[Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud] & /Starter Guide

This [Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud] Guide / is compiled by members from the EN Discord: https://discord.gg/AjVbjgrjHX based on CBT, will try to keep it updated as OBT starts.

Tier List

Based on their usefulness for a new player in the PvE content currently available, Knowing how to play the game is much more important than simply stacking high-tier characters!

S tier: Always raise if possible. Cannot be substituted. 
A+ tier: Great to raise if you have them, and hard to replace. 
A tier: Nice to raise if you have them. May be somewhat weak in the early game. 
B tier: Not very strong to start with, but becomes much more powerful in the endgame.  
C tier: Takes a lot of investment to be viable. Will never be competitive with higher tiers, raise if desperate. 
D tier: Basically hopeless unless you get them to 5 star, Skill Level 10. But for that much cost, why not raise someone better?
E tier: I hope nobody ever ends up in this tier. 
X tier: Reserved. 

  • Characters highlighted in BLUE are available from the Guaranteed SSR Newbie Gacha.
  • Characters highlighted in Orange are given to the player for free.
  • Characters highlighted in Purple have free fragments from story (which means they are easier to raise).

Early Game

3 Star Units

2 Star Units

1 Star Units



3 Star Units

2 Star Units

1 Star Units

*Tier List by Alice Crait

What should I roll? 

Roll any of the above premium Gachas with the first 10 tickets you get in Chapter 1.

Once you have enough Quartz Sand, roll the beginner gacha for a guaranteed SSR. This doesn’t have every SSR available, but the outcomes that don’t start with B and end in -anxsy are good. 


You can roll it again later (it’s discounted), but only the first 10 rolls guarantee an SSR.

After that, roll whichever banner you want. I recommend either the Hubble or Vee banner, depending on whether you want ranged (Sniper) or melee (Fighter) units. 

How many characters should I raise?

A core team of 5 is 100% necessary to deploy, and the 3 backup slots should also be populated to take advantage of the new rear support grid system (where your backup units can provide support when placed on special tiles – this mechanic starts showing up in Chapter 2 onward). 

For most players, their core 5-member team will look something like the following: 

  • Persicaria (Healer)
  • Croque (Tank)
  • 0-2 Fighter DPS (Sol/Betty/Aki/Vee/etc.)
  • 0-2 Sniper DPS (Fresnel/Max/Hubble/etc.)
  • 0-1 Specialist (Antonina/Sakuya)

Fill out the remaining 3 slots with units that fit the bill. 

  • I recommend 1 Medic, 1 Tank, 2 Sniper, 2 Fighter, 1 Specialist as a baseline.
    The 8th member can be anyone else you want. 

Should I “Collect All” or manually pick out what I want?

“Collect All” costs 18 stamina instead of the 20 it would have individually.

The “Collect All” button applies a discount and it’s rare that you won’t need the items that drop, so it’s almost always preferable to collect all because it saves you stamina later unless you’re really low on stamina and just want to push further in main story while giving up on the rewards. 

What is this stuff?

Picking function cards of the same archetype grants you a set bonus. It’s usually fairly negligible (5% HP, 8% lifesteal, usually that sort of minor stat boost) and it’s not something you should intentionally try to go for – picking cards that improve your actual build is more important. 


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