[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Training Guide for Newbies

This [Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Training Guide is targeted towards new players to efficiently progress through early-game to avoid wasted time and resources. All data gathered is from a F2P perspective.

[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Limited Missions Guide

This [Uma Musume Pretty Derby] guide details the builds I used to clear the from the game’s launch celebration. Clearing all Limited Missions gives you a guaranteed 3* Uma Musume ticket!

[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Inheritance Guide

factors are earned when you have finished training, and entering the Uma Musume into the hall of fame. You gain factors from different sources, such as your stats, skills, and you have won.

[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Character Build Guides

Before you enter a race, you can check the race menu to view your stat overview. These symbols indicate how well your current stats will fare within the race you’ll be participating in. This is a useful indicator of the stats you may need to improve.

[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Gameplay Guide

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby is a stat-raising simulation game where you, as a trainer, are required to train your character through the URA Finals scenario where she has to complete all the objectives in her way, and ultimately reach the URA Finals. After completing a session of this scenario, you can use that character for and compete for tiers. Higher tiers mean better rewards!

[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Guide for Beginners

If you are a meta player or want to train your waifu to become the best uma musume in Japan: Roll and re-roll to get as many SSR trainer cards as possible. If you can build an all-round deck with all SR+ you are good, then get SSR Hayakawa Tatsuna and/or Nishino Flower.

[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Tips for raising Rice Shower

After numerous hair-pulling failures in [Uma Musume Pretty Derby], I finally managed to win the URA finals with . I'm actually kind of proud of this one as it's pretty damn hard to raise Rice. In case anyone wants to see her get better than a C rating, here are some tips based on my experience.

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