[Honkai Impact 3rd] Comprehensive Beginner Guide


Hello, we made this [] guide to help you manage your early game resources, mainly stamina. This contains content that you should know for the first 60 days to be competitive as a total f2p player. This guide was made with the help of the official Hi3 Discord help-advice channel and with its pinned messages in mind. Feel free to visit the channel if you have additional questions.

For most people, the Starter’s Event will trigger the 60 day countdown when you login on for the first time no matter what level you are. Only players who did the second login after January 21, 2021 will have the Starter Event.

Disclaimer: This is a guide to optimize your early game. If you are more casual, feel free to not follow parts of this guide. However, going from casual to competitive gets harder the less you follow this guide. However, please keep some of the ideas from this guide in mind.

Further Disclaimer: “Increasing” Story Difficulty is not why you optimize; Story is laughably easy.


  • We only include the most used acronyms in this guide. Everything else is in this document. Please familiarize yourself with battlesuit names. They will be used incredibly frequently.
  • APHO: A Post-Honkai Odyssey, one of the 3 OW.
  • AW: Ancient Willpower, to buy valk frags in war treasury.
  • DP: Divine Prayer
  • FHM: Fu hua Musician stig
  • Frag: Valk Fragment, pieces of valk needed to upgrade their ranks.
  • FS: Flame Sakitama
  • LE: Lightning Empress
  • LoW: Land of Wishes
  • MA: Memorial Arena, where you fight bosses.
  • Matz: Material
  • MC: Molotov Cherry or FT: Fervent Tempo, her augment
  • NS: Night Squire.
  • OW: Open World
  • PtG: Path to Greatness, in the Tab.
  • Rank: All valks have ranks. B-> A-> S-> SS-> SSS. Valks start at different ranks.
  • SA: Starlit Astrologos
  • SP: Swallowtail Phantasm.
  • Stig: Stigmata comes into 3 parts. T for top, M for middle and B for bottom.
  • VA: Valkyrie Accipiter (one of the Fu Hua) or HF: Hawk of the Fog, her augment
  • Valk: Valkyrie
  • VE: Violet Executer or TP:Twilight Paladin, her augment
  • YA: Yamabuki Armor or DK: Drive Kometa, her augment

Small Gameplay Quirks: What to (not) do while upgrading Valkyries.

You have been warned. If you do not understand this, just remember that this section exists towards the beginning of the guide.

Keep SA’s Whisperer’s Net at level 1. Unlock it, but do not upgrade it. Intuitively, increasing Time Fracture sounds good, but for practical purposes, leaving it at 0.1 seconds of Time Fracture allows SA to perform neat tricks that other valkyries cannot replicate.

Do not unlock SA’s SS rank SP skill, Six Stems of Heaven; stun is a terrible debuff that doesn’t improve your damage in any meaningful way. You lose evasions and much more by immobilizing enemies this way.

Be wary of switch skills on supports. Skills like CH’s Dawn Strike and Phoenix’s Red Sparrow are among the skills that don’t do much when skilled and upgraded, but have the downside of activating stigmata effects early. LE and KMB’s switches also fall in this area. As a rule, do not unlock switch skills. 

Flame Sakitama’s Crimson Sunset is an exception to this rule.

This is not to say no strategy will use LE and KMB’s switches, or that a maxed Whisperer’s Net is crippling; strategies that use LE switch exist and there are countermeasures for switch skills. Similarly, maxed Net rotations exist. However, you will more often than not find that these are a pain to deal with rather than a benefit.


KMB switch has DPS applications late-game, but should not be leveled early.

Important, time-limited warnings:

Regarding Events:
Haxxor Bunny Open World

12 Stamina per Investigation Task Daily

BEGINNING: Starter Event

How to access the Starter Event tab:

By clicking on the Ai-chan icon, you can access the new Starter’s Event tab.

Level 10

At level 10, relevant menus will start opening up. Scroll around, familiarize yourself with them.

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