively


  • ranged fighter using the magic power
  • high level of damage in battle
  • having debuffs makes him a useful ally and dangerous adversary


  • used by healers for healing and protection
  • allows you to use various enhancing effects
  • combat and supportive skills make the healer indispensable in the party game

Classes and Professions

Based on profession progression table, 5 professions are waiting for us, at the moment only the names of the first 3 professions of each class are available.

RacesMain Weapons1st Profession2nd Profession3rd Profession
HumanSwordHuman KnightPaladinPhoenix Knight
Dual SwordWarriorGladiatorDuelist
DaggerRogueTreasure HunterAdventurer
RacesMain Weapons1st Profession2nd Profession3rd Profession
ElfSwordElven KnightTemple KnightEva’s Templar
Dual SwordElven SwordSword SingerSword Muse
DaggerElven AssassinPlains WalkerWind Rider
BowElven ScoutSilver RangerMoonlight Sentinel
StaffElven WizardSpellsingerMystic Muse
OrbElven OracleElven ElderEva’s Saint

RacesMain Weapons1st Profession2nd Profession3rd Profession
Dark ElfDual SwordDark DancerBlade DancerSpectral Dancer
DaggerAssassinAbyss WalkerGhost Hunter
BowDark ArcherPhantom RangerGhost Sentinel
StaffDark WizardSpellhowlerStorm Screamer
OrbShillien OrableShillien ElderShillien Saint
RacesMain Weapons1st Profession2nd Profession3rd Profession
OrcSwordOrc FighterOrc RaiderDestroyer
BowOrc ArcherOrc HunterOrc Sagittarius
StaffOrc MysticOrc ShamanWarcryer
RacesMain Weapons1st Profession2nd Profession3rd Profession
DwarfSwordDwarf KnightGuardianEternal Guardian
Dual SwordDwarf WarriorSlayerWar Slayer
DaggerDwarf AssassinScavengerBounty Hunter
OrbDwarf MysticBattle MagEldrich Wizard

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