[IDOLY PRIDE] Quick Start Guide


Welcome to , an idol management RPG where you take on the role of a manager aiming to create the greatest TOP IDOL! You’ll start off from a small live house, and together with your girls, reach the greatest stage of all!


  • Clear MAIN LIVE to progress through the game.
  • Clear the live by meeting the target score of each live. Score is determined by your Idol Stats and their fan base. The bigger the stats, the bigger the score. More fans, more scores too!
  • To get higher stats, you need to train (level up) your idol!
  • To get more fans, you have to do promotional work!


This guide is based purely on my own gameplay and some inaccuracies are expected. Predictions and translations are mine (WinterStorms/BobbleTea). This is a work in progress and will be updated as I progress with the game. 



  • Manager Lv: The higher level you are the more daily rewards you will get as salary.
  • Red Diamonds: Free currency. Will be given as part of your monthly salary.
  • Blue Diamonds: Paid currency. 
  • Gift: To receive ad-hoc gifts,and Lvl ups
  • Bonus: Daily Log-in, photo report
  • Missions: Daily missions, Weekly and Main Missions
  • Auto Train: Passive Training mode ala idle games. Idols will train automatically, tap the button periodically to receive coins, lesson pieces, etc. Rewards are scaled to your Main Live progress.
  • Events: Current: Exchange 50 business cards for 5* Guaranteed Ticket.
  • Upcoming: Level up Training event.
  • Shop: accessories,  Training items, etc.
  • Live: to access the Live menu.
  • Idols: Stories,Photo Shoot, Dressing Rooms, and Communications with your idols
  • Train: Preset Units, Level up idols, View Photos, Level Up accessories, Level Assist and reset Idol Level.
  • Home: current screen
  • Work: to open Work menu to plan for promotional and recreational activities.
  • Gacha: Gacha hell
  • Menu: Manager info, add friends, settings, ToS, Support, Inventory, etc. 
  • Manage: an overview of each idol status, energy level, fans, etc. To change TRAIN, HOME, WORK idols.


  • Main Live: (TAP) Adventure mode, story and features will be unlocked here. We will start off in a small venue “Rapture Shibuya” (cap. 100) and progress through the game after clearing each lives.
  • Rookie: 0/7 main live progress bar.
  • VENUS Battle: , you will go up the ranks just like in the anime.
  • VENUS tower: Clear each level once and gifts can be earned once clearing the level.
  • VENUS union: guild
  • High Score Live: higher cumulative score, higher rewards at the end of the month.
  • Daily lives: Will reset once per day. Play these lives for coins, lesson pieces and photo films!



Set up your unit for your live here! Pay attention to the lane information here as your live score is dependent on your idol placement!

There are 3 types of parameter available for each lane, VOCAL, DANCE, and VISUAL. These indicate the type of Parameters to be judged for that particular lane. Above it is the amount of skill trigger beats on that particular lane, there are less, many, and SP beat. SP beat is very powerful, make sure to utilise it!

Interface :

  • Placement: swap places
  • Organise: change members
  • Auto: Auto set unit.
  • Skill Type: top left of each idol (3 types, ✧score , ⇮ Buffer/assist, Support/healer)
  • Idol Level: bottom left
  • Idol Attribute: bottom right
  • Skill type: top left
  • Skip Live: to go straight to result screen
  • Start Live: To start the live!
  • Magnifying glass: use it and scroll down to view what other manager used to clear their lives.

TIP: In later stages, it is more important to build a skill cohesive team rather than lane matching.


Idoly’s live show contains beats under each lane. Once these beats reaches your idol, it will generate points. This point is based on your idol parameters and fan number. 

Other than normal beats, an “Appeal Skill” and “Special SP Skill” might appear. SP beats are an even more powerful form of skill and could be the difference between success or failure!

You can even make your live show full screen by hiding the lanes too.

Optional: Skip live to go to the result screen is at the bottom right if you are in a rush!

A live is considered a success when you have reached your target score!



  • Set Unit: Preset your unit here!
  • Level Up: View all your members, level up, skill level up, view idol stories here!
  • Photo: All your photos will be stored here! Photos will grant bonuses depending on the rarity of it (RNG)
  • Accessories: View and fuse accessories which will give you parameter bonus for your idols!
  • Level Assist: Assign your idols here to boost their levels to the 5th highest ranked idol.
  • Reset Level: Reset your idol level and reclaim your training materials here with diamonds.




