Genshin Impact

[Genshin Impact] v1.5 Farm Woods & Blueprints Guide

◆ Serenitea Pot Unlock Criteria ◆ Adventure Rank 35 or above ◆ Complete the Archon Quest, Chapter I: Act III "A New Star Approaches" 1. In this guide, we will go over NPC that sells...

[Genshin Impact] A Thousand Question With Paimon (260+ Questions)

The [Genshin Impact] new event – 'A Thousand Questions With Paimon' is set to be a trivia-based event that'll reward players with 5,000 Mora for each question answered correctly.

[Genshin Impact] Gift Codes|Redemption Codes

Please find below a list of verified [Genshin Impact] Gift Codes

[Genshin Impact] Keqing Physical VS Electro Build Analysis

After the Keqing disaster, I decided to immediately build her anyway. I took Black Sword from last month's Battle Pass because I don't want the rest of the weapon, and Keqing seems to take that personally.

[Genshin Impact] Hu Tao Artifact & Weapon Analysis

Based on the result, I won't recommend using Lavawalker on Hu Tao. Bolide and Gladiator are better if you don't want to play with Crimson Witch.

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