  • Chara Icon: Member skill and Attribute (e.g. Vocal Assist for Kotono)
  • Bloom point: Limit breaks. Get duplicates to increase the star level and max level.
  • Idol Parameter: VOCAL, DANCE, VISUAL, STAMINA (stamina will be used during skill activations)
  • Skill Icons: there is an A/P/SP/Y on the top left of the skill icon for Appeal, Passive, SPecial, and Aile/Yell skill
  • Level up button: Level up your idols using Lesson Pieces (yellow gem) obtained from training, and work
  • Live Skill Lvl up uses items
  • Example of healer skill
    • Skill Name: Nice Assist
    • 350% score assist
    • Heal 800 stamina to one member
    • Uses 121 stamina from self
    • Cool(down) Time (CT): 40 beats

TIP: Pay attention to skill description and their parameters! This game is quite skill reliant!


In this game, managing your photos and accessories is also important as they give parameter bonuses. You can upgrade your photos or fuse your accessories in their respective menus.

The stats of the photos depends on the rarity of the photo, which is random and independent of composition, and image quality. The film roll you used will affect the chance of getting rarer images.
As for Accessories, the rarer the accessory, the bigger stats it gives. There are 2 kinds of accessories equippable to each of the lanes, main, and sub. Main will boost your VOCAL, DANCE, VISUAL, while sub will boost your Mental, Stamina, or Critical parameter.


The amount of fans will affect your scores too! Fans are split into two parameters. Fans and Core Fans. Fans are the amount of fans you have, while core fans (%) is how many of those fans will attend the live, capped by the venue’s capacity. If your idol didn’t have enough fans, their skill might not trigger!


To gain fans and core fans, you need to promote them by assigning them to promotional activities. Each of these activities will increase the respective parameters while using your idols energy. To recover your idols, you can leave them be and recover naturally or assign them to recreational activities instead for a faster recovery!


  • Each work will be assigned to 3 members
  • There are a separate idol level for work, not the same as live level.
  • Green bar represents energy/stamina (to confirm with idol stats) on the top of each character icons.
  • you can select different outfits for their work. 
  • You can quickly view the fan number for each idol from the bottom right of their character icons.
  • You can quickly view the work level for each idol from the bottom left of their character icons.
  • Confirm when you are done setting up.
  • You can fast forward with the clock icon on the bottom right.
  • Doing promotional events will give coins, lesson pieces and other items as well!


In this menu, you can have a snapshot of your idols status and you can set your display idols on Home, Train, and Work screen.


As an aspiring manager, connection is everything. Make friends and exchange business cards to other managers using this system! Personalise your own card with your own photos and choose 3 of your main/representative/simps idols. Once done, exchange your business card by typing in the unique manager ID of your newly made connection, in this case AZKMLYYV.  QR codes are available too! 
There is a campaign until 23 July 2021 which gives you 5* guaranteed ticket after you exchanged 50 business cards! So make connections!


There will be a pay slip given to you at the end of each month  which will give you red diamonds for your hard work. 

The breakdown of each component will be:

  • Basic Pay: How many days you checked in in that month multiplied by your daily pay based on your manager level.
  • Cumulative work time: How long you are actively managing your idols throughout the month. The longer you work, the more bonus you’ll earn!
  • Fan Engagement: the more fans you have, the bigger your bonus!
  • Training: train your idols to the best form they can be. The higher the total level of your idols, the bigger the bonus!
  • VENUS Program: Unit battle (PvP) your way up to the top, the more points you have, the more bonus you’ll get!
  • Fan Event: more points from fan events, the bigger the bonus!
  • High Score Rank/Live: the higher your points are the more you’ll get paid.
  • Union Rank: Guild battle?


There are many resources for you to manage with. Their description and functions is as follows:

Red Diamond Free currency (gacha, etc.)
Blue Diamond Paid currency (gacha, etc.)
CoinsTo buy accessories, Lesson Pieces, Refresh
Lesson Pieces (Yellow gem)Level up material
Reinforcement materialSkill level up material
Idol MedalUse it in exchange
Level Assist PointUse to unlock more slots in level assist
Daily Live PassesUse this to get more chances for Daily lives
Gacha Ticket ShardsUse it in gacha page > tap 




  • 10 Play Gacha: 2700 Red/Blue Diamond
  • 1 Play Gacha: 300 Red/Blue Diamond
  • Daily 1 time pull: 90 Blue Diamonds
  • Basic unit 3 – 81.5% rate
  • Mid Rarity 4 – 15% rate
  • Max Rarity 5 – 3.5% rate (1.5% for banner members)
  • Gacha Pt: 200 rolls for pity pull
  • Ticket pull: Bottom left. Use silver tickets to gacha.
  • Card : AppMedia


  • Go to account menu, under menu, tap clear data.

Author: WinterStorms
Source: reddit


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